Orgasmageddon: The Ultimate Orgasm Showdown (from a live show broadcast on Saturday the 5th of February 2011)

We already posted here about a live virgin deflowering ceremony. Which is kind of hard to top. But these videos are from another live event which may do just that. In fact, considering the two girls we’re talking about, this could very well be the kind of event against which all future live events will be weighed and measured.

So let’s get to the meat. On the 5th of February 2011, two of the sexiest and toughest Kink performers were pushed to the edge of sanity during a live show as multiple sadistic dominants forced them to orgasm after orgasm in the Orgasmageddon. They were made to cum non-stop for an hour…which is far longer than most humans are able to tolerate.

But Rain DeGrey and Felony don’t cum like most humans. These are two seriously multi-orgasmic girls, and when they cum, they keep going and going and going. Which is exactly what was used against them this time.

Matt Williams, Princess Donna and Isis Love were the destroyers of sanity who made Felony and Rain cum as many times as possible in one hour. Their goal was to reduce both girls to the basic level of human primality, to take them to the edge of consciousness, almost into the void. Rain and Felony are just hoping to be sane when it’s over.

Link to Part One: Orgasmageddon – the Ultimate Orgasm Showdown – Part 1
  (128 photos and 33 minutes of video with Rain DeGrey and Felony,
    Matt Williams, Princess Donna and Isis Love)

Link to Part Two: Orgasmageddon – Part 2  (128 photos and 19 minutes of video

Link to Part Three: Orgasmageddon – Part 3  (123 photos and 16 minutes of video

Link to Part Four: Orgasmageddon – Part 4  (122 photos and 35 minutes of video

During these live shows, members can watch the high-quality streaming video and audio of the show as it happens in real time. You can also join the chat room to chat with the performers, chat with the staff, or private message other members. And you can ask questions or make suggestions for how you want the show to play out.

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