Cassandra Nix in her first gangbang where she’s handcuffed to a bed and gets fucked in all of her holes by twelve frat boys

Cassandra Nix is a college freshman excited to go to her first frat party in this Bound Gangbangs episode. She’s a romantic girl and she’s really hoping to hook up with her crush Danny at the party. But Danny has different ideas for what he wants from Cassandra. And his ideas have absolutely nothing at all to do with romance.

Cassandra Nix stars in her first gangbang
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He lures the excited girl into his room then handcuffs her to the bed. And once she’s bound and helpless, he opens the door for all his frat friends to take turns on all of her holes. This is Cassandra Nix’s first gangbang ever, and she takes a hard pounding as 12 guys fuck her senseless with double-penetrations and getting made air-tight with her pussy, ass and mouth all filled with big cocks at the same time.

Cassandra Nix handcuffed to a bed and fucked in all of her holes by twelve frat boys
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Link to the full episode: “The Frat Party” – 12 guys fuck her senseless
  (249 photos and 58 minutes of video with Cassandra Nix)

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Dixon Mason wants to be “free in bondage” and Elise Graves welcomes the chance to restrain, torment and fuck her friend

Dixon Mason came to Elise Graves in order to be “free in bondage.” She told Elise that bondage gives her a space where she’s able to feel safe to express feelings that are otherwise problems, or difficult, or just plain unacceptable. It’s how Dixon lays herself bare in order to feel most alive. So Dixon came to Elise because she trusts her, and Elise plans to reward that trust with restrictions, torments and pain.

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Dixon can reflect on her choices when Elise zip ties her to the front of a metal cage, pulls a leather hood over her head, yanks her panties down and bites her tits hard in this Top Grl episode. Or when she’s bound bent over a chair, full breasts swaying as she’s marked with a cane. Dixon feels that sex allows for a truer, more open expression of the self. So being suspended, hair-tied and ball-gagged while ass fucked with a strapon provoked honest rage and tearful sobbing.

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Link to the full episode: “Uncaging Dixon‘s Inner Squirt”
  (82 photos and 63:36 minutes of video with Elise Graves and Dixon Mason)

Top Grl is now helmed by the seriously sadistic Elise Graves. You can see her torturing sexy submissives in new episodes, plus there’s an archive with two prior years of hardcore bdsm, lesbian Femdomme and dark lesbian fetish sex. This chronicles Sister Dee’s apprenticeship to becoming a highly-skilled “technical top” under the guidance of bondage legend PD.

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Farewell scene for Parker London means Phoenix Marie destroys the hard-body slaveboy with her sadistic mind and perfect body

<img alt="FemDomme destroys slaveboy with her sadistic mind and her perfect body" src="">

It’s not often that a slave like Parker London walks through the door at Divine Bitches. There is no denying that he’s a beautiful piece of man meat that all the Bitches (even Madeline) had to take for a ride. They passed this hot piece of guy flesh around and used him only for their pleasure. But now Parker has decided to move on from his pornographic roots and retire from porn.

To commemorate his exit they welcome world-famous ass queen Phoenix Fucking Marie to do the honors. Phoenix is steamy sex on two legs and was just made for whipping men into shape then destroying them with her perfect ass. Parker and Phoenix steam up the screen making their connection undeniable.

She teases him with her sexy assets, OTK spanks his ass, smothers him, demands ass licking, pegs his ass like only Phoenix Marie can, then takes one final ride on his cock for her pleasure. Parker’s last day wouldn’t be whole unless they edged him to orgasm until his dick can’t help but explode under Phoenix’s skilled fingers and he has one final meal of filth served up by a Goddess.

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Link to the full episode: Goodbye Parker London: A Divine Farewell
  (175 photos and 80 minutes of video with Phoenix Marie and Parker London)

Link to: free previews of 518+ episodes at Divine Bitches | Men in Pain
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Roxy Raye and Amber Rayne show us amazing anal skills with giant ass toys, extreme anal fisting, huge strapon, enema play

<img alt="Giant ass toys, extreme anal fisting, enema play from true ass queens" src="">

Everything Butt welcomes the incredible Roxy Raye who shows off her amazing anal skills with Amber Rayne. They use only their biggest anal toys on her, including a giant butt plug that she pushes back out, and a massive, metal speculum that dilates her orifice for a grand view inside.

Roxy gets really turned on from aggressive ass fisting. Then both girls fist each other at the same time until they cum. Roxy also gets fucked hard in the butt with a gigantic strap-on cock. Finally, both girls do enemas with a pressured hose and expel water from their gaping butt holes.

(you can click each of the images above to see the larger photos from this episode)

Link to the full episode: Fist Punch: The Incredible Ass of Roxy Raye
  (210 photos and 62 minutes of video with Amber Rayne and Roxy Raye)

Link to: free previews of 177+ episodes at Everything Butt
  (152+ Hours of Video | 34,206+ Photos | Updated Weekly in HD)

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Whipped Ass Girl of the Month in a remake of a 1970s horror movie filled with intense lesbian BDSM and wrist-deep fisting

<img alt="Remake of 70s horror movie with lesbian BDSM and wrist-deep fisting" src="">

This is the first feature episode directed for Whipped Ass by Bobbi Starr. A fan of horror movies from the ’70s, she chose to remake Mario Brava’s cult classic “Lisa and the Devil” for its play on morality and religion. Finding herself in an unfamiliar place, filled with people who seem to know more than she does while debauched lesbian BDSM sex unfolds on around her, Raylene stars in “Raylene and the Devil.”

Though the storyline is essentially the same, Bobbi adds some unexpected twists in addition to the hardcore girl-on-girl fetish fucking the horror fans always hoped to see while keeping faithful to the ’70s look and feel of the original. Or at least, the hardcore girl-on-girl fetish fucking Bobbi always hoped to see.

The cast also includes the best and most literate pussy lickers to be found anywhere, including Lorelei Lee and AVN’s Best Actress Andy San Dimas. Raylene quickly learns that there’s a thin line between eccentric and sinister. As the story and the depraved gash bashing unfolds around her, Raylene’s drawn in and becomes a part of the corruption masterminded by Lorelei while Andy is disturbingly familiar with her.

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Link to the full episode: “Raylene and The Devil”
  (289 photos and 99 minutes of video with Lorelei Lee, Andy San Dimas and Raylene)

Link to: free previews of 615+ updates at Whipped Ass
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