Sexy girl Vai robo-fisted and pounded in her ass and pussy by high-speed custom machines until her squirting soaks the floor

Vai really likes to let loose at Fucking Machines and do all the crazy shit she can’t do at home. Things like get pounded by machines, scream, cry, and squirt until every inch of the floor is wet. She just fucking goes for it with the Handy Man machine and the Robot Fist. Taking it wrist deep and pulling out to squirt buckets. It’s incredible.

Vai doesn’t do a lot of ass fucking, but she wants to try so they oblige and Vai doesn’t disappoint – her orgasm is so intense she releases in tears as well as cum. By the time they get to the Sybian, Vai is still going strong and cums with nipple clamps on and then lies down for one more climax before tapping out. Pure ecstasy and 110% of genuine fucking from this sexy girl.

Sexy girl Vai robo-fisted and pounded by machines until she squirts
    (click the images above to open a gallery with the larger photos from this episode)

Direct link to this episode: So Much Squirt from Machine Fisting
  (109 photos and 39 minutes of video with Vai)

Link to: free previews of 765+ episodes at Fucking Machines
  (430+ Hours of Video | 120,200+ Photos | HD Updates 2x a Week in Live Interactive Shows)

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Cherry Torn suffers with Liquid Fire burning her shaved pussy while very tight bondage painfully cuts off her circulation

Damon Pierce has gone through a lot of trouble to procure a product for this Hard Tied episode that we’ll just call Liquid Fire. Unlike most similar products, instead of alternating between hot and cold, this just keeps getting warmer until the burning is almost unbearable.

Cherry Torn could tell it was going to be intense when he put on gloves to protect himself from the effects. The fact that he doesn’t want to get any on his hands while he’s smearing it on her pussy can’t be a good sign. Well, at least not for her. All Damon needs to do is sit and watch while the compound reduces her to tears.

Cherry Torn tightly bound

(click the images above to see the larger photos)

The bondage is another challenge. It’s so tight that it threatens to cut off her circulation. When he unties her the sensation floods back into her extremities, bringing even more pain. She screams as each coil is undone. Being so securely bound has left her shaking and on edge. Which is exactly the kind of experience she came looking for.

Cherry Torn suffering from Liquid Fire in tight bondage

(click the images above to see the larger photos)

Link to the full episode: “Cherry Picking”
  (100 photos and 33 minutes of video with Damon Pierce and Cherry Torn)

See our post about part two here: “Cherry Torn suffers in extreme bondage with clothespin zippers while wooden sticks and metal wires are used for genitorture”

Link to: free previews of 236+ updates at Hard Tied
  (148+ Hours of Video | 24,734+ Photos | Weekly HD Updates)

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Sexually Broken, a new BDSM site from Matt Williams, features inescapable bondage, brutal sex and devastating orgasms

<img alt="Sexually Broken, a new BDSM site from Matt Williams" src="">

We’re happy to tell you about a new BDSM site that takes rope bondage and sexual domination to the extreme. Sexually Broken is designed to be the most realistic, authentic, and true marriage of tough bondage and rough sex on the internet, according to rigger, handler and director Matt Williams.

Infamous director Matt Williams presents inescapable bondage, brutal sex and devastating orgasms
(click the images above to see Ariel X in Muscle Punishment at Sexually Broken)

Williams explains, “What separates Sexually Broken from other sites of it genre is its unique content. The girls are overloaded sexually, forced to orgasms over and over, without the brutal SM actives of other sites. No crying, no screaming in pain, but lots of forced deep-throating and brutal face-fuckings all while bound. The girls get fucked and fucked well. It’s a sexual overload for the girls, never the fake orgasms you see at other sites, but real brutal orgasms. The girls are sexually wrecked, and sexually broken with pleasure so intense it alters their minds.”

Sexually Broken is a new BDSM site from infamous director Matt Williams
(click the images above to see Leilani Leeane ass fucked at Sexually Broken)

Picture girls expertly bound and broken by throat fucking. Helpless girls overcome by pussy pounding. Assholes being spread wide by cock. Girls tied and driven mad by hitachis and sybians. Girl after girl pushed to their sexual limits. These are just some of the things you’ll see on the new Sexually Broken site.

