Rain Degrey cums hard in a hot interracial gangbang when she’s tied up and pounded in every hole by her boss and his friends

In this Bound Gangbangs episode Rain Degrey plays a new maid who finds out her boss punishes mistakes in a very kinky manner. Turned on by her discovery she begins making mistakes of her own in hopes of getting tied up and whipped. Eventually she gets her wish and she’s strung up and surrounded by four hard black cocks ready to penetrate every one of her holes. She cums hard being used like a little whore for her boss and his friends.

Rain Degrey pounded in every hole in a hot interracial gangbang
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Link to the full episode: Gangfucking Punishment for the Maid
  (403 photos and 70 minutes of video with Rain DeGrey)

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Krissy Lynn has her double-life as a secret escort wife exposed and gets punished and ass-fucked in bondage by angry husband

In this Sex & Submission episode, Krissy Lynn lives a double life. One as a wife who works long hours and is too tired to have sex with her husband. The other as an escort who specializes in extreme BDSM fantasies.

When her hubby, with a case of the blue balls, looks for an escort online and discovers her little secret, all hell breaks loose. We see Krissy at work with a client, Mickey Mod, getting dominated and fucked in bondage. When she gets home that evening, her husband, Mark Davis, has a surprise abduction fantasy and bound anal sex waiting for her.

Exposed escort wife punished and ass-fucked in bondage by husband
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Direct link to the full episode: “My Wife is an Escort!”
  (203 photos and 58 minutes of video with Mark Davis, Mickey Mod and Krissy Lynn)

Link to: free previews of 342+ updates at Sex & Submission
  (288+ Hours of Video | 77,960+ Photos | Updates Every Week in HD)

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Beautiful amateur Audrey Rose gets used as a toy at a private party, caged, bound, ass fucked, made to cum by strangers

Audrey Rose is a hottie with nice natural tits and a curvaceous ass. She’s locked naked in a cage and made to suck cock while she’s groped and made to cum by strangers. Then she’s strung up and harshly whipped with the cat-o-nine tails, till she’s begging for mercy. She gets her reward in this Public Disgrace episode with a nice ass pounding and several loads of cum on her beautiful face.

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Link to: Hot Amateur Locked in a Cage and Fed to a Hungry Crowd
  (484 photos and 82 minutes of video with Mark Davis and Audrey Rose)

Link to: free previews of 140+ Public Disgrace updates
  (150+ hours of video | 44,532+ photos | Updates every week in HD)

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Slave slut number 314 is beaten and tormented because when she moans and screams in pain it brings pleasure to her torturers

In this Infernal Restraints episode you can see that PD handles his sluts a little differently than pretty much everyone else does. Most people offer an orgasm or some other reward like a carrot on a stick for young, innocent girls like 314, who sometimes need a little bit of encouragement. This is a mistake. Rewards imply they have a choice or some sort of value. That’s never the message that PD wants to convey. These women are things, and they’ll just have to accept it.

young slave girl tortured at the Master's pleasure

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While PD is using her 314 is just a whipping post. She makes the sounds and faces that make his cock hard and that’s all that really matters to him. The tears, the screams, the moans and grimaces are all amazing. When he passes 314 off to Sister Dee she expects a woman to have a bit more sympathy but that’s ridiculous. Why would either of them feel anything for a worthless toy like 314?

Click the images above to open the gallery of larger BDSM Torments photos so you can see more details, and watch the video clip above for a taste of how 314 is made to suffer.

Link to episode: Slavegirl treated like worthless toy
  (155 photos and 69 minutes of video with PD, Sister Dee and slavegirl 314)

Link to: free previews of 201+ updates at Infernal Restraints
  (124+ Hours of Video | 22,151+ Photos | weekly updates)

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Blonde sluts Krissy Lynn and Jessie Cox captured, caged, punished and strapon fucked to orgasms by angry domme Felony

In this episode of Whipped Ass we have the tale of two promiscuous sluts who get captured, punished and fucked for messing with the wrong bitch’s boyfriend. Krissy Lynn and Jessie Cox are the two smokin’ hot blondes who’ve been fucking Felony’s boyfriend when she’s not around. Felony is not a lady you want pissed off at you, as these two find out when she captures them and locks the two little whores in a pit cage built into the floor of her basement.

Now she’s ready for some sweet revenge, and she begins by dragging them out and ripping their clothes off. She flogs their bodies to that nice pink color that blondes get and makes them sit on a pair of table-mounted dildos and ride them to forced orgasms while worshipping her feet with their mouths. Felony binds them on the floor with vibrators taped to their cunts, then sits on their faces and makes them eat her hot pussy and beautiful ass. To make sure they don’t forget this lesson, she tapes their mouths closed, bends them both over a bench and fucks their little cunts with her strapon until they cum better than they ever did with her boyfriend.

Two promiscuous sluts get captured, punished and fucked for messing with the wrong bitch's boyfriend!
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You can hear some of Felony’s verbal humiliation of her two captives in the video preview clip, and you can see more details in the gallery of Lesbian BDSM photos linked to the images above.

Direct link to: Brunettes Have More Fun: “Sweet Revenge”
  (323 photos and 74 minutes of video with Felony, Krissy Lynn and Jessie Cox)

This is just the latest weekly high-definition episode. There are ten years of updates archived at the Whipped Ass site, so this one joins more than 545 earlier episodes with 111,520+ photos and over 385 hours of video freely accessible to all members. The amount of high-quality content in the members area here is incredible. (membership details)

New window with: free previews of 545+ updates at Whipped Ass
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