Brutal rope bondage and extreme orgasm tease and denial as new slut is tied and tormented, fucked, made to cum uncontrollably

It’s always nice to find a newcomer; one that’s barely been touched and is still eager to please. Freya has been playing with bondage for some time in her personal life, but today at Sadistic Rope she’ll get a dose of some evil shit.

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The Pope interrogates this whore, and jumps right into the mind fucking. After that, the day gets progressively worse for Freya, as she’s put in tight bondage, tormented, and made to cum more times than she can count.

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Link to the full episode: “Newcomer Pays the Price”
  (50 photos and 65 minutes of video with The Pope and Freya French)

This extreme hardcore rope bondage site features the brutality of bondage techniques employed by JohnPaul, aka “The Pope” or JP. He takes Western and classic rope scenarios up a notch, to a barbaric level of pain inducement. This site features the most restraining bondage, hardcore orgasm teasing and denial powerplay with helpless hot babes.

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Alani Pi in challenging devices with hard metal pipe in her cunt, cruel leather hogtie, tight gags, and bizarre metal restraints

<img alt="Bizarre metal restraints, cruel leather hogtie, tight gags, cunt pipe" src="">

Beautiful and nubile Alani Pi is no ordinary girl. She’s unique, stunning…and a bit disconnected. The challenge for Device Bondage was to see where they could take her by alienating her with the bondage, making her submit to metal, and find out what kind of girl she really is.

To begin Alani’s locked into position wearing metal balls on her head and hands. With her arms in strappado and knees to chest, it’s simple bondage. Highly effective and highly immobile. The lack of sight and skewed sound heighten her responses to a state of panic. She tries to maintain composure, but her frailty shines through.

Then in standing position, she’s strapped wide-open to a series of bars that cascade up her body and then finished with leather mitts and elbow bondage. To further restrict her movement an unforgiving posture collar is added and a padded pipe shoved into her cunt. Then with flogger and hot wax they do their best to see exactly how much movement she still has.

To close the scene this tight and bendy girl’s strapped into a hogtie position and pressed to her limits of pain and pleasure. She seems to excel at endurance bondage. But before they’re done the drool runs down her face, her eyes roll back into her head, and her cum is exquisite. There’s no doubt this bitch has had her ass handed to her.

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Link to the full episode: Exposed and Vulnerable
  (148 photos and 44 minutes of video with Claire Adams and Alani Pi)

Link to: free previews of 615+ episodes at Device Bondage
  (367+ Hours of Video | 78,099+ Photos | Updates 2x a week in HD | Live Shows)

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Whipped Ass Girl of the Month in a remake of a 1970s horror movie filled with intense lesbian BDSM and wrist-deep fisting

<img alt="Remake of 70s horror movie with lesbian BDSM and wrist-deep fisting" src="">

This is the first feature episode directed for Whipped Ass by Bobbi Starr. A fan of horror movies from the ’70s, she chose to remake Mario Brava’s cult classic “Lisa and the Devil” for its play on morality and religion. Finding herself in an unfamiliar place, filled with people who seem to know more than she does while debauched lesbian BDSM sex unfolds on around her, Raylene stars in “Raylene and the Devil.”

Though the storyline is essentially the same, Bobbi adds some unexpected twists in addition to the hardcore girl-on-girl fetish fucking the horror fans always hoped to see while keeping faithful to the ’70s look and feel of the original. Or at least, the hardcore girl-on-girl fetish fucking Bobbi always hoped to see.

The cast also includes the best and most literate pussy lickers to be found anywhere, including Lorelei Lee and AVN’s Best Actress Andy San Dimas. Raylene quickly learns that there’s a thin line between eccentric and sinister. As the story and the depraved gash bashing unfolds around her, Raylene’s drawn in and becomes a part of the corruption masterminded by Lorelei while Andy is disturbingly familiar with her.

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Link to the full episode: “Raylene and The Devil”
  (289 photos and 99 minutes of video with Lorelei Lee, Andy San Dimas and Raylene)

Link to: free previews of 615+ updates at Whipped Ass
  (465+ Hours of Video | 130,790+ Photos | Weekly HD Updates | Live Shows)

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Hogtied’s latest victim claims she doesn’t like vaginal or anal stimulation and prefers clitoral but they prove her a lying whore

<img alt="Lying whore claims she doesn't really like vaginal or anal stimulation" src="">

Marie McCray says she can’t get real rope bondage at home, so she’s back to Hogtied for more punishment. She claims she prefers clitoral stimulation over vaginal and anal, but scene by scene they prove her to be a lying whore.

Lie #1: “Dislike vaginal.” Bound in a stressful crouch, Marie gets the fingering of her life. Is that her mouth begging for more, or the loud wet slurps of her vagina? That cute face is annoying them, so they slip pantyhose over it. Flogging and clamps reveal she’s hiding another secret: lactation.

Lie #2: “Prefer clitoral.” Marie immediately regrets mentioning she’s a slave to her clitoris, when they bind her astride a wooden horse. The full weight of her body presses down on her nub of pleasure. They switch to a painful knee stand, but not before exacting their price with flogger and stick clamps.

Lie #3: “Love the Hitachi.” Tied face-down on the floor, Marie gets caned until her pure white skin glows as red as her hair. But it’s the powerful Hitachi Wand that makes her cry “Mercy!” She comes until she’s practically swimming in her own vaginal juices.

Lie #4: “Dislike anal.” Marie is suspended upside-down and takes a metal hook in the ass like only a lying anal slut can. To guarantee her pussy gets no pleasure, they flog it into submission. The final cherry on this redheaded sundae? Mouse traps on the nipples.

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Link to the full episode: “Lying Whore”
  (157 photos and 53 minutes of video with Claire Adams and Marie McCray)

Link to: free previews of 950+ Hogtied updates
  (175,500+ Photos | 515+ Hours of video | HD Updates 4x Week | Live Shows)

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Delusional slut Ash Hollywood escapes from her hospital room, poses as a nurse before being caught, restrained and punished

<img alt="Sexual rehabilitation means hardcore bondage sex for a delusional slut" src="">

Ash Hollywood is a delusional mental patient who escapes from her room and pretends to be a nurse in this Sex & Submission episode. Her freedom doesn’t last very long though. She’s soon captured by the hospital’s orderlies and this time she gets restrained in a padded cell with no hope for escape.

Now that she’s become a helpless captive, Dr. Deen treats her in the most sadistic way. Corporal punishment, bondage and rough sex has Ash begging for forgiveness, all while cuming like the dirty slut she truly is.

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Link to the full episode: Sadistic Therapy for Delusional Patient
  (231 photos and 70 minutes of video with James Deen and Ash Hollywood)

Link to: free previews of 376+ episodes at Sex & Submission
  (317+ Hours of Video | 85,711+ Photos | Updates Every Week in HD)

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