Jessie Cox gets tickled until she screams ‘whip me,’ then whipped until she begs ‘tickle me!’

Little Jessie Cox in her thigh-highs and pigtails looks almost too cute to fuck with…almost. But cute little Jessie hates being tickled more than anything else in the world, so it’s time to play a game called “Whip or Tickle.” It’s something Matt Williams invented for girls who hate to be tickled, and it’s so much fun. The game rules are simple, the victim gets tickled until they scream “whip me!” and then they’re whipped until they scream “tickle me!” even louder. What makes it fun is that this is done non-stop, with no breaks, until they can almost take no more and then you make them cum hard and fast. Then you start the game over immediately without a pause.

You have to see the game in action to understand how this can become such a brutal attack on the human body. Poor little Jessie has no time to catch her breath. She laughs, she screams, and she’s cumming again and again. As usual, the end result is a human body pretty much just passed out on the floor by the time you’re done with them.

Jessie Cox gets tickled until she screams 'whip me,' then whipped until she screams 'tickle me!'

You can see more details in the larger BDSM Game photos linked to the images above, and you can watch a little of the action in these Cruel Game video clips. Use the link below for access to the full episode and more.

Direct link to: “Whip or Tickle” (112 photos and 20 minutes of video)

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  • 1

    Nobody I enjoy more than sweet little Jessie. She is so hot, I went back and caught all the previews of her appearances. Sooooooooo hot. Sweet young thing.

    says Billy47d
  • 2

    Jessie is amazing and hot. Matt, i think that jessie is on the way to become a top model for KINK, is it right ?? GREAT SHOOT. Thank You Jessie and Matt.

    says spider59
  • 3

    loved it loved it loved it.. hope to see barefoot tickling next time

    says dirkman


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