Slave trainer teaches Ariel X humility with sadistic torture, massive strap on, finishes with fisting and pain management

<img alt="Slave trainer teaches Ariel X humility with sadistic torture" src="">

Bobbi is at The Training of O to teach 010 some humility. 010 is known for being one of the most athletic models at Kink. She’s fit and trained in MMA, so she knows how to defend herself. Bobbi starts by making her stand there and be physically pushed around. Her face shows frustration as she’s shoved and when Bobbi sees this she takes 010 to the ground and climbs on top of her. She then rains down brutal and sadistic punishment. 010 attempts to defend herself, but the point of this is to show submission.

Now suspended in a hogtie, she’s defenseless against Bobbi and her massive strap-on cock. 010 has a high opinion of her ability to suck cock, so Bobbi puts her to the test. It’s quickly apparent that she doesn’t live up to her own opinion. After toying with her for a bit Bobbi fucks her into oblivion, pushing her closer and closer to an exploding orgasm, only to deny her in the end.

Bobbi moves on to test 010′s pain management by abusing her pussy while she’s bound in a pile-driver position. Flogging, slapping, clamps and a cattleprod are used to tenderize her pussy. More foot torment is issued and then Bobbi sadistically tortures her body with the cattleprod until 010 proves her toughness by taking the cattleprod to her pussy. She’s now allowed to cum as much as she wants with Bobbi’s fist inside of her abused pussy.

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Link to the full episode: Lesbian Slave Training Week Continues
  (204 photos and 53 minutes of video with Ariel X and Bobbi Starr)

Link to: free previews of 277+ episodes at ‘The Training of O’
  (313+ Hours of video | 70,000+ Photos | Weekly HD Updates)

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Kinky roommate shows foreign exchange student the American way with spanking, pussy worship and strapon ass fucking

When you come from a foreign country to the USA for college you never know who you’ll end up with as a roommate. This is certainly what Sasha Swift found out when she was paired up with Gia DiMarco in this hot Whipped Ass roleplay episode.

Super sexy Gia seems like any other college student, works hard in her studies so that she can play just as hard in her time off. Unfortunately, Sasha has no idea what kind of “playing” Gia’s actually into.

After coming home late from a night out with her friends, Sasha walks in on Gia wearing her clothes and masturbating to the smell of her panties. Baffled and confused, Sasha tries to figure out why Gia would behave in such an odd way, but her English just isn’t quite good enough to handle this situation.

Sasha’s confusion turns to fear when Gia starts to overcome her and hand-cuffs her wrists and ankles. With lots of spanking, flogging, ass and pussy worship and intense ass fucking Gia shows the naive, sweet Sasha how kinky American girls like to fuck.

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Link to the full episode: “The Roommate”
  (162 photos and 63 minutes of video with Gia DiMarco and Sasha Swift)

Link to: free previews of 600+ updates at Whipped Ass
  (450+ Hours of Video | 127,000+ Photos | Weekly HD Updates | Live Shows)

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Beretta James aggressively skull-fucked in bondage with all her holes violated as she’s fingered and vibed to squirting orgasms

In this amazing and explosive Hogtied update, Matt completely Dominates Beretta and makes her his bitch. No pretenses, the camera opens with Beretta’s mouth wrapped around Matt’s dick, balls deep with her sitting there not moving a muscle. Impressive enough on its own, Matt takes it one step further. He starts skull-fucking her in a hot aggressive owning of her face type way. The saliva runs down her face, all over her body. She takes it willingly. He pushes her further.

“Push yourself. Impress me. Hold it. Keep it down there. Do you want to cum? Impress me. Hold it until you think you’re going to pass out.” Her hands are splayed open. He slaps her face telling her to go faster and take him all the way down. She does. He then clocks her on the back of the head forcing her down into an unbelievable depth on his cock.

Matt binds her ankles to her neck rope and rests her against the wall on her elbows. He flogs her pussy and she whines and whimpers from the pain. He gives no signs of stopping and demands she count them out loud. She squeaks out numbers while trying to catch her breath from the pain administered to her cunt.

