Undefeated featherweights in unscripted sexual wrestling where the baddest girl under 100 pounds fucks the loser in round four

“The Pixie” – Rosemary Radeva, 5 feet 4 inches, 91 pounds versus
“The Fountain” – Gia DiMarco, 5 feet 5 inches, 99 pounds

The Pixie’s confidence is high and she’s looking forward to kicking The Fountain’s ass and giving her a very humiliating round four. But she hasn’t considered how much Gia’s learned from wrestling in Ultimate Surrender‘s Tag Team League before returning to singles competition in this match. Gia says it’s kinda cute that this tiny girl thinks she can beat her. And by cute she means fucking hilarious.

Gia DiMarco vs Rosemary Radeva in unscripted sexual wrestling match
(click the images above to see a gallery with 15 larger photos from this match)

Both girls get submissions on the other, both girls get locked into holds unable to escape. Girls get fingered, girls get head locked, face sat, body scissored, head scissored, full nelson’d and generally beat up and abused. Then it’s time for Round Four fun as the winner gets to fuck and humiliate the loser.

Bad girls under 100 lbs in sexual wrestling where the loser gets fucked
(you can click the images above to see this full match at the Ultimate Surrender site)

Link to this full match: “The Fountain versus The Pixie”
  (349 photos and 47 minutes of video with Gia DiMarco vs Rosemary Radeva)

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  • 1

    VoilĂ , seen the whole thing and I’m impressed. You would think after the two first rounds Rosemary will let it go and Gia slow down but not at all. At 23 minutes, it becomes more and more ferocious as no matter if the issue of the match is clear, both wrestlers clearly give their best to the match. Well done!

    says Grumpf (member)
  • 2

    Awesome and very fun little match-up! Always just fun to see Gia, winning or losing, and Rosemary is a fresh new delight!

    says FalconEX (member)


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