Rain DeGrey bottoms to technical top Sister Dee who enjoys the encouraging grunts and screams that she forces out of Rain

Rain DeGrey is trying to deal with the pain at Infernal Restraints. She keeps clenching her fists looking for something to hold onto. She grunts and screams like a wild animal and Sister Dee takes those sounds as encouragement. Does she moan when the vibrator is on her clit? Does she cry when SD sits on her bound tits? Does she scream more when she’s whipped on her feet or her pussy? Those are the kinds of things that let her know exactly which treatments are going to get the best sounds from Rain.

The metal frame isn’t what holds Rain so tightly. It keeps her arms and legs in place but it’s not what really binds her. The straps around her tits make them swell and turn purple. They’ll leave their own marks, but even those are not the real bondage. When SD straps her upside-down to a bench, the leather may be what keeps her from falling but it’s not what keeps her in her place. The words from SD alone are enough to keep Rain right where she is, submissive and compliant.

Rain DeGrey grunts and screams under technical top Sister Dee
(click the images above to see a gallery with 16 larger photos from part one of this episode)

Link to second gallery: 16 photos from part two of this episode.

Episode links: Sound Effects Part One | Sound Effects Part Two
  (278 photos and 73 minutes of video with Rain DeGrey and Sister Dee)

Link to: free previews of 201+ updates at Infernal Restraints
  (124+ Hours of Video | 22,151+ Photos | weekly updates)

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Lorelei Lee gives Serena Blair perverted sexual therapy with spanking, ass worship, strapon ass-fucking and forced orgasms

Serena Blair has serious fears, including being in confined spaces and loss of control. Fortunately, in this Whipped Ass episode, Lorelei Lee provides a service which helps people face their fears in a very unconventional way, using kinky lesbian sexual roleplay.

Serena takes a pill as ordered before going to sleep and she’s helpless when Lorelei abducts her in the middle of the night. She awakens right into her worst fear, suspension from the ceiling in a tight cage. Lorelei taunts and teases Serena by making her choose to stay in the cage and not get caned or decide to come out and take the brutal caning.

Lorelei Lee dominating and tormenting Serena Blair

    (click the images above to open a gallery with the larger photos from this episode)

Lorelei’s on fire in this episode, ripping orgasms from her plaything’s cunt with fingers and dildos. Serena gets clamped, flogged, spit on, wrapped tightly in plastic wrap, made to lick ass, gagged, spanked and then pounded deep in her ass. Lorelei plays her with expertise and brings out real and true reactions from Serena in this scene.

Direct link to: “Eternal Sunshine of the Perverted Mind”
  (348 photos and 88 minutes of video with Lorelei Lee and Serena Blair)

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  (385+ Hours of Video | 111,520+ Photos | Weekly HD Updates | Live Shows)

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Sexy blonde vs hot 18-year-old rookie, both girls fighting for a spot for the sexual wrestling Summer Vengeance Tournament

The Samurai: Kiki Koi, 5 feet 5 inches, 128 pounds
The Conqueror: Chloe Camilla, 5 feet 6 inches, 122 pounds

Chloe’s trying to get into the Ultimate Surrender Summer Vengeance tournament. She has three single matches under her belt and some tag team experience. A win today would almost guarantee her a spot in the tourney. Kiki is as athletic as they come, with a strong sports background. She’s probably the top rookie of the year for brute strength.

Chloe Camilla vs Kiki Koi in non-scripted sexual wrestling

    (click the images above to open a gallery with the larger photos from this episode)

A win for either girl could get them into the tourney, Chloe has the experience, Kiki the size and strength. One girl is going to win and move on, the other is going to get fucked like a loser whose season is all but over. The preview video and photos give it away, but use the link below to see it all happen.

Direct link to: Sexy Blonde vs Hot 18-yr-old for Spot in Summer Vengeance Tourney   (313 photos and 33 minutes of video with Chloe Camilla and Kiki Koi)

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Click for previews of 450+ matches at Ultimate Surrender
  (98,600 Photos | 325+ Hours of Video | HD Updates 2x Week | Live Tag Teams)

Missed the Rapture? Don’t miss the “Apocalypse” – with Skin Diamond and Asphyxia Noir as sexy machine-fucking Tank Girls

The Apocalypse has come in this Fucking Machines special feature, and this is what happens after the end of the world. Skin Diamond and Asphyxia Noir have hunkered down in the basement of a destroyed sex toy factory, living out their days fucking shit up and fucking the shit out of each other. In their own private world these two sexy Tank Girls find dirty ways to pass the time including fisting, ass fucking, and finding every toy and machine they can.

Skin Diamond and Asphyxia Noir in a Machine-Fucking Apocalypse

    (click the images above to open a gallery with the larger photos from this episode)

Direct link to: The End of the World: Machine-Fucking Apocalypse
  (396 photos and 60 minutes of video with Skin Diamond and Asphyxia Noir)

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  (415+ Hours of Video | 116,000+ Photos | HD Updates 2x a Week | Live Interactive Shows)

Interracial anal threesome with Bobbi Starr and Marie Luv stretching their asses with anal toys before getting ass-fucked

In this Everything Butt episode, Marie and Bobbi mischievously wander into an empty loft bedroom at a house party. Bobbi secretly adds a little extra ingredient into Marie’s cocktail who suddenly feels very relaxed. In no time, Bobbi has Marie naked on the bed with her asshole filled up and stretched with anal toys. As Marie gets completely turned on and orgasmic, Bobbi invites a stranger from the party to come in and fuck both of their asses.

Bobbi Starr and Marie Luv in a kinky interracial anal threesome

    (click the images above to open a gallery with the larger photos from this episode)

Direct link to this episode: “Anal Mischief”  (270 photos and 79 minutes of video)
  with Bobbi Starr, Marie Luv and Anthony Rosano

Click to see previews of all 135+ updates at Everything Butt
  (116+ Hours of Video | 26,090+ Photos | Updated Weekly in HD)

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