Lea Lexis “The Romainian Rage” takes on busty Krissy Lynn “The Crippler” and one eats fat cock in a pile-driving massacre

<img alt="Two hot bitches face off Ultimate Surrender style" src="http://www.extremeporn.com/ultimatesurrender/lesbian-sexual-wrestling-fuck-match/t/sexual-wrestling-video.jpg">

Two crazy cunts turn the Ultimate Surrender mat into a sweaty tit brawl. The sexy rookie Lea Lexis is The Romainian Rage and the big breasted Krissy Lynn is The Crippler. Today they face off in a match with plenty of pussy fondling, whorish gymnastics, bitch-slapping and ass play.

Two hot bitches in a sexual wrestling match where one ends up eating fat cock and submits to a pile-driving massacre
(click the images above to see a gallery with 15 larger photos from this episode)

At 5’4″ Lea Lexis is a little taller and at 116 lbs also a bit lighter than the busty 5’3″ and 126 lbs Krissy Lynn. But you’ll have to stick around for the fourth round to find out who surrenders and gets fucked in this unscripted Lesbian sexual wrestling match.

Lesbian sexual wrestling match ends with one wrestler eating fat cock in a pile-driving massacre
(you can click the images above to see this full episode at the Ultimate Surrender site)

Link to this match: Blonde Romanian Rage versus Big Titted Crippler
  (254 photos and 46 minutes of video with Lea Lexis and Krissy Lynn)

Link to: free previews of 604+ matches at Ultimate Surrender
  (135,579 Photos | 438+ Hours of Video | HD Updates 2x Week | Live Tag Teams)

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Krissy Lynn is the uppity girlfriend who runs her mouth and gets punished by being whored out to her boyfriend’s friends

It seems that Krissy hasn’t learned some of life’s important rules. But today she’ll learn a valuable lesson. There’s a moral to every story, and the moral of this Bound Gangbangs episode is simple: if you don’t want to get flogged, whipped, and ass-fucked in front of and by all my friends, then don’t ever make a fucking scene in front of my friends.

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When her gambling boyfriend won’t quit playing poker to take her out on a date like he promised, Krissy yells at him in front of his friends, somehow thinking it’ll help her get her way. But that’s not what happens. Instead he sends her upstairs to get “the bag” full of toys and he humiliates her then whores her out to all his buddies in a hardcore gangbang with lots of double-penetration action.

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Link to the full episode: “Lesson Learned”   (338 photos and 64 minutes of video)
  with James Deen, Mr. Pete, John Strong, Krissy Lynn, Rico Strong and Tee Reel

Click here to see the Bound Gangbangs website.
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Krissy Lynn has her double-life as a secret escort wife exposed and gets punished and ass-fucked in bondage by angry husband

In this Sex & Submission episode, Krissy Lynn lives a double life. One as a wife who works long hours and is too tired to have sex with her husband. The other as an escort who specializes in extreme BDSM fantasies.

When her hubby, with a case of the blue balls, looks for an escort online and discovers her little secret, all hell breaks loose. We see Krissy at work with a client, Mickey Mod, getting dominated and fucked in bondage. When she gets home that evening, her husband, Mark Davis, has a surprise abduction fantasy and bound anal sex waiting for her.

Exposed escort wife punished and ass-fucked in bondage by husband
    (click the images above to open a gallery with the larger photos from this episode)

Direct link to the full episode: “My Wife is an Escort!”
  (203 photos and 58 minutes of video with Mark Davis, Mickey Mod and Krissy Lynn)

Link to: free previews of 342+ updates at Sex & Submission
  (288+ Hours of Video | 77,960+ Photos | Updates Every Week in HD)

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Blonde sluts Krissy Lynn and Jessie Cox captured, caged, punished and strapon fucked to orgasms by angry domme Felony

In this episode of Whipped Ass we have the tale of two promiscuous sluts who get captured, punished and fucked for messing with the wrong bitch’s boyfriend. Krissy Lynn and Jessie Cox are the two smokin’ hot blondes who’ve been fucking Felony’s boyfriend when she’s not around. Felony is not a lady you want pissed off at you, as these two find out when she captures them and locks the two little whores in a pit cage built into the floor of her basement.

