Elise Graves is locked in metal boots, restrained strappado, sits on spikes, nipples suctioned and body caned in a live BDSM show

<img alt="Elise Graves restrained, tormented and suffering in a live BDSM show" src="http://www.extremeporn.com/realtimebondage/restrained-tormented-suffering/t/live-bdsm-video.jpg">

Standing in a brutal stapaddo is painful enough for Elise Graves. The Realtime Bondage crew has her feet secured to the floor in solid metal boots so she’s not going anywhere. When her legs get tired she’s going to want to sit down and the only seat available just happens to be a board of spikes.

She wants to cum from the vibration on her clit but there are so many things hurting her at the same time it’s nearly impossible. The suction cups on her nipples are like a non-stop tugging pinch. The spikes under her ass are digging in hard enough to leave dents. The collar around her neck is barely allowing Elise to breathe. How is a young slut supposed to orgasm through all of that?

Elise Graves locked in metal boots, restrained strappado, sits on spikes, nipples suctioned and body caned
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The marks each of these treatments leave are amazing. Her nipples are distorted, her ass is on fire and she can’t hold back the screams or the tears. At one point she had nicely done makeup. Now the mascara’s smeared around her eyes. A few stickers tell Elise that she’s been doing a good job in the most humiliating way possible. The savage caning that Elise takes next is enough to leave her weak in the knees. Again, she’s left sobbing.

They want her staring into the camera for every stroke and that level of concentration means she has no way to block out the pain. Even if Matt has a hard time hitting her around the frame she’s secured to, each time he lands a blow it gets a response.

Live BDSM show with Elise Graves restrained, suctioned, caned and tormented
(you can click the images above to see this full episode at the Realtime Bondage site)

Link to the full episode: “Elise’s Challenge” – part 2 of 3
  (266 photos and 52 minutes of video with Elise Graves and the Intersec Crew)

Link to: free previews of more episodes at Realtime Bondage

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Slavegirl 412 restrained and forced to perform several difficult and painful exercises while being whipped, caned and prodded

<img alt="Slavegirl 412 forced to perform difficult and painful exercises" src="http://www.extremeporn.com/realtimebondage/workout-girl-whipped-caned-prodded/t/painful-exercises-video.jpg">

Slavegirl 412 is physically fit, but she isn’t prepared for the kind of exercise she gets in this Realtime Bondage episode. The members and the crew want to see her working until her muscles burn, so burn they will. This is one hell of a workout, and, of course, every exercise has a sadistic twist.

Slavegirl 412 made to perform difficult and painful exercises
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Sit-ups over a bed of nails or hanging upside down with a weight tied to her hair? Sure, those are good, but still too simple. Maybe a cock shoved in her mouth while she’s hanging there nicely bound, or how about a plastic bag tied over her head so she can’t breath?

Slavegirl restrained and forced to perform difficult exercises while whipped, caned and prodded
(you can click the images above to see this full episode at the Realtime Bondage site)

They didn’t need to cane her like that to push 412 to her physical peak, but it made the activities like those deep-kneee bends much more interesting. Her abilities and inadequacies are punctuated by each painful stroke. Check out the gallery of larger BDSM Exercise photos, and the video clip above, then use the links below to see more.

Link to this full episode: “Good Slut” – Part Two
  with slave 412 and the Intersec Crew

Link to: free previews of more episodes at Realtime Bondage

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Tall blonde Rain DeGrey dominates and destroys stronger black girl Coffee Brown with face-sitting and brutal leg submissions

<img alt="Rain DeGrey vs Coffee Brown in non-scripted competitive sex wrestling" src="http://img.cybernetentertainment.com//imagedb/10507/v/h/320//10507_7.jpg">

Ultimate Surrender brings you the only non-scripted competitive sex wrestling in the world. This is the only league of its kind in existence. Coffee Brown (The Grinder, 5’5″ 135 lbs) is almost all solid muscle. Coffee has the body type to do very well if she can put in the time and get the mat experience. Rain DeGrey (Poison, 5’9″ 124 lbs) is different from most other wrestlers due to the extra training Rain has gotten off the mat. Rain has a personal wrestling trainer and works out once a week with him.