Sexually Broken features inescapable bondage, brutal sex and devastating orgasms
(click the images above to see Tiffany Doll skull-fucked at Sexually Broken)

Their first updates have some very hot models for you. Ariel, Tiffany and Leilani are amazing. Each one of them thinks that they can handle the rough, deep fucking that’s in store for them. Each one of them may be right, at least at first. How they feel after a brutal face fucking or some painfully intense orgasms remains to be seen. You can click this link for a gallery with 16 larger photos featuring these three sexy girls.

Link to: free previews of more episodes at Sexually Broken
  (Updated 3x a Week with Hi-Def Photos and Videos)

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Cyd Black teaches Tricia Oaks a much-needed lesson in humility using strict bondage, painful torments and humiliation

Tricia Oaks is just too proud. She has a perfect body but when you see her on the streets you can tell she knows it. Cyd Black has never liked women like that. They think they’re better than everyone and the world owes them a favor just for existing. That kind of shit may fly for weaker men, but in this Hard Tied episode Cyd is going to completely change her attitude and show this bitch where she belongs.

Tricia Oaks learns humility from Cyd Black
(click the images above to see a gallery with 15 larger photos from this episode)

The bondage Cyd uses is as simple as it is effective. He doesn’t waste a lot of time making elaborate knots because they don’t serve his purpose. He wants Tricia to learn a bit of humility and being bound and humiliated is only part of that lesson. The pain he inflicts will teach faster. The marks he leaves will give her something to study in the future and will be painful reminders of what he’s taught her today.

As the tight bondage makes her limbs begin to change colors Cyd finds even more ways to make her suffer. The tears just confirm his message is getting through. You can see more details in this gallery of larger Extreme Bondage Photos, and use the links below to get access so you can watch exactly how Tricia is taught to be more humble.

Link to this episode: Tricia Oaks Learns Humility
  (139 photos and 43 minutes of video with Cyd Black and Tricia Oaks)

Link to: free previews of 236+ updates at Hard Tied
  (148+ Hours of Video | 24,734+ Photos | Weekly HD Updates)

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Slave trainee Sasha Knox roughly dominated by James Mogul and Maestro during her third day of professional slave training

In this episode of The Training of O, we get to watch Maestro and James Mogul roughly work over Sasha Knox during her third day of training to be a more excellent sex slave. Locked in an iron collar, Sasha is tasked with boot service, including cleaning boots with her tongue, polishing and worshipping them, and having to keep rubbing her pussy on the toe of a boot while being butt plugged, cropped, flogged, questioned, and denied orgasm. She has to balance on a wooden block using just the balls of her feet and her toes while getting a hard flogging, and has her face pushed into the stone floor by a boot on the back of her head.

Cherry Torn is also in attendance to assist the training Masters, first by holding a crop in her mouth so it’s ready for their use, and then by being allowed to use Sasha for her own oral pleasures before returning her to the Masters. Sasha begs to be allowed to cum too but is denied over and over. She’s made to answer questions with a clothespin on her tongue, has a number written on her forehead, and is then questioned about what the number means while having to keep sucking cock during a harsh whipping. This finally breaks her down to trembling and sobbing in tears, but Sasha still insists on continuing with the training.

Slave Trainers work in the basement to train sex slut Sasha Knox
    (click the images above to open a gallery with the larger photos from this episode)

Later, ball-gagged and rope bound over a spanking bench for a hard fucking, she begs for and receives her trainer’s load of cum on her grateful face, and then uses her fingers to get it all into her mouth like a good little sex slave. You can see more details in the larger Slave Training photos in the gallery linked to the images above, and you can get a little taste of what Sasha’s third day of training was like in the video preview clip.

Direct link to: The Training of Sasha Knox, Day Three
  with Sasha Knox, Cherry Torn, James Mogul and Maestro
    (229 photos and 66 minutes of video)

On this blog: see all ‘The Training of O’ posts

Professional grade slave training is what you’ll always find at The Training of O. New training sessions are filmed in Hi-Def and added each week to the archive of over 235 episodes already there. With more than 265 hours of video and 58,750+ photos, members have no shortage of high-quality slave training to watch for their enjoyment and inspiration. (membership details)

New window with: free previews of 235+ episodes at ‘The Training of O’
  (265+ Hours of video | 58,750+ Photos | Weekly HD Updates)

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