Nyssa Nevers is covered in lace to make her an even prettier package to tie up in stress positions and torment with no mercy

<img alt="Nyssa Nevers tied in stressful positions and tormented with no mercy" src="http://www.extremeporn.com/hardtied/stress-positions-merciless-torments/t/nyssa-nevers-tormented-video.jpg">

Nyssa Nevers is one of Hard Tied’s favorite toys. Tough enough to take their punishment, they love having her around and she loves them just as much. There are a number of things that make her so much fun. First, Nyssa’s flexible. That doesn’t just mean they can put her into interesting ties, it also means she can sustain the kinds of positions that make most girls blow out in a matter of minutes. When PD folds her up and suspends her she’s up in the air for quite some time, completely unsupported, in a tie that has all of her weight resting in one place.

Nyssa Nevers covered in lace, tie up in stressful positions and tormented with no mercy
(click the images above to see a gallery with 16 larger photos from this episode)

And then there’s the pain. The pain makes Nyssa incredibly horny and she loves it when they inflict as much pain on her as possible. The process of being violated and humiliated really makes it even worse. She may try to keep it a secret but her dripping wet pussy kind of gives it away. She has such greedy holes and the more PD hurts her the more Nyssa wants to have them filled.

Nyssa Nevers is torment with no mercy while tied up in stressful positions
(you can click the images above to see this full episode at the Hard Tied site)

Link to the full episode: “Laced”
  (200 photos and 44 minutes of video with PD and Nyssa Nevers)

Link to: free previews of 295+ episodes at Hard Tied
  (185+ Hours of Video | 31,813+ Photos | Weekly HD Updates)

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Emma Haize is restrained, waxed and iced, marked by cane and forced to orgasms with a zipper string of clamps across her clit

<img alt="Emma Haize is restrained, waxed and iced" src="http://www.extremeporn.com/devicebondage/predicament-bondage-torments/t/bondage-porn-video.jpg">

Emma Haize has one leg chained up and her arms cuffed and chained into strappado in this Device Bondage episode. This turns her into a sort of human flamingo, her petite body balancing on one foot and every wobble straining her shoulders. Her pussy is exposed and wanting to be stimulated, but first this girl needs to be marked with the cane.

(you can click each of the images above to see the larger photos from this episode)

After being hoised into the air for more torment, Emma is bound to the ground. Wrists and neck locked down, with her legs spread and inviting, she’s helpless to protect herself from what comes next.

Now it’s time cover her perfect little body with hot wax. Cover her from toes to tits. And as her innocence melts away, the temperature is switched to cold and she’s chilled with ice. A rubber cock and a big vibrator are attached to the floor and shoved into her. See if you can tell when she’s shivering from the ice and when she’s twitching from the orgasms.

(you can click each of the images above to see the larger photos from this episode)

Emma is blindfolded and her arms are chained over her head. Her legs are chained to bind her into a squatting position and a cock on a post is placed under her cunt. Unable to hold herself up any longer, she’s forced to have the cock thrust deeper into her. Then, chanined to the ground, Emma has a zipper string run down both side of her with a few clips on her pussy. Well, to be more exact, right on her clit.

(you can click each of the images above to see the larger photos from this episode)

This girl is definitely mind-fucked with the zipper. Afraid of getting her clit ripped off, Emma’s sweet cries of terror are worth watching this for on their own. Enjoy the preview video and larger photos linked to the images above, then use the links below to see more.

Link to the full episode: Hazing Emma – Trial of a Cunt that Could
  (292 photos and 61 minutes of video with Orlando and Emma Haize)

This is only one of many high-definition episodes in the huge Device Bondage archive, which now has over 680 episodes with 430+ hours of video and more than 94,000 photos for members to enjoy. The site adds two new episodes each week and there’s a 3-hour live show each month. If you don’t already have a membership to this site you’re missing out on some of the best high-quality content anywhere online. And considering the amount of content in the members area, one of the best values online too.

Link to: free previews of 688+ episodes at Device Bondage
  (432+ Hours of Video | 94,827+ Photos | Updates 2x a week in HD | Live Shows)

On this blog: see more of our posts about Device Bondage

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Krysta Khaos is locked down in hard metal bondage, lashed with rattan cane, fucked with a dick on a stick and fisted to orgasms

<img alt="Krysta Khaos locked in hard metal bondage" src="http://www.extremeporn.com/missogyny/krysta-khaos-caned-no-mercy/t/krysta-khaos-video.jpg">

Krysta Khaos describes herself as a huge pain slut, which is a little surprising given what a tiny wisp of a girl she is. Perhaps she’s overcompensating with her tough chick tattoos and piercings. But when she’s locked down in a hard bondage position and she’s getting lashed with the cane in this Missogyny episode, she screams like a girl. She sounds exactly like those those Japanese AV idols with that high-pitched whining every time she gets a jolt of pain through her body.