Rain DeGrey vs Coffee Brown in non-scripted competitive sex wrestling
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Rain dominates her stronger opponent from the start. Using crushing leg scissors, Rain makes Coffee submit multiple times. Rain’s submission holds are just too much for the Grinder to handle. Rain also brings the smack-talk to the mat. Not only does she destroy her opponent but she rubs it in at the same time. Check out the details in these Girl Fight photos and watch the video clip for a taste of the action in this great match-up. Use the links below for access to the entire match plus over 570 earlier catfights.

Link to this match: “Blonde Battles Stronger Black Girl”
  (381 photos and 43 minutes of video with Rain DeGrey and Coffee Brown)

Link to: free previews of 577+ matches at Ultimate Surrender
  (129,518 Photos | 418+ Hours of Video | HD Updates 2x Week | Live Tag Teams)

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Vendetta faces off against Dia Zerva to become the undisputed Season 7 Summer Vengeance Tournament Champion

This is the first meeting of these two powerhouses in single competition. They’ve met before in Ultimate Surrender Tag Team action and many believe Vendetta has gotten the best of those exchanges over the years. Both wrestlers are undefeated this year with similar records. Dia Zerva (“Iron Maiden” 5’5″ 145 lbs) is riding a wave of victory at the highest level. She won her two Summer Vengeance matches against two elite wrestlers with combined scores of 2699-128. Dia is sporting the highest power rating of any wrestler in the history of Ultimate Surrender, her lifetime record is (8-1). Vendetta (“Vendetta” 5’6″ 130 lbs) looks the best she has in years. She’s trimmed down and is as fit as she’s ever been. With a lifetime record of (21-3) Vendetta is no stranger to the pressure of championship matches. Vendetta had to beat last year’s Champion to get to this match up.

Season 7's Championship Match up! The only non-scripted real wrestling on the net. 28 girls participated, now it's down to the final two.

This is what the entire season is about, 28 girls entered the league this year, the top 16 went into the tournament and after 14 weeks of grueling non-scripted sexual wrestling, these two warriors face off to see who will be the Season Seven undisputed Ultimate Surrender Champion. You can see details of the match in these Girl Fight photos and you can watch some of the action in these Sexual Wrestling video clips. Then use the links below to see the entire match, including the hot Round Four sex and more.

Direct link to: Vendetta vs Dia Zerva – Summer Vengeance Championship
(377 photos and 46 minutes of video)

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Iona Grace endures pain, tight gags, suspension bondage, fucking machines, metal restraints, straight jackets and breast bondage

In the first Device Bondage scene Iona’s bound with leather arm mitts across a long pole, crucifixion style and her legs together kneeling. Claire binds her breasts nice and tight and wraps her face with a mean and very strict electrical tape gag. Slowly she’s stripped of her pride and dignity. Her face slapped, her flesh clamped, her legs swept out from underneath her.

Metal restraints, straight jacket, suspension bondage and lots of pain for Iona Grace

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Next she’s bound in metal, placed in doggy like a bitch in heat. She gets greased up and looks ripe. Painful wax is applied to her body in a sadistic fashion. Her holes are stretched uncomfortably large. Her pain and suffering is hot and orgasms heavy, panting, writhing in oil.

(click the images above to see the larger photos)

Finally she strapped into a straight jacket and suspended with her legs straddled wide. She’s clearly on display as we get to see her cunt pummeled by the fucking machine. The gas mask is nice and tight. She gets to breathe in the smell of her own pussy and try to control her reactions to the pain administered to her. There is no escape. She can’t hide. Not ever.

(click the images above to see the larger photos)

Link to this full episode: “Punished Wanton Slut”
  (210 photos and 67 minutes of video with Claire Adams and Iona Grace)

Click here to check out the Device Bondage website.
Members get full access to over 718 Device Bondage episodes featuring 467+ hours of video and more than 101,114 photos. New episodes shot in HD are added every Wednesday and Friday and there’s a monthly live show that’s free for members. (click to become a Device Bondage member now)

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