Missed the Rapture? Don’t miss the “Apocalypse” – with Skin Diamond and Asphyxia Noir as sexy machine-fucking Tank Girls

The Apocalypse has come in this Fucking Machines special feature, and this is what happens after the end of the world. Skin Diamond and Asphyxia Noir have hunkered down in the basement of a destroyed sex toy factory, living out their days fucking shit up and fucking the shit out of each other. In their own private world these two sexy Tank Girls find dirty ways to pass the time including fisting, ass fucking, and finding every toy and machine they can.

Skin Diamond and Asphyxia Noir in a Machine-Fucking Apocalypse

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Direct link to: The End of the World: Machine-Fucking Apocalypse
  (396 photos and 60 minutes of video with Skin Diamond and Asphyxia Noir)

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High-powered sex machines pound a sexy little brunette girl into non-stop squirting, cumming, screaming, crying orgasms

With roommates and neighbors close at hand, Vai usually has to hold herself back and rarely has a chance to really let go in sex. But today there are no roommates or neighbors anywhere around. Just high-speed custom-built Fucking Machines to pound one genuine orgasm after another out of this sexy girl as she screams, laughs, cries, squirts and shoots breast milk while having the time of her life.

Vai machine fucked to squirting, cumming, crying orgasms

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Direct link to this episode: Squirting, Cumming, Crying, Orgasms
  (271 photos and 58 minutes of video featuring Vai)

Click to see previews of all 745+ episodes at Fucking Machines
  (415+ Hours of Video | 116,000+ Photos | HD Updates 2x a Week | Live Interactive Shows)

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Meet the Machines

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Chanel Preston’s perfect pussy vs. Fuckzilla’s robot cock in an orgasmic dual as she thrusts, grinds and cums on the robot and her custom cock saddle

Just like High Noon – it’s a showdown between the beautiful Chanel Preston and the dick-packing robot, Fuckzilla. Chanel spreads her creamy things on the table and Fuckzilla draws his loving gun. The robot pushes into her pussy like a freight train as Chanel clamps down on the cock in a hardcore fucking duel. She throws her head back, thrusts her hips forward and her whole body moans as she’s taken by the machine. Her saddle is a spiked with another big dick and Chanel rides that like a true cowgirl, cumming from the natural curved angle of the firm dong and the constant steady machine fucking she’s getting.

Custom cock saddle and robot cock for orgasmic cowgirl Chanel Preston

This is one sexy brunette, and she smiles so nicely when she cums. You can see more details in these larger Machine Sex photos and you can watch the video clip below for a little preview of this scene. Use the links under the video to get access to this full shoot and nearly 700 other episodes of women being fucked to orgasms by machines.

Direct link to: Long Legs Stradling Robot Cock in a Cowboy Bar
(108 photos and 17 minutes of video)

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Tia Ling’s sexy body is displayed for easy access as she endures brutal nipple torments, ass hooking and machine fucking

Tia Ling returns to Device Bondage. She knows the drill, so they get straight to business. Her arms are shackled back and her legs bound in metal. Her tight body takes hard, heavy blows with the flogger. The nipple tuggers pull fiercely on the sensitive nipples. She fights the bondage while enduring her powerful orgasm.

Tia Ling tormented

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Now it’s time to work that ass. She’s straddled on a metal horse, belted into place, titties hanging and ass out to attack. Her ass and legs are covered in cane marks. Just the sight to see before fucking her in the ass to loosen her up as she’s ass hooked and tied off to her hair. Tia struggles to maintain posture while being pussy fucked and vibed.

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Tia’s tight sensitive skin is the perfect surface for pricking and prodding. Bolted down onto the box, her head trapped back unable to see what’s to be done to her. Alpha is locked into her ass and she is machine-fucked into obliterating orgasms.

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Link to this full episode: “The Trials of Tia”
  (200 photos and 62 minutes of video with Tia Ling)

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Seriously big cocks on high-powered machines pound and stretch Katie Summers’ pussy and ass so hard she shakes when she cums

The Fucking Machines work over Katie Summers’ ass and pussy with some seriously big cock fucking. She fucks their coke bottle cock with The Fucksall on high and cums until she shakes like they were electrocuting her.

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It’s a beautiful, mysterious thing, the female orgasm, and just how many times Katie can bust a nutt is world record worthy. Her quickest orgasm is 9 seconds – that’s right, 9 seconds! They make her hold out as long as she can and at the end, when she can still speak, they machine-fuck her again.

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Link to the full episode: “Blond Firecracker Fucked Senseless by Machines”
  (142 photos and 26 minutes of video with Katie Summers)

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