Hazel Hypnotic endures a live 24-hour training session where she’ll need all of her mental and physical strength to survive

<img alt="Training of Hazel Hypnotic - Part 1" src="http://www.extremeporn.com/realtimebondage/hazel-hypnotic-slave-training-live/t/hazel-hypnotic-video1.jpg">

Hazel Hypnotic volunteered for an experience that every submissive woman dreams about. Realtime Bondage took full possession of her for 24 hours. It gave them a chance to get to know her like no one else has. Every detail about her became significant because they had so much time and so many wonderful plans for her.

Hazel Hypnotic trained for 24 hours - part 1

At first they were content to let her hang around. Hazel had on a beautiful little dress that they slowly took away to reveal her fantastic body. She keeps herself fit, which is good, because the following 24 hours will take every bit of her strength and endurance to survive.

<img alt="Training of Hazel Hypnotic - Part 2" src="http://www.extremeporn.com/realtimebondage/hazel-hypnotic-slave-training-live/t/hazel-hypnotic-video2.jpg">

Hazel Hypnotic once remarked to them that she dreamed of being put on a pedestal. That dream probably didn’t include being gagged with her own hair and made to masturbate live for all the members online. Even worse, she didn’t expect it to be covered with spikes. It’s a test of endurance, to see how long she can stand it, and it won’t be the last one she suffers over the next 24 hours.

Hazel Hypnotic trained for 24 hours - part 2

In fact, a few minutes later they have another distressing idea. Hazel is a smoker and thye want to show her what a disgusting habit that is. They take a pair of cigarettes and put them up her nose. She’ll need to finish them both before they’ll be ready to move on. Every breath she takes comes with the acrid scent and burning sensation of smoke.

And the next treatment is even nastier. Clothespins are a double-edged sword. When you put them on they pinch so hard that they cut off the blood supply and make the area go numb. But as soon as they’re removed the blood comes rushing back, bringing a wave of intense sensation with it.

<img alt="Training of Hazel Hypnotic - Part 3" src="http://www.extremeporn.com/realtimebondage/hazel-hypnotic-slave-training-live/t/hazel-hypnotic-video3.jpg">

In times long passed the strappado was one of the most feared forms of torment. The arms, once brought up behind the body, put an incredible amount of stress on the shoulders. Many girls have trouble maintaining the position at all. Hazel Hypnotic gets lifted up by it.

Hazel Hypnotic trained for 24 hours - part 3

For the brief time she’s in the air her shoulders feel like they’ll come lose, but the real pain was still to come. She’s placed on a crotch-horse that allows all her weight to rest on her pussy. To give herself any relief all she has to do is pull herself up, straining against her brutal bondage again.

They do eventually move her hands to a more comfortable position, but only because it gives PD better access with the whip. And when they decide that she’s held herself up with her arms long enough there’s always a collar they can use that’ll keep her in place just as well.

<img alt="Training of Hazel Hypnotic - Part 4" src="http://www.extremeporn.com/realtimebondage/hazel-hypnotic-slave-training-live/t/hazel-hypnotic-video4.jpg">

Hazel Hypnotic tells them she’s tired around the 6-hour mark of the live feed. She has 18 more hours to suffer through, but they figure she can be allowed a quick nap before the torment continues. Is it because they’re just merciful like that? Or is it that they saw a completely new way to get inside her head.

Hazel Hypnotic trained for 24 hours - part 4

Her sleeping bag is very tight, a sack really, with several straps to keep her from moving about. A hood blacks out the room for her. She’d be able to sleep quite peacefully if they were willing to let her. There are little ports they can use to access her tits, perfect for attaching electrodes, in fact. The stimulus makes her cry out quite a few times. They don’t even have to sit there and monitor her. PD just hooks it to an automatic timer and her persistent exclamations let them know it’s still working.

