Former gymnast Wenona is objectified and reduced to just her pussy, her ass, and her tits…because who needs more than that?

<img alt="Flexible Gymnast Gets Objectified, Double-Penetrated, and Made To Cum" src="">

Yes, that’s Wenona all wrapped up like a sex pretzel. Who can’t recognize her perfect ass, pussy and nipples? Now this is a girl who’s stuck in a predicament. She has no hope of getting free and she’s bound into a brutal flexible position that would bring most girls to tears. The best part is this provides easy access to two sexy holes to play with and two big nipples to abuse. Watch the video and check out the gallery of BDSM photos to see how Wenona’s made helpless and forced to scream and cum.

Former gymnast Wenona is objectified to just pussy, ass, and tits
(click the images above to see a gallery with larger photos from this episode)

In this Hogtied episode she gets her ass filled with a large plug and has heavy clothespins clamped onto her huge nipples. Next a big dildo is used to fuck her wet, helpless pussy while vibrating her to orgasm after orgasm. Each orgasm brings more discomfort as the challenge of the position starts to wear on this former collegiate gymnast and current nude wrestler. So it’s time to make her cum one more time while her ass and pussy are double-penetrated.

Former gymnast objectified and reduced to just her pussy, her ass, and her tits
(you can click the images above to see this full episode at the Hogtied site)

Link to this full episode: Flexible Gymnast Objectified
  (130 photos and 16 minutes of video with Wenona)

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  (179,010+ Photos | 525+ Hours of video | HD Updates 2x Week | Live Shows)

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Hard body gymnast Wenona vs Texas MILF Mellanie Monroe in unscripted sexual wrestling that ends with winner fucking loser

There are some competitors that a rookie will have a hard time handling in an Ultimate Surrender match. Wenona (“The Gymnast” 5’8″ 120 lbs) was undefeated in the regular season at this time with a massive 804 power rating. That means her average win in all matches was by 804 points, and that’s a huge margin of victory. Wenona works out close to 3 hours per day, and after this match she went to climb Mount Kilimanjaro! This girl is hardcore about fitness, and there are plenty of men who’d have trouble facing her.

Mellanie Monroe (“The Cow Girl” 5’9″ 155 lbs) was in her rookie season and she’d been doing amazingly well. So few rookies ever make it to the second round of the hardest tournament of its kind in the world. Mellanie won her first match-up over a young and spunky Tara Lynn Fox. Mellanie’s a little taller and 35 lbs heavier than her opponent in this match, but Wenona shows us why she was undefeated this season. Mellanie has no answer for Wenona’s quickness, strength, power and conditioning.

Hard body former Gymnast kicks the shit out of a Texas MILF in unscripted nude sexual wrestling

This is single elimination wrestling at its best. The loser gets fucked and goes home. If you lose, your season is over. This is what Ultimate Surrender is all about, non-scripted, brutal, real wrestling. So after this Mellanie had to go home while Wenona went on to face Dia Zerva. Click the images above for a gallery of Girl Fight photos, and use the link below to get access to every minute of this girl-on-girl battle and the fucking that follows.

Link to the full match: Summer Vengeance Tournament: Round Two
  (295 photos and 44 minutes of video with Wenona and Mellanie Monroe)

Link to: free previews of 486+ matches at Ultimate Surrender
  (109,091 Photos | 352+ Hours of Video | HD Updates 2x Week | Live Tag Teams)

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Learn more about how these matches are scored

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Wenona is stripped of her pride, bound, roughly deep-throated, and has her huge nipples tied so she must keep her legs raised

Wenona is a former runway model and gymnast. Matt moves in, quickly binding Wenona’s arms and wrists securely behind her. All her strength and muscles mean nothing now, she’s completely helpless. He teases her with hard cock, she wants it in her mouth, but not yet. She’s commanded to undress, a difficult task while bound so tightly.

Matt makes her stick her amazing tight ass out so he can flog it. After he turns it a nice warm pink color, he puts her on her knees and commands her to open her mouth, close her eyes and get ready for the face-fucking of a lifetime. The hard cock slides in her pretty little mouth and snakes down the back of her throat.

