Spoiled party girl learns painful lessons in her first day of professional grade slave training under a cruel Master trainer

<img alt="Spoiled slave slut begins real slave training under very cruel masters" src="http://www.extremeporn.com/trainingofo/spoiled-party-slut-slave-trained/t/slave-training-video.jpg">

This is first day of slave training for Seda, a nice girl who’s been a guest at some of the parties held on The Upper Floor. Of course being an invited guest can spoil a girl quite a bit. It can make her feel special. Like she’s above the servants and House slaves attending to the guests’ needs, wants and desires at the parties. So when Seda says that she has a desire for slave training it’s important to begin things correctly. And in this episode of The Training of O that means the trainee begins in the basement of The Armory.

Spoiled party girl learns painful lessons in her first day of slave training
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The cellars are like a bad construction zone; there are rocks, broken glass, pieces of wood, lengths of wire, and hunks of metal all over the place. Some floors are dirt, some wood, some stone. A slave trainee’s first day is never an easy one, and the sadistic trainers ensure that Seda is quickly made to understand that she’s going to have to climb up if she wants to reach the ranks of those she believed she was above.

Spoiled party girl learns painful lessons under a cruel Master slave trainer
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Check out the gallery of larger Slave Training Photos, and use the links below to see more of what happens to Seda on her first day of training.

Link to the full episode: The Training of Seda, Day One
  (219 photos and 79 minutes of video with James Mogul and Seda)

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  • 1

    A great work scene. Seda doesnt spare herself, she gives what shes’s got, and that’s a lot.

    says frants (member)
  • 2

    Really nice beginning. Seda is very, very sexy with a sweet little body (I’m very partial to the smaller ladies!). I hope that James can increase her pain tolerance, since I’d love to see her in a really intense scene. Thanks to both of you for a great shoot.

    says DarkPen (member)
  • 3

    Seda you are great! the last scene is one of the best for a long time on here! Loved your squeals as James tried to break you -look forward to next 3 days but great start!

    says ghawar10 (member)
  • 4

    Seda, you were terrific and James really to you to some of your limits. If this is anything to go by, then the following 3 dats of training will be wonderful. I’m glad that you are now booked to do your final day at the of April

    says rubmike363 (member)


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