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Realtime Bondage continues their live 24-hour training session with Hazel Hypnotic and things go from bad to worse for her

<img alt="Training of Hazel Hypnotic - Part 5" src="http://www.extremeporn.com/realtimebondage/slave-training-hazel-hypnotic-live/t/hazel-hypnotic-video5.jpg">

Everyone needs rest. It’s hard for Hazel Hypnotic to keep going when the Realtime Bondage crew is so persistent in wearing her out. They give her a bit of time to sleep while they plan their next tortures, then wake her up with a bucket full of water to the face. She’s barely conscious when they move on to the next set of torments. But the first few whip lashes bring her back to the real world. Once she’s all the way with them again there are a few needs she’ll need to meet.

Hazel Hypnotic trained for 24 hours - part 5

PD wants his cock sucked. The members want to see some more tears. The rest of the crew just wants to make her scream. The stocks they stick her feet in give them a good chance to work her over. It makes for a bit of a rude awakening, but if they were really all that concerned with how she felt they wouldn’t be doing their job.

<img alt="Training of Hazel Hypnotic - Part 6" src="http://www.extremeporn.com/realtimebondage/slave-training-hazel-hypnotic-live/t/hazel-hypnotic-video6.jpg">

When people see pain coming they always brace for it. It helps them absorb the blows a bit. But when they’re completely blind and so many parts of their body are exposed there’s no way to prepare. That’s the situation Hazel Hypnotic finds herself in when PD hooks electrodes to her pussy, ties her toes so that he can cane her feet, and sits her down so her tits are exposed.

The iron case surrounding her skull is like an echo chamber. To those on the outside it muffles her screams a bit, but for her each one rings back into her ears, louder than ever. The darkness, combined with the incredible sound, intensifies the terror of the unknown.

Hazel Hypnotic trained for 24 hours - part 6

It may seem counter-intuitive to deny the pleasure of seeing her reactions and the ability to fuck with her pretty little face. But there’s a method to their madness. When they let some light in she’ll be grateful. It’ll make her think things may get better. And then taking that hope from her will hurt more than any other toy they have handy.

<img alt="Training of Hazel Hypnotic - Part 7" src="http://www.extremeporn.com/realtimebondage/slave-training-hazel-hypnotic-live/t/hazel-hypnotic-video7.jpg">

Hazel Hypnotic isn’t done with her 24 hour live feed but now it’s time to go over some things with her. Her sins are numerous and she’s going to have to answer for them. They have a special guest on hand and he’s going to air his grievances all over her body.

Her cheeks are beet red after the barrage of slaps that he rains down on her. Her face is slick from his spit and her tears. She’s crying as she tries to choke out the words he’s telling her to say, both from the intensity of the humiliation and the pain of her situation. And so far she’s failed to fully satisfy the sadistic site members.

Hazel Hypnotic trained for 24 hours - part 7

Their next demand is probably the most taxing so far, so it’s a good thing they’ve mentally prepared her. She swears she’ll last for this one. When they apply the clamps to her tits she insists she can bear it. When they attach the electrodes to them she doesn’t even hesitate. And when she’s done screaming from the intense electrical shocks she tells them, without a doubt, that she can take even more. That’s when the current switches to her cunt and she regrets opening her mouth.

<img alt="Training of Hazel Hypnotic - Part 8" src="http://www.extremeporn.com/realtimebondage/slave-training-hazel-hypnotic-live/t/hazel-hypnotic-video8.jpg">

Two things about Hazel Hypnotic are wrong at this point. First off, she has a shit-eating grin on her face, like nothing could possibly phase her. Second, she thinks she’s ready for the punishment they’re about to dish out next. That means it’s time for some corrective measures.

Her ass is going to look like raw meat by the time MWB finishes working it over. He has more than enough familiarity with that cane to leave his mark.

Hazel Hypnotic trained for 24 hours - part 8

Outside Elise Graves has another way of leaving an impression. She has a couple of gallons of water that she wants Hazel to hold onto. Every drop she spills she’s going to regret, but it’s so difficult to keep it in when her ass is being reamed with such a vengeance.

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On her fourth day of professional slave training Katharine Cane is made to service a male dominant and gets a brutal ass fucking

<img alt="Sex slave services a male dominant and gets her ass brutally fucked" src="http://www.extremeporn.com/trainingofo/training-sex-slave-katharine-cane/t/sex-slave-video.jpg">

There’s one last detail of Katharine’s slave training that has to be addressed, and that is learning to service a male dominant. So in this The Training of O episode she’s tested on her cock sucking skills and then given ways to improve them. She’s sadistically manhandled and then fucked into submission in the first hour of being on set.

