Ts Mia Isabella plays damsel in distress, tied-up, calling for help, then takes control and fucks the guy who comes to her rescue

<img alt="Ts Mia Isabella plays the damsel in distress then fucks her rescuer" src="http://www.extremeporn.com/tsseduction/mia-isabella-shemale-distress/t/video.jpg">

Here is poor Mia Isabella, hands tied behind her, feet bound together, lashed tightly to the couch. She shifts helplessly, calling out in distress, wondering if anyone will come to save her. Her calls echo through The Armory’s halls until, finally, someone hears her.

Ts Mia Isabella

Freed from her restraints she wastes no time getting to her rescuer’s cock for a ‘thank you’ blowjob. But surely this sexy victim isn’t just playing a little game? She couldn’t be trying to lure some hot guy into her trap, could she? And she certainly doesn’t have some big hidden secret, right?

Okay, sure, you can see Mia’s 10-inch secret in the pictures. But it’s a surprise to Jesse, as Mia takes full control and owns his body. She fucks like a stallion, and in the photos you can see that she buries all ten inches of her cock deep in his ass. He cums without Mia touching his cock, and before it’s all over she cums in his face.

(you can click each of the images above to see the larger photos from this episode)

Link to this full episode: “Damsel in Devil Dress”
  (135 photos and 51 minutes of video with Ts Mia Isabella)

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  • 1

    wow…this is the very best shoot on ts seduction ever. im not even kidding when i say that i literally came 3 times watching this episode. thank you very much mia! love you

    says black.halo (member)
  • 2

    WOW! Agree this might be the best shoot ever! Mia, you are amazing. Let’s see if Tasmin can top it!!! Can’t get enough of this scene!!

    says Angies26 (member)
  • 3

    Really awesome. Mia’s alien abduction scene was one of my all-time favorites and this one is even better. Mia and Ts Seduction really bring out the best in each other. More please!

    says goudvis (member)
  • 4

    Mia has a perfect dick and everything about her screams sex. I went back and watch her earlier shoots and found that she is hotter now than before.

    says lassie50 (member)
  • 5

    I.m glad you guys love my scene, you are all awesome, I love you! xoxo Mia Isabella

    says TSMiaIsabella (member)


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