The very hot-bodied Gia DiMarco gets fisted, ass-fucked and dominated in strict bondage by the kinky and cruel Aiden Starr

Gia DiMarco first appeared on Kink’s sites in an Amateur Girl Fridays audition at Fucking Machines in December of 2009 and then in an Amateur Casting Couch audition plus the full Holy Fuck episode at Hogtied in early 2010. After that came this shoot for Whipped Ass, in which Gia has her hot little 110-pound body worked over, punished and fucked by the very kinky and cruel Aiden Starr.

Gia DiMarco fisted, ass fucked and dominated in strict bondage
(click the images above to see a gallery with 15 larger photos from this episode)

This episode has Gia suffering through spanking, flogging, a beating with a cane, hard bondage, fisting, and she’s made to lick pussy and ass and to fuck Aiden’s pussy with a dildo gag. Gia also gets a hard anal fucking and she’s forced to strong orgasms with Aiden’s strapon cock. Click the images above for a gallery of larger FemDomme/femsub photos and use the links below if you want to see all of what Aiden does to Gia and what she makes Gia do too.

Link to full episode: “Gia Marco submits to Aiden Starr”
  (258 photos and 56 HD video minutes with Gia DiMarco and Aiden Starr)

Click to see free previews of 676+ episodes at Whipped Ass
  (512+ Hours of Video | 141,800+ Photos | Weekly HD Updates | Live Shows)

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Tia Ling faces DragonLily in an unscripted naked wrestling match where the winner will get to fuck the loser any way she wants

For our readers who haven’t looked into the details about this yet, today we’re going to take a minute to mention a few things about the highly competitive female-on-female wrestling site, Ultimate Surrender. For one thing we want to explain how the matches are scored, since it’s not that easy to tell at first glance.

Jade (Tia Ling) vs Dragon (DragonLily)
Tia Ling & DragonLily Jade vs Dragon

(you can click each of the images above to see the larger photos from this episode)

Yes, the women at Ultimate Surrender wrestle to put their opponents into submission holds, but they also put them into holds that make their opponent helpless and unable to prevent what comes next. The wrestler in control earns what are referred to as ‘style’ points by fingering and fondling the helpless wrestler, while her opponent earns ‘shame’ points at the same time.

These style and shame points go on their permanent record and follow a wrestler’s career forever. And of course there’s the most important benefit of winning—the winner of each match gets to pick how they want to fuck the loser in the 4th round.

All the wrestling here is real. No winners or losers are determined ahead of time. Each wrestler is fighting for pride, for honor, and of course more money. Some wrestlers have quit in mid-match here because they just couldn’t take it anymore.

Dragon (DragonLily) vs Jade (Tia Ling)
Jade vs Dragon Naked girls fighting Ultimate Surrender matches where losers get fucked by winners Tia Ling & DragonLily

(you can click each of the images above to see the larger photos from this episode)

The images in this post are from a U.S. match where Jade (Tia Ling 5’1″ 102lbs) faces The Dragon (DragonLily 5’4″ 126lbs). They were both undefeated at this point in the season, but while Jade had only fought in five U.S. matches, winning three and losing two, the Dragon was ranked number one with an all-time 25-5 record at Ultimate Surrender.

Tia hopes the time she spends sparring with her black belt husband and the fact that DragonLily is returning after a long maternity leave will help her in this match. But Tia’s outmatched in too many ways by her skilled, strong and experienced opponent.

Naked girls fighting in matches where losers get fucked by winners

Tia never relents or submits, but DragonLily gives her a thorough beating, groping and fingering her for three rounds. Then Tia gets sexually dominated in the final round, brutally fucked in her mouth, pussy and ass, and left whimpering on the mat. Check out the larger Girl Fight photos linked to each of the thumbnail images above, and use the links below if you want to see more of this and other hot girl-on-girl battles.

Link to the four round match: “Jade” vs “The Dragon”
  (334 photos and 49 minutes of video with Tia Ling and DragonLily)

Ultimate Surrender updates every Tuesday and Friday with new matches filmed in high-definition. There’s also a live tag team match every month. Members have full access to all current season battles along with all of the video and photos in over 640 matches from earlier seasons.

Link to: free previews of 647+ matches at Ultimate Surrender
  (145,231 Photos | 469+ Hours of Video | HD Updates 2x Week | Live Tag Teams)

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Mason Moore cums and cries while beaten and sodomized in hardcore BDSM threesome with Isis Love and Derrick Pierce

Mason Moore works as a personal assistant for a wealthy couple. She gets unexpectedly involved in the couple’s kinky anniversary shenanigans and becomes their personal sex toy. Isis Love and Derrick Pierce find great pleasure in tying Mason up, beating and sodomizing her.

Mason cums and cries in threesome BDSM sex with anal
(click the images above to see a gallery with 15 larger photos from this episode)

Mason confesses that she enjoys crying as a release when being dominated. She experiences intense pleasure and pain with analsex and double penetration. This is a fun and erotic roleplay with good threesome BDSM action. See more in the gallery of Hardcore BDSM Sex photos linked to the images above. Use the links below to see more.

Link to the full episode: “The Anniversary Slut”
  (177 photos and 66 minutes of video with Mason Moore, Isis Love and Derrick Pierce)

Link to: free previews of 417+ episodes at Sex & Submission
  (351+ Hours of Video | 95,056+ Photos | Updates Every Week in HD)

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Piper Hill can handle pain, and humiliating treatment excites her, but her fears push her to tears in this live bondage show

<img alt="Pain, humiliation, fears and tears in this live bondage show" src="">

Piper Hill cries at the drop of a hat. And that’s really an endearing quality for all the Realtime Bondage members. They love watching a pretty young thing come apart at the seams, and Piper is quite the spectacle.

Piper can take the beating, and the humiliation is making her wet, but the most beautiful part is still her tears. They come freely whenever she’s afraid. She likes to play brave, rating her fear as 4s and 5s, but only a few minutes after the pre-feed starts she says she’s already pushing 10. And that’s probably a record for these live online bdsm broadcasts.

Link to the full episode: Goodie Two Shoes – Part One
  (with Piper Hill and the Intersec Crew)

Link to: free previews of more updates at Realtime Bondage

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Young girl with lots of spunk fights back, spits, curses as she’s bound, clamped, flogged, throat-fucked, and sexually violated

<img alt="Young girl is bound, clamped, flogged, throat-fucked, and sexually violated" src="">

Miah Gold is perfect for Matt. He likes them young and with a bit of fight in them. As far as he’s concerned there’s nothing like beating the resistance out of them. She spits and curses at him in this Hard Tied episode while he works on clamping down her nipples. And she gets some hard slaps across the face for her trouble.

Young girl fights back, spits and curses as she's bound, clamped, flogged, throat-fucked, sexualy violated
(click the images above to see a gallery with 16 larger photos from this episode)

The best she can hope for is that he decides he wants to fuck her. Then if she’s lucky it may hurt less than what he’s done so far. He won’t be gentle and she won’t enjoy that either but at the very least it’ll be less painful than the other tools he uses. Even gagging on a cock is better than a flogger to the cunt.

Young girl bound, clamped, flogged, throat-fucked, and sexualy violated
(you can click the images above to see this full episode at the Hard Tied site)

Link to the full episode: “Pure Gold”
  (99 photos and 50 minutes of video with Matt Williams and Miah Gold)

Link to: free previews of 288+ episodes at Hard Tied
  (180+ Hours of Video | 30,184+ Photos | Weekly HD Updates)

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