Hazel knows bondage is freedom, suffering is soothing, pain is pleasure, but her situation is hillarious enough to make her laugh

This episode marks the beginning of Elise Graves taking over at Top Grl. And the girl she selected as her first victim is Hazel Hypnotic. She knows that Hazel gets it. She likes that Hazel agrees that bondage is hillarious, suffering is soothing, and pain is pleasure. Life is hilarious. Hazel knows and lives by this. She laughs when she’s hurt. She cries when she orgasms. She gets it.

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Elise says Hazel was her first choice because she loves the way she suffers. It’s not a particular action she makes, or the many sounds she sings. It’s her uninhibited ability to see her tied-up self so clearly. When in bondage, Hazel can see her situation for what it is – untainted by any filter. Whether she yelps or growls, Hazel means what she says when she’s suffering, there’s no pretense about her.

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When Hazel reaches the “oh shit” zone, she transitions from squeals to knowing laughter. It’s then that she realizes her situation is fucked up. She gets the humor. The pure ridiculousness of this picture becomes clear to her: A girl in bondage hanging by her ankles with a taped up face and exposed ass and breasts. She is fucked. And she knows it. And she loves it.

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Link to the full episode: “I Choose You”
  (84 photos and 44 minutes of video with Elise Graves and Hazel Hypnotic)

Top Grl is now helmed by the seriously sadistic Elise Graves. You can see her torturing sexy submissives in new episodes, plus there’s an archive with two prior years of hardcore bdsm, lesbian Femdomme and dark lesbian fetish sex. This chronicles Sister Dee’s apprenticeship to becoming a highly-skilled “technical top” under the guidance of bondage legend PD.

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Amy Brooke and Alysa fist each other’s ass, gape, squirt, take a King Kong dick and FIVE machine-driven dicks in the ass at once

This episode of Fucking Machines features two incredibly anal girls, Amy Brooke and Alysa, in a scene that almost certainly exceeds any hot and horny fantasy your twisted mind has ever dreamed up about ass fucking or machine sex fetishes.

(click the images above to see the larger photos)

These two girls don’t warm up to fisting each other’s asses, they fucking start with doing it. And things just escalate from there with Amy and Alysa taking what they call the King Kong dick in their asses. If you don’t know why they call it that just look at the photos and watch the video to see that huge mother fucker invade their buttholes.

(click the images above to see the larger photos)

But that’s still just the warm up for the main event. For now it’s time to attach five, that’s right, FIVE big rubber dicks to the Fucksall machine. Why you might ask? Well it’s so each of these kinky young girls can take all five of those dicks in her ass at the same fucking time.

(click the images above to see the larger photos)

We all know about double-penetration, and getting spit-roasted and about being made air-tight. And you’ve probably seen some porn with a girl taking two or maybe even three cocks in her ass at once. But this is so far past that. It’s not even just quad-anal. This is crazy fucking cinco-anal fucking from a powerful machine. Don’t miss it. This is one you can tell the grandkids about.

(click the images above to see the larger photos)

Link to the full episode: Anal Super Powers: Demi Goddesses
  (112 photos and 28 minutes of video with Amy Brooke and Alysa)

Click here to see the Fucking Machines website.
Members get full access to over 978 Fucking Machines episodes featuring 557+ hours of video and more than 155,133 photos. Four new episodes shot in HD are added each week, and there’s a Live Show every week that’s free for members too. Click to become a member of Fucking Machines now.

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Elise wants to possess and inflict pain on Colette and Colette’s mind is so clouded with lust that she’ll submit to every command

Colette Rouge and Elise Graves met at a party. Elise saw her playing in her lingerie and immediately knew that she had to have her. It’s easy to see why. Colette has nice tits, with the kind of perky little nipples that stand out ready to be clamped. She has a round ass that is firm so you know that it’s going to show the marks when you start in with the kind of corporal punishment that Elise loves to inflict. And most importantly, the way Colette moves sends a very clear message, that she is strong, flexible, and knows how to handle strenuous rope bondage.

(click the images above to see the larger photos)

Elise works with the perfect mixture of rough handling and tenderness in this Hard Tied episode. She pulls Colette in and uses the rope to pose her how she wants, binds her there tightly, then gently caresses her body, feeling the way that the different positions change the curves of her body. When Elise gives Colette’s hair a tug her eyes roll back into her head like it is pure bliss.

