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After strong orgasms, sexy pain sluts are put in a predicament bondage which pits exhaustion against painful clothespins zippers

Sunday 3rd of May 2015

Boobs and Romeo first face off with the straps competition in this Device Bondage episode. A sexy sight, seeing these two women squirm and struggle to get out of the tight straps. The one to remove the most straps and clothing gets to cum while the loser gets whipped hard. A nice warm-up indeed.

Ruby Reaper and Juliette March

Next it’s time for these sexy young things to get bent backwards over a support on their hands and feet. Their hips are pushed out with their pussies out in the open. Their ankles and wrists are chained so they can’t protect themselves from being caned in their most sensitive fleshy parts. And they’re finger-fucked to distract them from the predicament they don’t yet realize is coming.

Ruby Reaper and Juliette March in predicament bondage

The distracted girls get zipper strings of clothespins fastened all over their front sides, and then the supports are removed from beneath the girls. Watch as they struggle to keep themselves up. And see them slowly pull off one clip at a time as inescapable fatigue sets in.

predicament bondage with zipper strings

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  with Juliette March (Romeo) and Ruby Reaper (Boobs)
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