Phoenix Marie’s cheating boyfriend sparks her curiosity in BDSM, so she explores electro-sex with Bobbi Starr and Aiden Starr

Lonely and faithful girlfriend Phoenix Marie is between jobs, but during her search for a new career she stumbles onto a video of her boyfriend. He reveals himself as a BDSM-loving kinky fucker on one of Kink’s sites. Phoenix, an innocent who’s never thought of lesbian BDSM, let alone electro-BDSM, searches out the Internet to satisfy her newfound eagerness.

Phoenix Marie's explores her curiosity in electro-BDSM with Bobbi Starr and Aiden Starr
(click the images above to see a gallery with 15 larger photos from this episode)

She comes across lezdommes Bobbi Starr and Aiden Starr, who are more than happy to give Phoenix a first-hand experience in what her boyfriend is handing out. With whips, sticky pads and EMS pads, Phoenix’s education as a budding Electro Slut begins. But by the end of the scene Phoenix’s curiosity has gotten the best of her as Aiden mercilessly fucks her ass raw with an electrical strap-on.

Bobbi Starr and Aiden Starr satify Phoenix Marie's curiosity about lesbian electro-BDSM
(you can click the images above to see this full episode at the Electro Sluts site)

Link to the full episode: Eager Sex Kitten is an Electro-Slut
  (226 photos and 46 minutes of video with Bobbi Starr, Aiden Starr, Phoenix Marie)

Click here to see the Electro Sluts website.
See amateur girls and stars bound and tormented in reality-based scenarios of extreme lesbian BDSM as Dominatrix Bobbi Starr and her gorgeous cohorts teach hot, willing women to enjoy the pleasures and pain of total submission. Members get weekly HD updates plus full access to 11 years of archived photos and videos from Wired Pussy episodes. (click to become a member of Electro Sluts now)

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Sister Dee makes Lavender Rayne cry, but crocodile tears and apologies won’t save her from being harshly punished

Whatever Lavender Rayne did to piss of Sister Dee, she’s very sorry by now. She was already apologetic before SD even started the worst of her punishment, but crocodile tears aren’t going to be enough to save her in this episode of Top Girl.

SD binds her tightly using fishing line. As the thin line presses her against a cold, metal frame it bites into her skin. Every motion she makes feels as though the line is going to cut into her and her skin presses around it in bulges. It nearly cuts off all of her circulation and the marks are sure to last for quite some time.

The marks on her psyche may take even longer to heal. When SD finally cuts Lavender loose, the final element of her torment is complete. The wire that had bound her tightly in place had been painful when it was on, but much like clips and clamps, the removal is so much worse.

Sister Dee makes Lavender Rayne cry
(click the images above to see a gallery with 16 larger photos from this episode)

Click the images above or use this link to see the larger Girl-On-Girl Domination photos, and use the links below if you want to see all of this BDSM punishment scene.

Direct link to: “Sister Dee makes Lavender Rayne cry crocodile tears”
  (268 photos and 46 minutes of video with Lavender Rayne and Sister Dee)

Top Grl is a website focused on the experiences and training of Sister Dee, also known as SD. InSex and bondage legend PD took on SD as his apprentice, and the site chronicles her journey to becoming a highly-skilled “technical top” under his guidance. Documenting over two years of her training, Top Grl has an excellent archive of hardcore bdsm, lesbian femdomme and dark lesbian fetish sex.

Click here to check out the Top Grl website.
Members of Top Grl get full access to the complete two-year archive containing over 90 episodes with hundreds of hours of video and thousands of photos featuring this Lesbian BDSM Top. (click to become a member of Top Grl now)

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Mei Mara is bound with leather and metal, gagged, slapped, tormented with zipper strings and savagely strapon fucked

In this Realtime Bondage episode the scene opens with Mei Mara inverted and covered in zipper strings of closely-spaced clothespins. The frame to which she’s bound keeps her legs spread and her back arched. And it rotates in a way the provides perfectly helpless positions for the members and crew to torment her.

