Petite all-natural blonde Lia Lor subjected to tease and denial by Ashley Fires and Chanel Preston in a lesbian cuckold scene

In this sexy roleplay update Whipped Ass continues showcasing the increasingly popular lesbian cuckold scenarios. Lia and Chanel are girlfriends who both want to fuck the same bartender. Lia learns very quickly that she will always remain at the feet of her goddesses and only used to tease and deny.

Petite blonde in a lesbian cuckold scene with hot teasing and denial

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The girls put her through such tease and denial that Lia’s pussy is pulsating and swollen with desire. She suffers so beautifully and does so with such a genuine gaze in her beautiful eyes you almost feel sorry for her. Almost.

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This is Lia’s first time shooting at the Armory and her very first time in bondage ever, although you’d never tell because it’s obvious that this all-natural petite blonde was just made to be tied-up and teased unmercifully.

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Link to the full episode: “Lesbian Cuckold Fantasy”
  (199 photos and 68 minutes of video with Ashley Fires, Chanel Preston and Lia Lor)

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Bobbi Starr cuckolds husband with ex-boyfriend and Lorelei Lee, making her husband clean her cum-covered feet with his mouth

<img alt="Bobbi Starr cuckolds her husband with her ex-boyfriend and Lorelei Lee" src="">

Bobbi Starr and Lorelei Lee have been reminiscing about the good old days in this Divine Bitches episode. Remembering the men they were with who were well-hung and great in bed. So when Lorelei unexpectedly runs into Bobbi’s old boyfriend, Rod, she cooks up a devious plan to keep Bobbi’s husband away while Bobbi takes a ride on Rod’s enormous cock.

Sebastian eventually comes home to find his wife in bed with another man. And he’s made to watch the entire filthy act. Sebastian loves his wife and Bobbi loves him. However, a woman needs to get off, even if that sometimes means by the cock of another man.

Lorelei joins in on the fun, handcuffing Sebastian to the bed, whipping and torturing his ass and balls while his wife is on the ride of her life. He’s bent over the bed and butt-fucked while Bobbi instructs him to prepare her stud with his mouth for her.

Bobbi takes her stallion for one last ride and makes her husband suck and clean her feet while she bounces up and down on Rod’s cock to multiple orgasms. He’s even made to lick her pussy while Rod is inside her. Finally, Lorelei jerks Rod off on to Bobbi’s feet and Sebastian is made into a sponge, cleaning up every drop of another man’s cum from his wife’s feet.

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Link to the full episode: “Cuckold Surprise”  (148 photos and 46 minutes of video)
  with Bobbi Starr, Lorelei Lee, Rod Spunkel and Sebastian Keys

Link to: free previews of 518+ episodes at Divine Bitches | Men in Pain
  (336+ hours of video | 98,944+ photos | Weekly Updates in HD)

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Sex addict Shane Dos Santos gets lesbian cuckold therapy with chastity belt, tease, denial, ass worship, face sitting, smothering

Sex addict Shane Dos Santos finds herself restrained and locked in chastity in this Whipped Ass episode. As she struggles with the inability to touch herself, her girlfriend, Aiden Starr, and psychiatrist, Ashley Fires, watch her thrash herself into the walls of a padded cell with an intensity caused from her sexual frustration.

This tease and denial psyche ward drama plays out with brutal vibrator torment and finger-banging through a small access hole in the chastity belt, but ending only in brutal orgasm denial for poor little Shane.

Aiden and Ashley take advantage of the horny patient, binding her to the exam table. Treatment includes ass worship, face sitting, pussy licking, breast smothering, feet caning, flogging and nipple torture.

The story closes out with Shane bound to the bed’s headboard while her girlfriend and doctor strap-on fuck in front of her. As they sixty-nine inches away from her face, Shane is left wet and hungry, forbidden from taking part in the dirty lesbian sex.

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Link to the full episode: Psyche Ward: Lesbian Cuckold Therapy
  (257 photos / 58 minutes of video with Aiden Starr, Ashley Fires, Shane Dos Santos)

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Horny wife slaps her husband in chastity, cuckolds him with her boyfriend then makes him clean up their cum with his mouth

In this adventure at Divine Bitches, the beautiful Sativa Rose is a horny wife who has made a cuckold of her husband. She keeps his worthless cock locked in a chastity belt and she wears the key to it around her neck as a constant reminder to him. Sativa likes to fuck him in his ass with her strapon cock while reminding him of how pathetic she thinks he is.

But that’s the treatment she reserves for her husband. Sativa also has her human fuck toys, who she treats very differently. When one stops by today, she can’t wait to get his big hard cock buried deep inside her. Meanwhile her husband remains locked in the chastity belt and is forced to watch and to lick Sativa’s feet while she enjoys having multiple orgasms with her lover.

But she’s not done humiliating her husband yet, so after her lover shoots his load on her pussy, she makes her cuckold clean her up with his mouth. Then Sativa teases him by unlocking him from his chastity belt so he thinks he’s going to have a chance to fuck her, but instead she puts a cock extender sheath over his little cock and fucks that, depriving her husband of ever feeling the hot wetness of her juicy pussy.

There are larger Cuckolded Husband photos linked to the images above, and you can use the links below to get access and see more of Sativa dominating and humiliating her cuckold of a husband for nearly an hour in full-screen HD format.

Link to the full episode: “Eat his cum, cuck!”
  (198 photos and 55 minutes of video with Sativa Rose)

This is only one episode at the great Divine Bitches site, which adds a new adventure every week, all filmed in high-definition. They also have live shows and bonus updates, all included for their members. But what really make this site special is that members get full access to the legendary Men In Pain site’s six years of archives too. Which is an additional 385 episodes with 230+ hours of video and over 73,000 FemDomme/malesub photos. This is one of our most recommended sites, based on both the quality of the content and the value you get by being a member here (membership details).

Link to: free previews of 500+ episodes at Divine Bitches | Men in Pain
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Nyomi Banxxx humiliates, punishes and cuckolds her rich boyfriend by fucking a man with a cock so big it hurts

Nyomi Banxxx keeps her slave cuck around to lavish her with beautiful gifts, expensive vacations and fancy jewelry. But one thing he doesn’t have is a nice fat cock to fill her pussy to the brim with.

Nyomi is all-woman and it takes a real man to satisfy this Divine Bitch‘s sexual needs completely. Nyomi’s fuck-toy Rod is so well-endowed his cock hurts to fuck. But it hurts so good, and she has no problem reminding her cuck just how good it is.

Nyomi Banxxx humiliates, punishes and cuckolds her rich boyfriend
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This cuckold episode is filled with humiliation, punishment, evil strap-on ass-fucking and he’s humiliatingly made to suck cock at her orders.

Direct link to full episode: Rich Cuck Doesn’t = Well-Endowed Cuck
  (208 photos and 53 minutes of video with Nyomi Banxxx, Rod Spunkel and Roue)

Link to: free previews of 483+ episodes at Divine Bitches | Men in Pain
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