Professional slave training includes servicing a male dominant and getting a brutal ass fucking
(click the images above to see a gallery with 15 larger photos from this episode)

She’s suspended, her legs spread wide, and brutally fucked again before exploring her ass. Her ass is pounded hard and fast before she’s brought down to complete the day by paying off a debt that’s owed to Derrick.

Katharine Cane is made to service a male dominant and gets a brutal ass fucking
(you can click the images above to see this full episode at The Training of O site)

Link to the full episode: Training Katharine Cane – Day 4
  (184 photos, 56 minutes of video with Derrick Pierce, The Pope, Katharine Cane)

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  (340+ Hours of video | 76,065+ Photos | Weekly HD Updates)

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Cici Rhodes enters subspace as she endures brutal agony and humiliation inflicted by a variety of devious bondage devices

<img alt="Brutal agony and humiliation are inflicted by devious bondage devices" src="http://www.extremeporn.com/infernalrestraints/brutally-devious-bondage-devices/t/devious-devices-video.jpg">

Cici Rhodes looks pretty in pigtails but she’s going to look even better in tears. She lets us see her pain proudly in this Infernal Restraints episode. She calls where she goes subspace. It’s where she goes when she suffers. But there’s something else that gets her through it all too. It’s a driving need inside of her to test herself against PD’s darkest desires.

Cici Rhodes enters subspace as she's made to endure brutal agony and humiliation
(click the images above to see a gallery with 16 larger photos from this episode)

Cici knows how brutal PD can be. Just looking around she can see dozens of devious devices. Each one is cleverly designed to inflict its own special type of humiliation or agony. She also knows that if she can steady her nerves enough to suffer through them she’ll get the validation she so badly needs from him.

Cici Rhodes endures brutal agony and humiliation inflicted by devious bondage devices
(you can click the images above to see this full episode at the Infernal Restraints site)

Link to this full episode: “Validation”
  (142 photos and 60 minutes of video with PD and Cici Rhodes)

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  (155+ Hours of Video | 27,660+ Photos | weekly updates)

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Kristina cums over and over in a strict hogtie, tickle tormented, panty crotch rope, rides the sybian, cries from intense pleasure

<img alt="Kristina Rose cumming from strict hogtie, tickle torment, panty crotch rope, sybian" src="http://www.extremeporn.com/hogtied/intense-bondage-orgasms-bring-tears/t/intense-bondage-video.jpg">

Hot tiny Kristina Rose gets placed in tough bondage and squeezed for cum. In scene one of this Hogtied episode, she’s bound with one leg against the beam and the other twisted behind into a hogtie. Her cunt’s tied into a panty crotch rope predicament, leaving her labia exposed for Claire to enjoy.

Kristina cums over and over, and cries from intense pleasure
(click the images above to see a gallery with 15 larger photos from this episode)

In scene two, Kristina’s tied with her knees to a post and arms bound to her waist in a strenuous hogtie. She cums so hard she has tears of pleasure.

Kristina cums in strict hogtie, tickled, crotch rope, and sybian
(click the images above to see a gallery with 15 larger photos from this episode)

In the third scene, she’s suspended in an open-legged ball tie and tickle tormented. A suction tube is added to her clit to make it even more sensitive.

Kristina Rose cries from intense pleasure as she cums over and over
(you can click the images above to see this full episode at the Hogtied site)

In the final position, she’s bound to the beam and gets to joy ride the sybian with her legs spread nice and wide and a zipper to enhance the pain and pleasure.

Strict hogtie, tickle torment, panty crotch rope, and sybian ride makes Kristina Rose cry from intense pleasure
(you can click the images above to see this full episode at the Hogtied site)

Link to the full episode: Kristina Rose – Bound and Squeezed for Cum
  (244 photos and 69 minutes of video with Claire Adams and Kristina Rose)

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  (179,010+ Photos | 525+ Hours of video | HD Updates 2x Week | Live Shows)

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