Extreme lesbian BDSM electro-stimulation site ELECTRO SLUTS features award-winning performer Bobbi Starr as director

Electro Sluts is Kink’s hot new showcase for realistic and extreme Lesbian BDSM, and it features higher voltages, bigger dildos, harder whippings and hotter females that ever before. With famous pornstar Bobbi Starr at the helm, the lines of pleasure and pain are blurred. Her world of lesbian perversions awes and enraptures loyal fans and increasingly captures the lurid imaginations of new ones.

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Starr explains, “With Electro Sluts, I’m hoping to appeal to a clientele that’s interested in the experience of the submissive by using a documentary, realism-style pornography. Though it’ll continue to contain the traditional girl-on-girl lezdom role playing, the site will target the psychological tortures of domination. Electro Sluts makes electricity sexy. It takes wires and electro-domination away from fantasy and brings it into reality.”

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Role play scenes at Electro Sluts include a never-ending supply of beautiful and innocent amateur and heterosexual girls enticed into the lesbian underground of bondage, sexual dominance and forced orgasms, all designed to make hot sluts submit to their gorgeous dommes.

Bobbi has extreme, devious plans to make girls cum with hot squirting forced, painful and pleasurable orgasms. And her equally cruel and sexy domme friends will join in to punish hot willing women with sadistic electro-tortures to teach them to enjoy the pleasures and pain of total submission. No slave holes will be safe from domination and penetration here.

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If you’re wondering about Kink’s flagship lesbian electro site, Wired Pussy, it’s being retired and will now become an archive site. All current members will automatically receive a membership to Electro Sluts, in addition to keeping full access to all 11 years of content in the Wired Pussy archives. And all new members of Electro Sluts will also get access to all 535+ episodes in the Wired Pussy archives (425+ hours of video | 112,995+ photos).

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Bobbi Starr is taking a new and exciting artistic direction with Electro Sluts that’s sure to please Wired Pussy members as well as brand new audiences. Her ideas for Electro Sluts are not to just revamp Wired Pussy but to create a new genre of lezdom electro-play that’s going to be exciting to see unfold.

Link to: free previews of more Electro Sluts episodes
  (Weekly HD Updates and 11 years of Wired Pussy archives)

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Holly Heart is determined not to scream or cry but that won’t do her any good when PD and Elise Graves knock her around

PD sets her up and Elise Graves knocks her around. That’s the forecast for Holly Heart at Hard Tied today. She wears a look of determination throughout the entire experience. It looks like she’s resolved not to cry through the worst of it, not matter how bad things get.

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Some days PD and Elise are looking for a good bit of blubbering, and on those days holding it all in might make them bored, make them move on. But on other days they’re just looking for someone to torment, whether she screams, cries or just bears it all in silence.

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Unfortunately for Holly today is the latter. She could scream or be silent, it won’t make a difference to them as long as she suffers. So she may as well let it all out, because it’s hardly going to matter to them if she lets any tears through or not anyway.

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Link to the full episode: “Knocked Around”
  (94 photos and 56 minutes of video with PD, Elise Graves and Holly Heart)

Click here to visit the Hard Tied website.
Members get full access to over 356 episodes featuring 225+ hours of video and more than 38,300 photos. New episodes shot in HD are added to the members area each week. (click to become a Hard Tied member now)

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Head Nurse Lorelei Lee dominates the interview of Tori Luxe into a scene of kinky lesbian BDSM and electro-bondage sex

When Tori Luxe applies for a job at the hospital she’d never have anticipated what she’d face in her first interview. Head Nurse Lorelei Lee runs a tight ship, and she has to make sure all new hires are up to her personal standards. Tori quickly learns that she’ll be required to perform more than the usual tasks, but she’s determined to get the job, and endures all the lesbian domination and electrical play that the Head Nurse throws at her.

Head Nurse dominates new hire into lesbian electro-bondage sex
(click the images above to see a gallery with 15 larger photos from this episode)

This is a nice long Wired Pussy episode, with sticky pads, fisting, flogging, anal play, speculum play, strap-on action, pussy licking, ass licking, slapping and more. You can see some larger photos in this Head Nurse gallery, and use the links below to get access to all of Lorelei and Tori in this hot roleplay scene.

Link to this full episode: “Head Nurse”
  (232 photos and 62 minutes of video with Lorelei Lee and Tori Luxe)

Link to: free previews of 513+ Wired Pussy episodes
  (398+ hours of video | 104,669+ photos | Updated weekly in HD)

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Mei Mara gets an extreme make-over that includes shaving all of the hair off her head during the broadcast of this live bdsm show

If you want to see a girl who’ll go to the extremes to please the Realtime Bondage members you need look no further than Mei Mara. Most submissives would balk at the idea of being humiliated like this. But she even submits to an extreme make-over before her Q and A session.

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It’s one thing to take a beating, even an extreme one, during a live bdsm show. But the effects of what Mei is receiving are going to be visible to anyone and everyone for quite some time. This kind of dedication is what it takes if you really want to satisfy the sadistic minds watching this show online.

(click the images above to see the larger photos)

Link to the full episode: “Thinking Ahead” – Part Three
  with the Intersec Crew and Mei Mara

Click here to see the Realtime Bondage website.
Members get full access to the complete collection of over 152 past shows featuring hundreds of hours of video and thousands of photos. Live shows are free for members and recorded in HD so members can watch them whenever they want. Click to become a member now.

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Electro-medical play with two hot girls strapped to the gyno chair and shock-fucked by a pair of sexy lesbian medical professionals

In this Wired Pussy episode Lily LaBeau and Juliette March are two young girls who come into the clinic wanting to get birth control without their parents knowing. How were they to know that Princess Donna would be their doctor and Aiden Starr their nurse? These sexy as hell dominant lesbians decide the two girls need to understand it’s a tough world out there, and that sex with strangers can be dangerous, so they proceed to tie them up and make them engage in all kinds of kinky lesbian sex games.

Medical Electro-Play with Princess Donna Dolore, Aiden Starr, Juliette March and Lily LaBeau

The two subs are controlled and tormented by the two Dommes in an examination chair, made to lick pussy, examined with a speculum, spanked, and fisted. They’re restrained on a hospital bed and they’re shocked with violet wand, cattle prod, sticky pads and electrified butt plug. Watch the video clip above and you’ll want to see more, which you can do in these larger Medical Electro-Play photos. Then use the link below to get access to the whole hour and ten minutes of video and a couple hundred photos from this great scene.

Link to the full episode: Two Subs, Two Doms, One Smoking Hot Update
  (224 photos and 70 minutes of video with Princess Donna, Aiden Starr,
    Lily LaBeau and Juliette March)

Link to: free previews of 513+ Wired Pussy episodes
  (398+ hours of video | 104,669+ photos | Updated weekly in HD)

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