Claire Adams comes in with a strap-on and begins to take Mei as savagely as possible. Even through the gag her screams are clearly audible. After a good pounding she’s ready to be used as a punching bag. Il Re and Damon Pierce stand her up to get a better shot at her. She’s going to be one bruised bitch when they’re through with her.

(you can click each of the images above to see the larger photos from this episode)

Link to the full episode: “Mei I Please You?” – Part Three
  with Mei Mara and the Intersec Crew

Link to: free previews of more updates at Realtime Bondage

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Cherry Torn suffers with Liquid Fire burning her shaved pussy while very tight bondage painfully cuts off her circulation

Damon Pierce has gone through a lot of trouble to procure a product for this Hard Tied episode that we’ll just call Liquid Fire. Unlike most similar products, instead of alternating between hot and cold, this just keeps getting warmer until the burning is almost unbearable.

Cherry Torn could tell it was going to be intense when he put on gloves to protect himself from the effects. The fact that he doesn’t want to get any on his hands while he’s smearing it on her pussy can’t be a good sign. Well, at least not for her. All Damon needs to do is sit and watch while the compound reduces her to tears.

Cherry Torn tightly bound

(click the images above to see the larger photos)

The bondage is another challenge. It’s so tight that it threatens to cut off her circulation. When he unties her the sensation floods back into her extremities, bringing even more pain. She screams as each coil is undone. Being so securely bound has left her shaking and on edge. Which is exactly the kind of experience she came looking for.

Cherry Torn suffering from Liquid Fire in tight bondage

(click the images above to see the larger photos)

Link to the full episode: “Cherry Picking”
  (100 photos and 33 minutes of video with Damon Pierce and Cherry Torn)

See our post about part two here: “Cherry Torn suffers in extreme bondage with clothespin zippers while wooden sticks and metal wires are used for genitorture”

Link to: free previews of 236+ updates at Hard Tied
  (148+ Hours of Video | 24,734+ Photos | Weekly HD Updates)

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Sexually Broken, a new BDSM site from Matt Williams, features inescapable bondage, brutal sex and devastating orgasms

<img alt="Sexually Broken, a new BDSM site from Matt Williams" src="">

We’re happy to tell you about a new BDSM site that takes rope bondage and sexual domination to the extreme. Sexually Broken is designed to be the most realistic, authentic, and true marriage of tough bondage and rough sex on the internet, according to rigger, handler and director Matt Williams.

Infamous director Matt Williams presents inescapable bondage, brutal sex and devastating orgasms
(click the images above to see Ariel X in Muscle Punishment at Sexually Broken)

Williams explains, “What separates Sexually Broken from other sites of it genre is its unique content. The girls are overloaded sexually, forced to orgasms over and over, without the brutal SM actives of other sites. No crying, no screaming in pain, but lots of forced deep-throating and brutal face-fuckings all while bound. The girls get fucked and fucked well. It’s a sexual overload for the girls, never the fake orgasms you see at other sites, but real brutal orgasms. The girls are sexually wrecked, and sexually broken with pleasure so intense it alters their minds.”

Sexually Broken is a new BDSM site from infamous director Matt Williams
(click the images above to see Leilani Leeane ass fucked at Sexually Broken)

Picture girls expertly bound and broken by throat fucking. Helpless girls overcome by pussy pounding. Assholes being spread wide by cock. Girls tied and driven mad by hitachis and sybians. Girl after girl pushed to their sexual limits. These are just some of the things you’ll see on the new Sexually Broken site.

Sexually Broken features inescapable bondage, brutal sex and devastating orgasms
(click the images above to see Tiffany Doll skull-fucked at Sexually Broken)

Their first updates have some very hot models for you. Ariel, Tiffany and Leilani are amazing. Each one of them thinks that they can handle the rough, deep fucking that’s in store for them. Each one of them may be right, at least at first. How they feel after a brutal face fucking or some painfully intense orgasms remains to be seen. You can click this link for a gallery with 16 larger photos featuring these three sexy girls.

Link to: free previews of more episodes at Sexually Broken
  (Updated 3x a Week with Hi-Def Photos and Videos)

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