(click the images above to see the larger photos)

Wenona is wrecked from the intense face-fucking. Deep spit runs down her body, her eyes glazed are over with that empty, dazed look. It looks great on her. Matt bends her over a table and continues the face-fucking with her head hanging upside down. He adds suction cups to Wenona’s huge nipples and stretches them to over two inches long.

Now for the real fun. Slow torturous predicament bondage. Matt binds Wenona’s ankles together and ties them to a pole so she can’t bend them back to her chest. He ties up each of her huge nipples with a long string and with the ring on the pulley, he attaches them to her ankles. Now Wenona must keep her ankles up and off the table or her nipples get brutally pulled. The effort it takes to keep her legs at that height puts amazing stress on her abs. It’s a real workout, one that only the fittest can pull of for any length of time.

(click the images above to see the larger photos)

Matt fucks Wenona’s hot throat some more and makes her cum while she struggles with her nipple torture. In the end he leave her struggling, covered in sweat and begging for mercy.

Link to the full episode: Wenona Roughly Throated, Huge Nipples Stretched
  (271 photos and 29 minutes of video with Matt Williams and Wenona)

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Brutal Tag Team Female Sexual Wrestling featuring Wenona, Isis Love, Vendetta and Ariel X in championship match

Check out this classic Ultimate Surrender championship match, a tag team battle between The Ninjas (Isis Love and Vendeta) and The Dragons (Wenona and Ariel X). These are wrestlers with a history. Vendetta was beaten by Ariel X for the Season 7 Championship, and Isis Love was out for two years with a leg injury sustained in her last bout against Wenona. The Dragons were 41 “Shame & Style” points down but have come back to now be in the lead going into this last wrestling round, where everything is on the line.

Tag Team Female Wrestling featuring Wenona, Isis Love, Vendetta and Ariel X
    (click the images above to open a gallery with the larger photos from this episode)

Four female wrestlers battling in front of a live audience for the Championship Title, the trophies, the bragging rights, and of course the right to fuck the losers in the final round. The match is hard fought right down to the last seconds. Come watch and see who was able to fight off the final brutal sexual assault, and who ran out of time as the seconds ticked away. Click the images above for some larger girl fight photos from this match, and watch the video clip for a preview of the rough female wrestling in this round. Then use the links below to see more.

Direct link to: Championship Match Round 3, Ninjas vs Dragons
  (86 photos and 15 minutes of video with Wenona, Isis Love, Vendetta and Ariel X)

Direct link to: Championship Match Round 4, The Sex Round
  (71 photos and 18 minutes of video)

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Ultimate Surrender is updated twice a week with brand new Hi-Def match ups and one live tag team match per month, plus their archive now has 450+ episodes with over 325 hours of video and over 98,000 photos.

New window with: free previews of 450+ matches at Ultimate Surrender
  (98,600 Photos | 325+ Hours of Video | HD Updates 2x Week | Live Tag Teams)

Six-girl gangbang at the end of a brutal live tag tag sexual wrestling match with the losers fucked, fisted and squirting

This is the start of the new 2011 Tag Team League at Ultimate Surrender. Totally non-scripted, all in front of a real audience, all broadcast live to members. Each team will face off once against each other in brutal tag team action, and the top three teams will make the playoffs.

The Ninjas vs The Goddesses
The Ninjas are Wenona (“The Gymnast”) and Gia DiMarco (“The Fountain”)
The Goddesses are Dia Zerva (“Iron Maiden”) and Allie Haze (“The Hazer”)

Kinky Girls in Brutal Tag Team Sexual Wresting

    (click the images above to open a gallery with the larger photos from this episode)

Direct link to this match: Six Girl Gangbang Orgy From Hell
  (597 photos and 60 minutes of video with Wenona, Isis Love, Dia Zerva,
  Gia DiMarco, Allie Haze and Princess Donna)

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New window with: free previews of 450+ matches at Ultimate Surrender
  (98,600 Photos | 325+ Hours of Video | HD Updates 2x Week | Live Tag Teams)

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