Muscled black woman kicks this little white girl’s ass, then fucks it, in this hot interracial battle for fucking rights

In this Ultimate Surrender match, Amber “Rogue” Rayne was back after leading her Tag Team to 3rd place in the 2008 season. She was eager to get back into the single match style and looked forward to the tournament, but first she had to get past Yana “The Wildcat” Jordan. Many thought that Yana was underrated. Others thought she was better then what we’d seen so far. This match was the one that told us what we needed to know about Yana. With Amber giving up 27 lbs to a muscular Wildcat, will her experience be enough to stop an ass-fucking in round four?

Muscled black woman kicks little white girl's ass, then fucks it
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Amber puts up a good fight, but brutal leg scissors sap the strength from her as Yana takes what she wants from her smaller opponent. See more of this great battle in these larger Girl Fight photos and use the links below to get access to the entire match and all the other girls-on-girls fighting for fucking rights.

Link to this match: “Rogue” vs “The Wildcat”
  (189 photos and 47 minutes of video with Amber Rayne and Yana Jordan)

Link to: free previews of 486+ matches at Ultimate Surrender
  (109,091 Photos | 352+ Hours of Video | HD Updates 2x Week | Live Tag Teams)

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Deliciously flexible Lindsey Grant metal-bound in a severe back-bend that spreads and exposes her for orgasmic torments

In this episode from Device Bondage, the deliciously flexible Lindsey Grant is back. And this time she gets her strong, natural body bent into a very severe back bend, thrusting her tits into the air. The position also spreads her legs at the knees and makes her hot cunt completely vulnerable.

The session begins with a little pussy spanking and breathplay to warm her up, then they move on to the flogger and manhandling those big, natural tits. There’s also some nice use of the cane in this episode. First on her thighs so she can feels its sting, and then the tip of the cane is pressed down into her pink nipples and twisted hard. Hands, fingers and a powerful vibrating wand are used to push Lindsey over the edge and she cums hard while her big breasts swirl around during her orgasms.

Deliciously flexible Lindsey Grant metal-bound in severe back-bend for severe orgasms

You can watch Lindsey tormented and forced to orgasms in the trailer video, and see more details in the gallery of larger Severe Bondage photos linked to the images above. And you can use the links below to check out previews of all 560+ episodes with more than 330 hours of video and over 70,000 photos.

Link to this full episode: “Altered State”
  (111 photos and 21 minutes of video with Lindsey Grant)

Link to: free previews of 564+ updates at Device Bondage
  (337+ Hours of Video | 71,623+ Photos | Updates 2x a week in HD | Live Shows)

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Sister Dee knows Cherry Torn wants to feel pain, humiliation and shame, and needs to be used and discarded to be satisfied

Cherry Torn just wants to feel it. The beatings, the humiliation, the shame, the orgasms. All of it. She needs the pain. It makes her body feel like she’s floating through the world. She craves the kind of bondage that leaves her exposed and strips her of control.

Cherry Torn topped by Sister Dee

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Cherry wants to be used and discarded. The only way she can feel satisfied is by satisfying others. And when she has had it all, and it has stirred her lust, she waits and hopes for a release.

Sister Dee punishing Cherry Torn

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Link to this full episode: “Whore Bound” – Part Two
  (113 photos and 33 minutes of video with Cherry Torn and Sister Dee)

Top Grl is a website focused on the experiences and training of Sister Dee, also known as SD. InSex and bondage legend PD took on SD as his apprentice, and the site chronicles her journey to becoming a highly-skilled “technical top” under his guidance. Documenting over two years of her training, Top Grl has an excellent archive of hardcore bdsm, lesbian femdomme and dark lesbian fetish sex.

Click here to check out the Top Grl website.
Members get full access to over 90 episodes featuring hundreds hours of video and thousands of photos. (click to become a member of Top Grl now)

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pink-haired beauty gets tied, fucked with a dildo and dunked

You might say Cherry Torn is red hot, but, with her hair, maybe hot pink is better. Anyway, she’s definitely amazing in this session. She’s sexy, very, very tough and took all the punishment that the Water Bondage team put her through. And they put her through a lot, starting with throwing a key in the big water tank and then throwing her in the tank after it, dressed in latex and chained and shackled.

pink haired beauty gets tied, fucked with a dildo and dunked in water tank

Then comes a difficult bent-over bondage with impact play, followed by a very tough kneeling position bondage, plus big rubber bands on her nice natural breasts, a harshly tight crotch rope, and plenty of abuse to go along with it. Then in scene four there’s a nice twist on a plastic bag scenario that turns out very hot.

This shoot has some of the most brutal bound orgasms you’ll ever see. A great body in stringent bondage being forced to cum hard over and over again. You can click the photos shown here to open a gallery of Water Bondage Photos from this session, and you can click the video to watch a two-minute preview right here on the page. Then check out another trailer video on the update page, where you can get access to all 288 photos and 48 minutes of video of Cherry Torn bound, water tortured, dildo fucked and forced to cum.

all Water Bondage updates | all Water Bondage posts on Extreme Porn

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Slavegirl Alexxa Bound is restrained with infernal devices and has demeaning words written on her face and body to humiliate her

There’s not a lot in this world that’s more humiliating than being written on. When PD takes his markers to Alexxa Bound in this Infernal Restraints episode he wants everyone who sees her to know what kind of girl she really is.

(click the images above to see the larger photos)

She’s a dirty cunt, a worthless whore, a fat ass with pig tits and a mouth just for fucking. Every one of her features is called out by the remarks scrawled across her and none of them are complimentary. She knew these things already. PD obviously knew them, too. But now it’s all scrawled across her for the world to see.

(click the images above to see the larger photos)

And now Alexxa realizes that just knowing that these words are written on her, and that they’re broadcasting her shame for anyone and everyone in the world to see, is a new low, even for her. After that sinks in the physical pain from the mousetraps, the cane and the whip is almost inconsequential.

(click the images above to see the larger photos)

Link to the full episode: “The Writing On Alexxa”
  (138 photos and 53 minutes of video with PD and Alexxa Bound)

Click here to see the Infernal Restraints website.
Members get full access to over 329 past episodes featuring 205+ hours of video and more than 36,300 photos. New episodes are shot in HD and added to the members area each week. (click to become a member of Infernal Restraints now)

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