Matt wastes no time in getting a squirting orgasm from her. Slipping most of his hand in her pussy, she squirts everywhere. He takes the squirt and flicks it onto her face. Sliding a large cock affixed with a vibrator into her cunt he barely moves it. She wants it bad and slides her body along as much as possible to take it into her cunt. She cums and rocks her body into the vibrator.

Matt wants to see her squirt from banging her ass. He barely starts and she’s in a paradise of pleasure. He adds his fingers into her cunt and finger bangs both of her holes. He doesn’t give up the asshole. He continues to finger her and adds a vibrator. She cums, writhing in pleasure. Enjoying himself, he wants more. Matt picks Beretta up by her neck and ankles and drags her to his desk to get his dick sucked for another hour off-camera.

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Link to the full episode: “No Holes Barred”
  (130 photos and 14 minutes of video with Matt Williams and Beretta James)

Link to: free previews of 950+ Hogtied updates
  (175,500+ Photos | 515+ Hours of video | HD Updates 4x Week | Live Shows)

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Isis Love dominates Midwest MILF Kendra May Lust with machine fucking, pussy fisting, forced orgasms and squirts all over her

After months of professing her desires and internet stalking, Kendra May Lust gets her fantasy granted: to debut in a porn scene with Isis Love. Kendra is in great shape, with “300″ style abs and a compact little body that wiggles with anticipation whenever Isis touches her in this Fucking Machines episode.

This is a moment you’ll never see again. That first time on camera nervousness. The unknown and intimidatingly deep waters of being fucked by high-power machines that are controlled by someone you’ve only fantasized about. Kendra doesn’t even know how amazingly sexy and genuine her reactions are – she has no idea that her first time is harder than most seasoned models experience.

Kendra’s tied spread-eagle with her nipples sucked tight by suction cups that pull milk from her tits. Isis doesn’t miss one beat and rams her fingers into Kendra’s cum-drenched pussy until her entire fist plunges inside. Her cunt is fisted for the first time in her life and Kendra’s orgasms come fast and surprising with her sweet Midwest accent screaming out “oh I’m cummin.”

And Isis never disappoints with her intense squirting orgasms and pure dominant desire to use Kendra in all the ways she wants to be used and all the ways she could never image. You’ll never witness Kendra cum like this again because she knows what to expect now. So this is it, this is the scene to watch.

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Link to the full episode: Internet Crush: a real Midwestern Mama’s First Time
  (108 photos and 47 minutes of video with Isis Love and Kendra May Lust)

Link to: free previews of 845+ episodes at Fucking Machines
  (470+ Hours of Video | 131,760+ Photos | HD Updates 2x a Week | Live Interactive Shows)

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Lifestyle BDSM players celebrate slave’s birthday with bondage, beatings, a collaring, cruel games and uncontrollable orgasms

In the first half of this Upper Floor update slave ash got her birthday beating and new collar. Now she takes over for slave sin and recieves her birthday fucking.

Mark Davis and Isis Love have slave sin laid out like a piece of meat over the fuck table and maneuver Mark’s dick between sin’s ass and slave kaos’ mouth. Once Isis is bored with sin, skin is called over to receive a whipping and the pleasure of being fucked by both dominant guests.

While she may receive more orgasms than she would usually be granted, but it’s Isis who gets the final ride on Mark’s cock while skin is made to watch and lick up the cum.

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Link to this episode: Slave ash gets her birthday fucking while
  BDSM Lifestylers play cruel games
 (100 photos and 40 minutes of video)
  with Isis Love, Mark Davis, Krysta Kaos, Sparky Sin Claire and Skin Diamond

Link to earlier episode: Gorgeous slave ash is given a birthday beating
  while slave sin is used by Isis Love
 (121 photos and 56 minutes of video)

Link to: free previews of 270+ episodes at The Upper Floor

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