Sexual testing day becomes all-out fuck fest as four auditioning sex slave trainees demonstrate the depths of their depravity

These four little trainees have been prodded, shocked, caned, tied down, made to endure mind fucks and relentless orgasms, all so The Training of O could get a sense of their abilities. The staff has already determined the qualities of submissiveness in vanity, brat, o, and meow, but they’re still not sure what each of them can do with a hard cock. So now it’s time for some sexual testing.

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They throw James Deen in with the girls to see how they fare, and are actually surprised by the fuck festival and depravity these gorgeous girls are capable of. One girl who refuses to service men on-camera offers herself for some face-fucking, two anal virgins offer themselves for anal for the first time ever. And the most experienced whore of the group is told to grind against the wall jealously with no attention at all.

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It’s almost shocking the lengths these girls will go to impress their trainers. There isn’t one moment of time when these tight sluts aren’t sitting on each others faces, sucking dick, taking punishment, working cock into their ass, or squirting on the floor.

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Link to the full episode: “Four Girl Auditions – Sexual Testing Day”
  with James Deen, Rozen Debowe, Akira Raine, Sofia Lauryn and Odile
   (196 photos and 86 minutes of video)

Click here to see the The Training of O website.
Members get full access to over 383 episodes featuring 455+ hours of video and more than 96,757 photos. New episodes are shot in HD and added to the members area each week, plus there are Live Shows that are free for members too.
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BDSM slavegirls locked into each other with metal bondage are gagged, ass-hooked, flogged hard and forced to cum and squirt

Ariel and Dia are fixed into one another in this Device Bondage episode. Ariel’s toned body is splayed out, legs frog-tied open, arms bound down, and her mouth gag tied off to an ass hook. Dia’s ass is kept up by the ass hook, her body locked into doggy with a dildo gag planted in Ariel’s pussy.

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Any time Ariel relaxes or jerks her head, Dia instantly feels the oversized ass hook yank on her asshole. These two toned and fit bondage girls take the heaviest floggings and keep maintaining composure. Both are made to cum hard and squirt and left exhausted.

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Full episode at: “Puzzle Perfect” – Face fucking, Ass Hook Tugging, Hard Flogging Mayhem   (119 photos and 31 minutes of video with Ariel X and Dia Zerva)

Click here to check out the Device Bondage website.
Members get full access to over 718 Device Bondage episodes featuring 467+ hours of video and more than 101,114 photos. New episodes shot in HD are added every Wednesday and Friday and there’s a monthly live show that’s free for members. (click to become a Device Bondage member now)

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Sexually-frustrated young girl is taken, bound and brutally used as a sexual play toy in very hot waking dream sequence

After a frustrating lunch of listening to her girlfriends talk about their sex lives, Penny’s a bit sexually distressed. As she returns to her apartment building she sees two men in the elevator, two men she’s never seen before. She can feel their eyes on her, and her mind races. Days of sexual frustration finally take over, and she has a waking dream.

The men grab her, manhandle her, she tries to scream out, but she’s hand gagged. They grab at her clothing, they’re stripping her. DING! The elevator doors open and Penny is blasted out of her daydream. She really needs a man.

Sexually-frustrated girl dreams of her rough use as a sexual playtoy

As Penny heads to her apartment, the two strangers walk slightly behind her. Are they following her? Where are they going? Penny can feel them behind her back. She grabs her key, it slides into the lock.

Her mind races once again. She’s pushed into her apartment by rough hands and strong arms. Resistance is futile. She puts up half a struggle, she wants this, she needs this.

For the next eight hours she’s a sexual play toy for the man in black. He keeps her bound, and near orgasm the entire time. He uses her mouth at will. He fucks her deep and often, always making her cum. He watches the Giants in the Playoffs, as she sucks his cock. She get him drinks from the refrigerator, she’s a good little slut for her new Daddy.

He keeps her huge breasts always bound tight, a reminder that she is his. He fucks her deep and hard on the bed. He makes her watch porn as he fucks her from behind, he finger blasts her and makes her squirt all over. She can’t understand how this man makes her cum so hard and so often.

In the end her fucks her from behind while dunking her head underwater in the bathtub. She cums so hard while underwater.

“Have a nice weekend” Those simple words blast her back to reality, her key is still in the door, the men walk by. She really needs to find a guy! She enters her apartment. Now where did she put her vibrator?

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Link to the full episode: “Apartment 345″
  (313 photos and 42:08 minutes of video with Matt Williams, PD and Penny Pax)

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Amy Brooke cums and squirts as her ass is invaded with a steel hook, fucked with a huge dildo and made to gape and rosebud

Amy Brooke and her amazing body are back and helpless at Hogtied. This girl deals with bondage as well as anyone they work with. You have to love smoking hot girls that let this crew work them over like they do.

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Bound reverse in a chair with her amazing ass hanging over the edge and her neck bound to the back, Amy finds her self in a unique and vulnerable position. They start by oiling up her ass and adding water to give it an amazing shine.

Then they vibrate Amy to her first of many orgasms. However the first one is the strongest and something you don’t see everyday. Amy comes so hard that she squirts non-stop for about 20 seconds, that’s not the amazing part. You have to witness with your own eyes Amy’s asshole as it rosebuds to epic proportions as she’s cumming. This is one of the most brutal orgasms you’ve probably ever seen.

(click the images above to see the larger photos)

They make her cum over and over, they face fuck her piehole hard and deep. Amy deep throats with the best of them and they keep that cock in the back of her throat. Amy is the perfect sex machine in this very hot episode.

Link to episode: “Amazing gaping ass fucked, hooked, made to cum and squirt so hard her ass rosebuds”   (193 photos and 21 minutes of video with Amy Brooke)

Click here to see the Hogtied website.
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