(click the images above to see the larger photos)

When she starts to move her hands between Colette’s thighs, that’s when the transformation is complete. She’s no longer the sweet thing that sat in the interview chair, or even the sexy temptress Elise met at the party. Once she feels Elise’s fingers working her pussy she is just putty in her hands, a whimpering mass of horny flesh, begging to get off. And as cruel as Elise may be, she has never been one to hold out on a girl who is willing to do anything for an orgasm. She’ll make her work for it, but in the end that just makes it a more intense, explosive, and erotic experience for Colette.

(click the images above to see the larger photos)

Link to the full episode: “Tell Me What To Do”
  (310 photos and 51 minutes of video with Elise Graves and Colette Rouge)

Click here to visit the Hard Tied website.
Members get full access to over 383 episodes featuring 242+ hours of video and more than 41,200 photos. New episodes shot in HD are added to the members area each week. (click to become a Hard Tied member now)

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Felony ends her series at Electro Sluts in an intense rope bound session where she submits to Bobbi’s acrylic plug and cattle prod

Like all good things, Felony’s series is about to end. But her fourth strike for Electro Sluts is quite possibly one of her most intense appearances, which is saying a lot considering how intense her scenes usually are.

(you can click each of the images above to see a larger photo from this episode)

Bobbi rigs her in a very uncomfortable position, with one leg in the air and an acrylic plug securely tied into her pussy. It electrifies her pussy and makes her hop on one foot as the pleasure and pain of the involuntary pussy contractions washes over her.

(you can click each of the images above to see a larger photo from this episode)

That would be enough to make most subs wince, but since this is Felony’s last time in her dungeon for awhile, Bobbi also breaks out the cattle prod, and just the sight of it makes Felony’s eyes go wide.

(you can click each of the images above to see a larger photo from this episode)

You’ll have to watch to see what her reaction is to the sound. With shocks to the leg, shocks to her ass and to the rest of her body Bobbi makes Felony dance, despite having only one foot on the ground.

(you can click each of the images above to see a larger photo from this episode)

Link to this full episode: “Electro-sex and the Cattle Prod”
  (215 photos and 22 minutes of video with Bobbi Starr and Felony)

Click here to see the Electro Sluts website.
Members can watch over 302 episodes featuring 190+ hours of video and more than 42,973 photos. New HD episodes are added every week, there are monthly special features, and two live shows each month. Members also have full access to 11 years of archived photos and videos from Wired Pussy episodes. (click to become a member of Electro Sluts now)

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Gia DiMarco enters week-long professional slave training program

In this excellent episode from The Training of O, we’re invited to join the very sexy Gia DiMarco in her first day of professional slave training. Maestro is handling her introductory sessions, and he has the assistance from the lovely, well-trained slave, Cherry Torn, who he keeps in a small cage and orders to masturbate with a big dildo until he needs her.

Gia’s training begins with her being questioned about wanting to be a better slave slut while she’s balancing on a small concrete block in her high-heel shoes. To add a further degree of difficulty, she also has to balance a metal serving tray in each hand while those trays are heaped with big heavy chains and her clothing is being cut from her hot fucking body. Plus she’s being struck with a rattan cane until she finally isn’t strong enough to hold the trays and drops some of the chains on the floor.

The Training of Gia DiMarco, Day One

This leads to her being locked into those chains, having butterfly clamps placed on her hard nipples, and still having to balance on that block in high-heels while Maestro whips her with a single-tail. He also give her ass a hand spanking and whips her breasts after removing the clamps (the pain increases when they’re removed you know).

Then it’s time to bring Cherry into the session. She looks sexy as hell in nothing but high-heels, thigh-high stockings, an iron collar and nipple clamps. Gia has a dildo gag strapped to her face and is whipped on her ass while being made to crawl on her knees over to Cherry and fuck her with the dildo gag until Cherry cums, all while still having her ass whipped. Before her day is over, Gia also is restrained while a fucking machine goes to work on her pussy. She’s ordered to control her own orgasm and has to lick Cherry’s pretty pussy while getting her breasts and inner thighs whacked by the crop-wielding Cherry.

To see more details you can check out the larger Slave Training photos linked to the images above, and you can watch these Slave in Training video clips for a preview of the nice long video from this episode. Then for access to the entire training session you can use the link below. There are more training days ahead for Gia, of course, and you can be sure not to miss any of them if you’re a member of the Training of O site.

Direct link to: The Training of Gia DiMarco, Day One
(231 photos and 75 minutes of video)

all 185+ updates at The Training of O | all Training of O posts on this blog

(Note: You can get your own dildo gags here and look here for a selection of whips)

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