(you can click each of the images above to see the larger photos from this episode)

And Mistress Missogyny really has a relentless day planned for the waif pain slut. Right off the bat, she gets locked down on the floor, face-down, a bar cutting off movement by her feet and neck. MISSogyny canes the soles of her feet and her ass. The punishment continues and we get great views of Krystas pussy as Mistress canes the inside of her thighs until they are almost literally crimson red.

(you can click each of the images above to see the larger photos from this episode)

Mistress finally relents and allows Krysta some pleasure, fucking her pussy with a dildo and massaging it deep with a vibrator until she’s wet and ready to cum. When her pussy is totally dripping, MISSogyny inserts her fist into her tiny hole and pushes it in up to the wrist. Amazing lezdom fisting for such a tiny body.

(you can click each of the images above to see the larger photos from this episode)

Missogyny specializes in the domination and sexual objectification of women. Visit the site to see beautiful euro women immobilized and bound with custom metal bondage devices, chains, stiff cuffs, metal restraints, collars and medieval torture devices. New High-Definition updates are added every week.

Link to: free previews of more Missogyny episodes
  (register for your free two-day trial membership)

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Sex slave trainees are marched into the basement, stripped, scrubbed, hosed down, and tested on their first tasks

<img alt="Sex slave trainees tested" src="http://www.extremeporn.com/trainingofo/sex-slaves-group-trained/t/sex-slaves-video.jpg">

These girls start their first day of professional slave training at The Training of O with a huge infraction of attendance. One of the trainees is not here, but they decide to go on without her. The trainee slaves are marched into the basement where they’re stripped, scrubbed, and hosed down. It’s important that these girls understand the basics of personal hygiene before going any further in their five-day slave training schedule.

(you can click each of the images above to see the larger photos from this episode)

Once they’re sure all of the girls are as clean as they can get them it’s time to move on to some team building activities with heavy labor. This aren’t the kind of tasks these girls are used to so it takes a bit for them to get it right, but with time they do a decent job. With that accomplished the trainees are then tested on their ability to please a woman, and on their orgasm control.

(you can click each of the images above to see the larger photos from this episode)

Before their first day is over one of the girls is dismissed and sent on her way. You can see more in the video clip and in the larger photos linked to each of the images you see here. And you can get access to the full hour-plus episode and more slave training adventures using the links below.

Link to the full episode: Day 1 March: Dirty Trainess Make Dirty Slaves
  (181 photos and 66 minutes of video)

Link to: free previews of 314+ episodes at ‘The Training of O’
  (355+ Hours of video | 79,350+ Photos | Weekly HD Updates)

On this blog: see more of our posts about ‘The Training of O’

Sexy female prisoner London Keyes dominated and turned into a hot lesbian fuck toy in prison by sadistic head bitch, Isis Love

<img alt="Sexy female prisoner turned into hot lesbian fuck toy" src="http://www.extremeporn.com/whippedass/lesbian-prison-bitches/thumbs/lesbian-prison-video.jpg">

London Keyes is locked up for theft and it doesn’t take long for Isis Love to make her into the new hot lesbian fuck toy in prison. Lots of hands-on lesbian punishment is in store for London since she’s the new girl in the slammer. Isis moves right in on her, grabbing her by the hair and turning London over her knee for some spanking and finger fucking just to show the new girl who the Top Bitch is in this Whipped Ass episode.

New female prisoner is made into a hot lesbian fuck toy by head bitch, Isis Love in prison
(click the images above to see two galleries with 30 larger photos from this episode)

When you’re at the top you get some perks, or in this case, some bondage gear and a few toys that you can use on the fresh meat. Ass spanking, flogging, finger fucking, strap-on dildo fucking, pussy eating, humiliation and dildo gag fucking are all included in this hot roleplay session played really well by both of these very sexy girls.

Click the images above for a page with links to two galleries of 30 large Lesbian Prison Sex photos (gallery one | gallery two), and watch the trailer video to see how Isis turns London into her personal fuck toy. Then you can use the links below to get access to nearly 300 photos and almost an hour of video footage from this hot episode.

Link to the full episode: Lesbian Prisoner’s Bitch
  (294 photos and 58 minutes of video with London Keyes and Isis Love)

Link to: free previews of 656+ episodes at Whipped Ass
  (498+ Hours of Video | 137,811+ Photos | Weekly HD Updates | Live Shows)

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