Transsexual therapist Mandy Mitchell hypnotizes and seduces her straight patient so she can fuck his mouth and ass

In this adventure from Ts Seduction, Johnny Rockets is exhausted and he feels himself getting sleepy. It’s time to lay down, close his eyes and dream for awhile. It feels like his head has only been on the pillow for a few moments when he’s roused from his slumber by the sensation of a huge cock sliding down his throat.

His eyes glance around wildly and finally see that the owner of the cock is the beautiful transsexual Mandy Mitchell standing over him. His first reaction is to jerk away, but it’s almost instantly replaced by a different feeling…a feeling of arousal and desire. He realizes that he likes it — no, loves it! He can’t get enough with just her cock in his mouth so he bends over and begs for it in his tight little virgin anal pucker.

TransSexual Hypnosis
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The sensation of her fucking him in the ass is so overwhelmingly good he can feel the pleasure in every fiber of his being. Nothing has ever been better than being a TS’s anal slut. She continues to screw him into oblivion. He wakes up later on the count of three, and for some reason he feels really good, better than he ever has…but he can’t quite pinpoint the reason why.

Link to the full episode: Transsexual Therapist Hypnotizes Patient
  (195 photos and 46 minutes of video with TS Mandy Mitchell and Johnny Rocket)

Link to: free previews of 247+ updates at Ts Seduction
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“Creepers” peeping on a coed in her dorm room watch a man break in, tie her up and sexually assault her repeatedly

Here’s the latest Hogtied feature movie series. These are real life fantasies of the girls who appear in the films, played out in a safe and sane environment for your viewing pleasure. This month’s installment is “Creepers” starring Kaylee Hilton.

Kaylee attends a private all-girls college. Her future looks bright, she’s among the wealthiest and prestigious of the social classes that attend the university. In just her freshman year she’s made the Dean’s List and looks to be one of University’s brightest students.

The two men who lurk in the bushes outside of her apartment almost every night know her schedule and know it well. They’ve been watching Kaylee since she moved in. They’ve seen her study, eat, bathe, dress, undress and even masturbate. They are Creepers, men who get off on watching. They’re harmless in the sense they’re not dangerous, but violate one’s most private moments. A heinous but non-violent crime.

On an ordinary night during an ordinary week, the creepers are there, but terror joins them. A man follows Kaylee home and breaks into her house. The Creepers could give warning, could call the police, could even bust in and help. However their perversion forces them to watch, and watch they do.

They see something they never dreamed in a thousand years that they’d see. The object of their perversion, stalked, attacked, overcome, chloroformed, bound, stripped, face-fucked, ass-fucked, and sexually used and tormented to a level they didn’t even know existed. They like it, it turns them on. It’s sick and twisted but they watch, and they watch till the end.

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Link to full episode: “Creepers” – watch coed bound and abused
  (604 photos and 73 minutes of video with Mark Davis and Kaylee Hilton)

Link to: free previews of 880+ Hogtied updates
  (162,084 Photos | 475+ Hours of video | HD Updates 4x Week | Live Shows)

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Tia Ling wants to stop smoking and John Henry is the kinky hypnotherapist who turns her into a submissive anal pain slut

Tia Ling is the unsuspecting patient who tries to kick her smoking habit by going to a hypnotist. What she doesn’t suspect is that this hypnotist is the kind of pervert who’d take advantage of her while she’s in a trance. John Henry is the perverted hypnotist who puts Tia into a trance in which she becomes a submissive anal pain slut. And once in hypnosis, the more John punishes her, the hornier she becomes.

Perverted hypnotist turns patient (Tia Ling) into submissive anal pain slut
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Tia Ling brings her enjoyment of BDSM and rough sex to this amazing episode in full measure. Tia gets groped, spanked, tightly tied-up, fucked in her pussy and throat, and whipped with a cane while in an excellent rope suspension that includes a steel hook in her ass. And in the final scene she’s completely immobilized and fucked in her ass with no way to escape. All of which this hypnotized little Asian anal whore loves of course.

The images above are linked to a gallery of larger Sexual Submission photos, and you can use the links below if you’d like to see more of what happens to hypnotized, helpless and horny Tia.

Direct link to this episode: “Perverted Hypnotic Submission”
  (251 photos and 56 minutes of video with Tia Ling and John Henry)

Link to: free previews of 434+ episodes at Sex & Submission
  (365+ Hours of Video | 98,931+ Photos | Updates Every Week in HD)

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