Transsexual therapist Mandy Mitchell hypnotizes and seduces her straight patient so she can fuck his mouth and ass

In this adventure from Ts Seduction, Johnny Rockets is exhausted and he feels himself getting sleepy. It’s time to lay down, close his eyes and dream for awhile. It feels like his head has only been on the pillow for a few moments when he’s roused from his slumber by the sensation of a huge cock sliding down his throat.

His eyes glance around wildly and finally see that the owner of the cock is the beautiful transsexual Mandy Mitchell standing over him. His first reaction is to jerk away, but it’s almost instantly replaced by a different feeling…a feeling of arousal and desire. He realizes that he likes it — no, loves it! He can’t get enough with just her cock in his mouth so he bends over and begs for it in his tight little virgin anal pucker.

TransSexual Hypnosis
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The sensation of her fucking him in the ass is so overwhelmingly good he can feel the pleasure in every fiber of his being. Nothing has ever been better than being a TS’s anal slut. She continues to screw him into oblivion. He wakes up later on the count of three, and for some reason he feels really good, better than he ever has…but he can’t quite pinpoint the reason why.

Link to the full episode: Transsexual Therapist Hypnotizes Patient
  (195 photos and 46 minutes of video with TS Mandy Mitchell and Johnny Rocket)

Link to: free previews of 247+ updates at Ts Seduction
  (44,653 Photos | 172+ Hours of video | Weekly HD Updates | Live Shows)

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Ts Jessica Host seduces the best man into the back room of the wedding chapel and pounds the straight guy’s ass and mouth

After seducing and revenge-fucking the groom to get back at her best friend, in this Ts Seduction episode Jessica Host decides that the thing to do now is to celebrate with the best man. Martin is a good, clean-cut straight guy from the Bronx who has no idea what the sexy girl coming on to him is packing.

After a sexually-tense slow dance, he decides to get fresh with Jessica, thinking what all guys do at weddings: who am I going to fuck? Jessica lets Martin be the man, asking her to dance, getting her a drink and once his advances led to more serious fondling, she sneaks him into the chapel’s back room.

Jessica Host pounds straight guy's ass and mouth
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Martin undresses her, grabs Jessica’s ass and even feels like he’s in control while she’s sucking him off, even after she ties his hands up, convincing him to let go a little, to let her have some fun…after all, what could happen? Come watch and find out what can happen as this ass virgin gets what he thought he was going to be giving.

You can click the images above to see more of Jessica’s seduction of Martin in the gallery larger shemale sex photos. Then use the links below to get access to more photos and videos of straight guys seduced by transsexuals.

Link to this full episode: Transsexual Seduction at the Chapel
  (175 photos and 32 minutes of video with Ts Jessica Host)

Link to: free previews of 247+ updates at Ts Seduction
  (44,653 Photos | 172+ Hours of video | Weekly HD Updates | Live Shows)

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Birthday girl Karrlie Dawn has been fantasizing about having sex with a hot transsexual and today she gets her wish fulfilled

Today is a special day for Karrlie Dawn, it’s her birthday! Being the good husband, Diezel gets her something she’s wanted for such a long time. Karrlie has been fantasizing about being with a hot transsexual seductress and Kelly Shore is the perfect gift. Kelly touches Karrlie’s wet pussy and licks her sweet clit. Then Karrlie returns the favor by sucking her hard cock. Soon everyone is horny and the fucking begins. Kelly fucks both Karrlie and Diezel and shoots her big load all over his face. Happy Birthday Karrlie Dawn.

transsexual Kelly Shore fucks a girl and a guy in the ass

See more of this birthday fuck party in the gallery of transsexual sex photos linked to the images above, and use the links below to see all of the three-way shemale sex.

Link to full episode: Birthday Threesome – shemale fucking girl and guy
  (211 photos and 39 minutes of video with Karrlie Dawn, Kelly Shore and Diezel)

Link to: free previews of 247+ updates at Ts Seduction
  (44,653 Photos | 172+ Hours of video | Weekly HD Updates | Live Shows)

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TS Jessica Host nails Hotel 69 night manager’s virgin mouth and ass until he cums from fucking and she cums all over his face

In this Ts Seduction episode, Jessica Host is headed south for a little vacation. She’s been driving all day and she’s road weary, so she decides to stop in a small town for the night. The only place left is a little hotel near the highway with less than desirable accommodations. A broken television, a blinking vacancy sign, no air conditioning and a sarcastic night manager were tolerable until she discovers someone’s suitcase in the corner.

This shithole has dirty sheets and who knows what else someone left in the room. She calls the manager again, but this time she wants his body not his excuses. Jessica tosses the naive guy on the bed, discovers he’s already hard just from their bickering. Now he’s going to provide all the customer satisfaction she wants with his mouth and ass.

TS Jessica Host rails the naive night manager in his virgin mouth and ass. He cums while being fucked and she cums all over his face.
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When she releases her own hard dick he struggles to keep it from entering his mouth but Jessica is already on top of him, pinning him down and hungry for a good cock sucking of her own. The room is going to be even more filthy by the time she’s done milking him and cumming on his face. Watch Jessica take what she wants in the two-minute preview video clip and see more details in the larger shemale domination photos linked to the images above.

Direct link to full episode: Jessica Host at Hotel 69
  (201 photos and 37 minutes of video with Ts Jessica Host)

If you like sexy shemales and hot transsexual sex mixed with bondage and domination, you’ll definitely enjoy the Ts Seduction website. In addition to the new high-definition episodes added every week, and the Live Shows that are free for members, there are 255+ hours of video and more than 65,000 photos from the 366+ earlier episodes in the members area of this very much recommended site. (membership details)

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Masquerade party surprise for straight guy seduced by sexy girl who sucks his cock then reveals her own

Masquerade parties can hide a lot of surprises which don’t get revealed until the masks come off. And since this is a Ts Seduction episode you can probably guess what the surprise will be. Foxxy and Martin have been flirting with each other all night, although Martin has no idea what else Foxxy is hiding. She lures him into a private play room and sucks his cock while they listen to other guests fucking in the adjacent room. Foxxy is eager to reveal her hidden self to Martin and they’re both hot for more so she takes him back to her place, promising more kinky sex to come.

The unsuspecting Martin allows Foxxy to tie him up, and she teases, strokes and sucks his cock to raging hardness before whipping out her own dick for him to suck. Resistant at first, Martin eventually gives in and sucks off Foxxy. He’s so excited by doing it that he cums twice while Foxxy fucks his tight ass and milks him, and she finishes by cumming on his balls.

Ts Foxxy ties Martin Lorenzo up, fucks his straight ass, makes him suck her cock and milks him until he cums twice while she pounds his tight ass hole.
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Direct Link to: Foxxy’s Masquerade Party
(253 photos, 45 minutes of video with Ts Foxxy and Martin Lorenzo)

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