Blond MILF cop puts young violator in shackles, machine-fucks her in private office, denies orgasm then makes younger girl squirt

Jessi Palmer is caught giving a blow job in the food court bathroom of her local mall in this episode of Fucking Machines. If there’s one thing mall cops LOVE it’s bratty bitches breaking the law with their horniness because that means they will put out in order to not get in trouble.

Mellanie Monroe is the MILF cop who takes her little mall rat in shackles to her private office, strips her down, licks her pussy and fucks her with The Drillo. She gets Jessi right on the brink of cumming and stops, denying her right when it’s the most painfully frustrating time to stop.

Mellanie makes Jessi fuck her until she has the first orgasm. Mellanie rips her stockings and moans while she tenses with pleasure from the hand machine pumping her pussy.

Once Jessi has proven she’s willing to co-operate, they both straddle a new two-headed machine and cum from watching each other get fucked. Jessi even squirts as Mellanie turns up the dial. Click the images to see the larger Machine Sex photos for a preview of what Mellanie does to Jessi.

Link to full episode: Mall Cop Shackles and Machine Fucks Suspect
  (167 photos and 37 minutes of video with Mellanie Monroe and Jessi Palmer)

There are two new HD episodes posted each week at Fucking Machines, plus each month there are four live shows. Over 128,000 photos and 460+ hours of video from more than 825 earlier episodes are archived at this site.

Link to: free previews of 825+ episodes at Fucking Machines
  (460+ Hours of Video | 128,650+ Photos | HD Updates 2x a Week | Live Interactive Shows)

Link to: Meet the Machinesopens a new window showing all 45 of the different kinds of Fucking Machines now actively used plus some of the originals machines. You can see how each one works in video previews too.

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Smoking hot latex-clad evil FemDomme nurses use a piece of man meat to painfully drain every ounce of man filth out of him

In this fantastic episode of Divine Bitches we get a look at some hot roleplay featuring an ‘End of the World’ environment. In this scenario, San Francisco is the last city left after the Apocalypse and since The Armory is the last building standing it’s been transformed into an infirmary. But of course it’s not a normal infirmary.

This one is staffed by Lorelei Lee and Felony as a pair of evil latex-clad nurses who have saved their most important male torture devices from destruction (check out the one in the coffin in the photo below). They’ve now found what may be the last piece of man-meat on earth, so draining him of every last bit of his man filth is now their mission. He may have survived the apocalypse but can be survive the use and abuse he’ll suffer today?

These two hot latex nurses play with the medical fetish plus bondage, cock and ball torture (CBT), breath play, flogging, anal sex, fucking machines, and multiple orgasms. You can see some of action in the video clip and there are larger FemDomme roleplay photos from this scene linked to these images. Use the links below to get access to this full episode and hundreds more.

Link to full episode: The apocalypse and the last piece of man meat on earth
  (278 photos and 49 minutes of video with Lorelei Lee, Felony and Zak Tyler)

Divine Bitches is an excellent FemDomme site with exclusive new episodes filmed in HD every Wednesday. There are occasional bonus updates and live shows, and members have access to the complete Men in Pain archives, over 385 episodes with more than 73,000 photos and over 230 hours of videos.

With over six years of archives included, this membership is an absolute bargain at thirty dollars for one month. There are also six-month memberships that bring the cost to just a little over sixteen dollars, and one-year members are paying about fourteen dollars. If longer memberships are in your porn budget, this is definitely one that’s worth every penny (and then some).

Link to: free previews of 500+ episodes at Divine Bitches | Men in Pain
  (330+ hours of video | 96,678+ photos | Weekly Updates in HD)

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Charley Chase has full-body orgasms from the HUGE robotic cock deeply pounding her pussy, she cums in bondage and squirts too

As you can imagine, at Fucking Machines people ask all the time what makes a machine better than a human, or can girls ever be satisfied by humans after fucking the robots? In the case of Charley Chase – I have no idea how humans satisfy her. She’s unbelievably hot and fucks like a wild bull.

On top of taking HUGE cock so deep the only visible evidence of the wang is the balls as they smack her pussy, she has full-body orgasms that demand a machine AND a human to make happen. The Fucksall scene becomes the Charley Chase rodeo as she writhes in the leather suspended chair – she has several great orgasms but it might just be pure comedy to watch as Charley tries to buck out the dildo and has to be physically held down along with the rope that’s already bound her to the chair.

Charley Chase big tits, oiled and tanned has full body orgasms from deep HUGE robotic cock pounding her pussy, cums in bondage and squirts too!

By the end of the shoot, Charley is clutching her pussy and says “I can’t let it go – it’s like a handful of greatness.” Check out the gallery of high-resolution Machine Fucking photos linked to the images above, and use the links below to see more machine sex.

Link to this full episode: “The Charley Chase Show”
  (220 photos and 38 minutes of video with Charley Chase)

There are over 800 individual episodes in the Fucking Machines archives, with more than 125,000 photos and over 450 hours of videos. There are Hi-Def updates posted twice a week with a different girl each episode and a new amateur girl every Friday.(membership details)

Link to: Meet the Machines – opens a new window showing all 45 of the different kinds of Fucking Machines now actively used plus some of the originals machines. You can see how each one works in video previews too.

On this blog: see more of our posts about Fucking Machines

Shane Dos Santos is a sexy 18-year-old who spreads open and takes it when she’s bound and fucked to orgasms by machines

Shane Dos Santos makes her kinky debut in a Fucking Machines episode where she gets caught sneaking around The Armory and her punishment is to be tied up in bondage and fucked to orgasms by powerful machines.

Shane takes a deep fucking with the custom drill that has the curved dick stuffing her pussy until creamy cum drips out of her. She looks so good tied up and even better cumming all over the machine cock, you can rest assured that you’ll see her here again.

(you can click each of the images above to see the larger photos from this episode)

Link to episode: Ring the Alarm: Hot 18-year-old bound and machine-fucked
  (119 photos and 22 minutes of video with Shane Dos Santos)

Link to: free previews of 799+ episodes at Fucking Machines
  (449+ Hours of Video | 125,542+ Photos | HD Updates 2x a Week in Live Interactive Shows)

Link to: Meet the Machines – see 45 different kinds of Fucking Machines

On this blog: see more of our posts about Fucking Machines

Gyno-bench spreads wide the lovely legs of tight-bodied young gymnast as she’s vibed and machine-fucked to squirting orgasms

Ash loves attention and years of gymnastics have formed her body into a rock hard missile of sexy, which make her very exciting to watch as she cums from the pounding machines. The machines even get her pussy to squirt which is a huge shock for Ash and it shows all over her post-orgasmic face in this Fucking Machines episode.

(click the images above to see the larger photos)

Link to the full episode: Hot Blond Gymnast Stretched and Fucked By Machines Until She Squirts   (78 photos and 19 minutes of video with Ash Hollywood)

Click here to see the Fucking Machines website.
Members get full access to over 978 Fucking Machines episodes featuring 557+ hours of video and more than 155,133 photos. Four new episodes shot in HD are added each week, and there’s a Live Show every week that’s free for members too. Click to become a member of Fucking Machines now.

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