Sergeant Major dominates and tightly ties sexy DragonLily, gags, soaks and tortures her using water and a cruel crotchrope

These two make such a cute bdsm couple in this Water Bondage episode, don’t they? DragonLily is way too adorable and almost innocent looking in her summer dress and high heels. The Sarge isn’t the kind of guy who’s swayed by her cuteness however.

DragonLily gets tied, gagged, soaked and fucked
(click the images above to see a gallery with 15 larger photos from this episode)

The Sergeant Major takes her down and keeps her there. Trademark cruel crotchropes, tight bondage and thorough domming highlight this hot sexy shoot. Thanks Sarge for being such a good bad guy. And thanks DragonLily for suffering so beautifully for us.

Asain cutie is tied, gagged, fucked and soaked
(you can click the images above to see this full episode at the Water Bondage site)

Check out the gallery of high-resolution water bondage photos from this episode, and use this links below to get access to all 224 photos and 61 minutes of video footage of DragonLilly tightly tied and tortured with water

Link to the full episode: DragonLily & The Sarge
  (244 photos and 61 minutes of video with Sergeant Major and DragonLily)

Click to see the Water Bondage website
Members get full access to over 270 episodes featuring 12,100+ minutes of video and more than 55,400 photos, plus access to the member forums.
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Hot asian babe tortured and sexually tormented with water

In today’s samples from the Water Bondage site we have Gianna Lynn’s first time being tortured and sexually tormented with water. As Lew Rubens said about her: “Great ballgag lips, terrific high heel legs, perfect bondage body, lovely orgasm noises and a willingness to push hard for us.” He also mentioned that Gianna has her hardest orgasm from a Wet Dreams fucking machine while she’s in a full bamboo suspension bondage rigging.

Busty asian babe gets very wet while suspended and fucked

The images above are linked to a gallery with larger water bondage photos from this episode, and you can watch the two-minute video below with highlights of Gianna losing her ‘forced to cum by water’ virginity.

Direct link to: Giana Lynn at Water Bondage
(290 photos, 57 video minutes)

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Sexy big breasted redhead Mz Berlin is bound to a spider web of metal chains, subjected to water tortures and sexual torments

This was Mz Berlin’s first time at Water Bondage, and they were very glad to see her there at long last. Sexy, tough and very willing, she was well worth the wait. This episode has lots of things we like. Big breasts. Tight latex. Forced imbalance on high heels. Red lipped mouth held open with a ball-gag. And a spider web made from metal chains.

There are high-pressure streams of water blasted in the victim’s face, and used to blow off clothepins clamped to sensitive areas. Sexual torments are mixed with non-stop water tortures, including dildo-fucking while fully immersed in the dunk tank. Mz Berlin comes through it all with a smile, she even opens her eyes underwater in the tank scene, where most keep them tightly shut in fear.

The kinky girls at the Water Bondage site are bound and punished in sadistic bondage, sprayed with water, dunked in the Houdini tank, tormented with pain and pleasure, submerged in full immersion tanks and more.

Water boarding and water torture got such negative attention from its use in military interrogations that the site stopped new productions. But there already are 277 episodes with 12,188 minutes of video and 55,400 photos archived there for the members enjoyment.(click here to become a Water Bondage member now)

Since the site is no longer updated regularly, there are no ongoing monthly membership charges now. You get access to all of the content in the archive by joining for one month without ever being rebilled (one-time membership). You can also access individual episodes on a video-on-demand basis with no membership needed (VOD theater). Either way, this is exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else, and well-worth the small cost.

You can use the links below to get access to the full episode so you can see and hear more of this big-breasted redhead being tortured in bondage with purposefully directed streams of high-pressure water.

Link to the full episode: “Mz Berlin at Water Bondage”
  (248 photos and 53 minutes of video with Mz Berlin)

Click to see more of our posts about Water Bondage here on this blog.

P.S. We should mention that this site was created by Lew Ruben, the 2010 Bondage Awards Gold Medal winner for Best Bondage Rigger. Lew’s rope bondage, suspension and rigging style and proficiencies are an amalgamation of influences in Fetish Fine Art, Western Bondage, Damsel in Distress, and Shibari-styles that have culminated into a technique his contemporaries refer to as ‘Lewbari.’ Water Bondage episodes are packed with great examples of Lew’s awesome work.

Petite brunette Asian girl Leilani is tightly bound, made helpless, harshly abused and water tortured in an underground dungeon

They get down and dirty right from the start at Water Bondage with this girl. Lielani is ruthlessly bound in hemp and struggles beautifully in the mud. A tight cross-legged ball-tie leaves her vulnerable and helpless to their abuse in a pool of nasty, cold, Armory water.

Little Asian girl tied uo and water tortured in underground dungeon
(click the images above to see a gallery with 15 larger photos from this episode)

A very unusual and tough rope suspension has Lielani squirming and screaming by scene three. Bound and ball-gagged in scene four, she’s put into a below-ground-level tank, with an iron-barred cage top. The water is turned on and our heroine struggles in vain as the water level climbs. Wondering what happens to our lovely victim? Check out the gallery of high-resolution water torture photos linked to the images above.

Underground dungeon abuse for petite bound brunette girl
(you can click the images above to see this full episode at the Water Bondage site)

Link to this full episode: Water Tortured in an Underground Dungeon
  (199 photos and 35 minutes of video with Lielani)

Water Bondage is where rope bondage, fetish and BDSM meet breath control, immersion, water sex, predicament bondage, and more. Women are bound, dunked, sprayed and drenched, then dildo fucked and tortured with vibrators until they cum. Water Bondage has extreme bondage, breath play, punishment, domination, BDSM, fetish, submission, pain, and real female orgasms.

Link to: free previews of 277+ episodes at Water Bondage
  (12,188+ Minutes of Video | 55,400+ Photos | Member Forums Access)

On this blog: see more of our Water Bondage posts

pink-haired beauty gets tied, fucked with a dildo and dunked

You might say Cherry Torn is red hot, but, with her hair, maybe hot pink is better. Anyway, she’s definitely amazing in this session. She’s sexy, very, very tough and took all the punishment that the Water Bondage team put her through. And they put her through a lot, starting with throwing a key in the big water tank and then throwing her in the tank after it, dressed in latex and chained and shackled.

pink haired beauty gets tied, fucked with a dildo and dunked in water tank

Then comes a difficult bent-over bondage with impact play, followed by a very tough kneeling position bondage, plus big rubber bands on her nice natural breasts, a harshly tight crotch rope, and plenty of abuse to go along with it. Then in scene four there’s a nice twist on a plastic bag scenario that turns out very hot.

This shoot has some of the most brutal bound orgasms you’ll ever see. A great body in stringent bondage being forced to cum hard over and over again. You can click the photos shown here to open a gallery of Water Bondage Photos from this session, and you can click the video to watch a two-minute preview right here on the page. Then check out another trailer video on the update page, where you can get access to all 288 photos and 48 minutes of video of Cherry Torn bound, water tortured, dildo fucked and forced to cum.

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