Gorgeous blonde Annika Albright has perky tits, a perfect ass, and today she’s tied, stripped naked and fucked in a public bar

In this episode of Public Disgrace we meet Annika Albright. This girl is so hot it almost hurts to look at her. That face. That ass. Those perky tits. She’s someone too hot to fuck alone in your bedroom. When you play with her you want the whole world to see it.

Mr. Pete and Princess Donna tie Annika up and take her to a bar for some hardcore public sex together with hot sexual humiliation. She’s stripped naked and fondled by bar patrons then pounded deep and hard in her lovely mouth and her sweet pussy.

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Link to the full episode: Smoking Hot Blonde Fucked in Public Bar
  (277 photos / 71 minutes of video with Princess Donna, Mr. Pete, Anikka Albright)

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  (202+ hours of video | 59,165+ photos | Updates every week in HD)

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Bonnie Rotten tormented by JP in a standing metal strappado, a challenging back arch, and standing on the spiky board in stocks

It’s difficult at first to tell whether she’s excited or being bratty in this Device Bondage episode. She can’t help but look into the camera. She knows who her target audience is. JP quickly strips her of her clothes and hopefully of her pride. Immediately the smiles stop.

JP needs to know how much pain she likes. A lot or a little. They go back and forth between rough manhandling and slapping to fingering her and getting her hot. Enough games, JP heads for getting her nice and pink with the flogger. The smile is definitely gone.

Next, Bonnie is splayed out on the floor in a back arch position. Her arms are bolted to the floor in wooden stocks. Under her feet are spiked pieces of wood. Her knees are pried open with the spiky wooden spreader bar and JP begins picking her apart.

Flogging her, using the flip cat, using the dragon tail while exposing all of her emotional vulnerabilities. He layers pain all over her body and coaxes intense orgasms from her. “You said you wanted this,” he reminds her.

Last, Bonnie is standing on the spiky board with her legs strapped together and her neck and hands in stocks. JP right away goes after her with an extremely stingy flogger. She’s overwhelmed. He pushes her further.

Adding nipple clamps, he starts to mind-fuck her with the cattleprod. Talking to her gently, he explains how challenging it is to endure the shocks from a prod. It would give away too much to tell you what happens next but it does end with long beautiful orgasms.

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Link to the full episode: “Tamed Whore”
  (166 photos and 39 minutes of video with JP (The Pope) and Bonnie Rotten)

Link to: free previews of 615+ updates at Device Bondage
  (367+ Hours of Video | 78,099+ Photos | Updates 2x a week in HD | Live Shows)

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Slave trainer teaches Ariel X humility with sadistic torture, massive strap on, finishes with fisting and pain management

<img alt="Slave trainer teaches Ariel X humility with sadistic torture" src="http://www.extremeporn.com/trainingofo/lesbian-sex-slave-trained/t/lesbian-slave-video.jpg">

Bobbi is at The Training of O to teach 010 some humility. 010 is known for being one of the most athletic models at Kink. She’s fit and trained in MMA, so she knows how to defend herself. Bobbi starts by making her stand there and be physically pushed around. Her face shows frustration as she’s shoved and when Bobbi sees this she takes 010 to the ground and climbs on top of her. She then rains down brutal and sadistic punishment. 010 attempts to defend herself, but the point of this is to show submission.

Now suspended in a hogtie, she’s defenseless against Bobbi and her massive strap-on cock. 010 has a high opinion of her ability to suck cock, so Bobbi puts her to the test. It’s quickly apparent that she doesn’t live up to her own opinion. After toying with her for a bit Bobbi fucks her into oblivion, pushing her closer and closer to an exploding orgasm, only to deny her in the end.

Bobbi moves on to test 010′s pain management by abusing her pussy while she’s bound in a pile-driver position. Flogging, slapping, clamps and a cattleprod are used to tenderize her pussy. More foot torment is issued and then Bobbi sadistically tortures her body with the cattleprod until 010 proves her toughness by taking the cattleprod to her pussy. She’s now allowed to cum as much as she wants with Bobbi’s fist inside of her abused pussy.

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Link to the full episode: Lesbian Slave Training Week Continues
  (204 photos and 53 minutes of video with Ariel X and Bobbi Starr)

Link to: free previews of 277+ episodes at ‘The Training of O’
  (313+ Hours of video | 70,000+ Photos | Weekly HD Updates)

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Siouxsie Q suffers as electricity flows through her nipples to a copper plate under her feet in a live predicament bondage scene

Realtime Bondage likes to have a pair of models on deck when they open a live feed. Siouxsie Q and Maddy O’Reilly are today’s victims. The site members will suggest what happens to the girls as the unscripted show goes on, so things can switch from tormenting one girl to ignoring her while the other girl is made to suffer. And sometimes both girls are used at once to intensify the tortures.

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The session begins with an excellent predicament bondage that features a big copper plate that will have current passing through it. Well…eventually passing thtrough it. Because Siouxsie will stand on the plate with electrified clamps on her nipples. Her bondage lets her pull her feet off the plate as long as her arm strength lasts. But if her feet touch the plate they’ll be completing a circuit that causes the voltage to zap her breasts.

(click the images above to see the larger photos)

Maddy’s turn will be coming soon. She’s been safe in her cage while the focus was on Siouxsie. But in the opening interview she talked about how much she loves cumming. So was given a big Hitachi wand, but it was taken away. She can earn it back of course. Now she has to think about what’ll she do for it.

Link to the full episode: “Oh! My Goodness”
  (153 photos and 57 minutes of video with Siouxsie Q)

Click here to see the Realtime Bondage website.
Members get full access to the complete collection of over 152 past shows featuring hundreds of hours of video and thousands of photos. Live shows are free for members and recorded in HD so members can watch them whenever they want. Click to become a member now.

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Skinny blonde submissive craves control and seeks someone to dominate her and push her through her pain and pleasure limits

Jeze Belle goes to Infernal Restraints because she wants to have her limits pushed with pain and pleasure. She starts her session locked in a wall cage designed to make it nearly impossible to find a comfortable position. OT dominates her from the moment he takes her out of the cage. Face, feet, tits, ass, pussy, he torments them all.

Jeze Belle caged
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BDSM has an arousing effect on Jeze Belle. And it’s a noticeable effect as wetness streams from her cunt once she’s in bondage. This girl is the kind of bondage slut who’ll beg to be bound and beaten. So today’s her lucky day, since OT plans to wear her little ass out.

Jeze Belle tormented
(click the image above to see this full episode at the Infernal Restraints site)

Link to the full episode: “Subspace”
  (264 photos and 45 minutes of video with Jezze Belle)

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