Devi Lynne in an anal audition that includes retaining an enema while she’s pushed to orgasm and a powerful expulsion orgasm

Devi Lynne has very little experience with anal sex or enemas, and it’s easy to see she’s nervous as she’s bound into position to have a load of water pushed into her tight little ass. As a novice, she doesn’t know how sensitive her clit is going to become, or how hard retaining a full bag of water while getting closer and closer to orgasm is going to be.

Anal Audition: Devi Lynne in a powerful anal enema expulsion
(click the images above to see a gallery with larger photos from this episode)

Not wanting to flood the set or come too soon, Devi struggles to hold both as long as possible. But eventually it’s too much for her and the gush of her powerful expulsion almost takes out a lighting setup. There’s a gallery of enema and anal photos linked to the images above, and you can use the links below for more of Devi’s audition.

Link to the full episode: Anal Audition: Devi Lynne – most powerful expulsion
  (80 photos and 18 minutes of video with Devi Lynne)

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  • 1

    This is by far the best I’ve seen so far. Devi is fantastic and she is an incredibly attractive girl! Wow… PLEASE CUM BACK… Her release was unbelievable. I just wish I could have been there.

    says under1959 (member)
  • 2

    It was incredibly erotic watching this sexy girl thrashing and struggling to hold the enema. She is another example of great young amateur talent. The view of her curvy bottom was excellent.

    says dickieo (member)
  • 3

    I knew Devi was the kind of person to meet any challenge head on, from her appearances on Ultimate Surrender, but she reached a new level of commitment and toughness in this session. Devi believe me when I tell you, you have showed us that you have a big set of balls. They’re big and brass and they look good on you kid.

    says Jowynn (member)
  • 4

    Why has she to under go the humiliation and pain. Just for men’s pleasure?

    says Urmila Mathondkar
  • 5

    Urmila Ma’m
    We understand it is painful for you to see all this, but this is a fetish site and weird is normal here..
    Any new release coming up?

    says Vishal
  • 6

    Urmila… It’s not just men’s pleasure. You’re being sexist!

    says sillysd


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