Now she’s ready for some sweet revenge, and she begins by dragging them out and ripping their clothes off. She flogs their bodies to that nice pink color that blondes get and makes them sit on a pair of table-mounted dildos and ride them to forced orgasms while worshipping her feet with their mouths. Felony binds them on the floor with vibrators taped to their cunts, then sits on their faces and makes them eat her hot pussy and beautiful ass. To make sure they don’t forget this lesson, she tapes their mouths closed, bends them both over a bench and fucks their little cunts with her strapon until they cum better than they ever did with her boyfriend.

Two promiscuous sluts get captured, punished and fucked for messing with the wrong bitch's boyfriend!
    (click the images above to open a gallery with the larger photos from this episode)

You can hear some of Felony’s verbal humiliation of her two captives in the video preview clip, and you can see more details in the gallery of Lesbian BDSM photos linked to the images above.

Direct link to: Brunettes Have More Fun: “Sweet Revenge”
  (323 photos and 74 minutes of video with Felony, Krissy Lynn and Jessie Cox)

This is just the latest weekly high-definition episode. There are ten years of updates archived at the Whipped Ass site, so this one joins more than 545 earlier episodes with 111,520+ photos and over 385 hours of video freely accessible to all members. The amount of high-quality content in the members area here is incredible. (membership details)

New window with: free previews of 545+ updates at Whipped Ass
  (385+ Hours of Video | 111,520+ Photos | Weekly HD Updates | Live Shows)

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Busty blonde Krissy Lynn (The Crippler) fights and fucks tiny little blonde Ashley Jane (The Fairy) in sexual wrestling match

This is a one-on-one battle from season seven of Ultimate Surrender. In this match you have Ashley Jane (The Fairy 5’1″ 95 lbs) fighting against Krissy Lynn (The Crippler 5’3″ 128 lbs) in a Big Blonde vs Little Blonde fight.

Krissy Lynn with her double-D breasts is as well-conditioned as any of the season’s top four, and she may be the strongest female wrestler on the roster at this point. She’d be ranked higher than 9th if she had more experience, which she’ll only get with time on the mat.

Little Ashley Jane is a tiny terror, a tenacious little ball of sexiness who never quits, never gives in, and will charge you and knock you down if you give her a moment to think or breath. She has a tremendous desire to fight and win, but she’s lacking experience too.

big busty blonde beats up and fucks smaller blonde girl in real non-scripted wrestling
    (click the images above to open a gallery with the larger photos from this episode)

Sometimes it’s height and weight that wins the day. Both girls lack experience, and Krissy has to fight hard to control the little blonde who won’t roll over and play dead. But while little Ashley Jane puts up a hell of a fight, the bigger blonde eventually has her way with her. Krissy brutally fucks little Ashley and makes her lick her pussy until she cums too.

Sure, it’s humiliating for a girl to have to lick the girl who just beat her to orgasm, but the rules say the winner can do what she wants with the loser, and who doesn’t like to cum after a good fight. Check out the trailer video clip for a preview of this girl-on-girl fight, and see larger stills from this match in the gallery of Nude Female Wrestling photos linked to the images above.

Direct link to match: Ashley “The Fairy” Jane vs Krissy “The Crippler” Lynn
  (312 photos and 50 minutes of video)

On this blog: see more Ultimate Surrender sexual submission wrestling posts
                    see our post about how these matches are scored

You’ll find over 470 matches archived at Ultimate Surrender, with 340+ hours of videos and 105,500+ photos from all of the earlier seasons matches plus this season. Each week there’s a new match added, plus there’s a live tag team match each month, all filmed in High-Def so you can watch these battles in nice full-screen quality. (membership details)

New window with: free previews of 470+ matches at Ultimate Surrender
  (105,500 Photos | 340+ Hours of Video | Weekly HD Updates | Live Tag Teams)

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