Bronte is punched, pounded and pulverized by Claire Adams to prepare her for the hard strapon fucking Claire will give her

<img alt="Bronte punched, pounded, pulverized and strapon fucked by Claire Adams" src="">

The only thing Bronte loves more than a bit of cock is a lot of pain. Claire Adams handles her like a piece of meat in this Hard Tied episode and that’s just fine as far as she’s concerned. In fact that’s what she really craves anyway. Being punched, pounded and pulverized is exactly what Bronte wants. She wants it because that’s what makes Bronte hot.

Bronte tormented and fucked by Claire Adams at Hard Tied
(click the images above to see a gallery with 16 larger photos from this episode)

Claire just wants to make sure Bronte’s wet enough to take every inch of the strap-on she intends to fuck her with. If she gets to beat her and use this fine piece of ass as a punching bag then she’ll just consider that a bonus.

Claire Adams strips, ties, beats and strapon fucks Bronte
(you can click the images above to see this full episode at the Hard Tied site)

Link to the full episode: Bronte Is Getting Pulverized
  (126 photos and 56 minutes of video with Bronte and Claire Adams)

Link to: free previews of 295+ episodes at Hard Tied
  (185+ Hours of Video | 31,813+ Photos | Weekly HD Updates)

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Three sexy French prostitutes gang up on Tommy the trick, dominate him, bend him over and fuck him deep in the ass

<img alt="Three French Whores Dominate and Buttfuck Tommy The Trick" src="">

In this episode of Divine Bitches, Tommy visits his three favorite whores at the local brothel. But this time the prostitutes (Hollie Stevens, Dana DeArmond, and Seda) have something else in mind for Tommy the trick. These blazing hot hoes are going to turn the tables on Tommy and make him their little bitch for the day.

Trio of hot whores turn the tables and buttfuck their trick
(click the images above to see a gallery with larger photos from this episode)

Tommy’s flogged, caned, smothered and made to worship ass. CBT is administered in the form of hot wax and ice cubes. The ladies perform a train on his ass and make him worship their feet and suck their strapon cocks like a good little whore. The end of his visit is much like any other day but instead of him using their pussies for his pleasure the ladies tie him down, climb on top of him and use every inch of his body for their own pleasure. They extract his sperm from his cock and continue to painfully milk it afterwards.

Hot French whores turn the tables, dominate and buttfuck their trick
(you can click the images above to see this full episode at the Divine Bitches site)

This episode includes an hour of spanking, bondage, CBT, CFNM, foot worship, ass worship, objectification, strap-on ass fucking, painful stroking, humiliation and more. I think it’s safe to say Tommy knows who the true whore is after today, as you can see for yourself in the video clip and in the gallery of larger FemDomme/malesub photos.

Link to episode: Three French Whores Dominate and Buttfuck Their Trick
  (300 photos, 59 minutes of video with Hollie Stevens, Dana DeArmond, Seda)

At Divine Bitches, submissive male slaves submit to female domination at the hands of legendary domme Maitresse Madeline and her coven of skilled dominatrixes. This is the finest FemDomme site on the web, and all members of Divine Bitches have full access to the huge Men In Pain archive. (membership details)

Link to: free previews of 552+ episodes at Divine Bitches | Men in Pain
  (358+ hours of video | 105,438+ photos | Weekly Updates in HD)

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Slavegirl gets punished for ‘Behavior Unbecoming a Lady’ and House slave Cherry Torn learns to talk dirty while sucking cock

<img alt="Punishment, dirty talk and cock sucking" src="">

If you’re interested in how a real-life 24/7 BDSM Household operates, then The Upper Floor is the only place to see this on the Net. In this episode, Holly Heart has been a less-than-perfect slavegirl who was observed not demonstrating her very best during a recent live performance. So now it’s time for Holly to be disciplined and receive her punishments for her transgressions.

This nearly hour-long scene begins with Cherry Torn being trained to talk dirty while sucking cock and tormenting her own nipples with butterfly clamps attached by chains which she must tug on repeatedly. She’s also ordered to masturbate while taking a load of cum in her mouth.

Slave girl Holly Heart is disciplined for goofing off during her live shoots, and House slave Cherry Torn is trained to talk dirty
(click the images above to see a gallery with 15 larger photos from this episode)

Holly is then made to made to watch the video of her unsatisfactory live performance while kneeling on a hard wooden table and being questioned and admonished by a dozen or so guests. She has to lick milk from a bowl while being spanked, and gets her mouth fucked by a big rubber cock.

Next she’s harshly caned to tears in a standing and bent over at the waist position. Holly also receives lots of man(and woman)-handling, pinching and probing from the various guests, gets her nipples tightly clamped, her face slapped, and has to deeply swallow real cock before getting her face covered in cum which she’s ordered to show to everyone.

Slavegirl Holly Heart is punished for 'Behavior Unbecoming a Lady'
(you can click the images above to see this full episode at The Upper Floor site)

This is definitely a hot scene, as you can tell by the fact that just about everyone in attendance is fucking someone by the time the scene comes to an end. See more details in the gallery of larger Lifestyle BDSM photos linked to the images above, and watch the video clip for a sample of what happens to Holly and Cherry in this episode.

Link to the full episode: “Behavior Unbecoming a Lady”
  (88 photos and 52 minutes of video with Holly Heart and Cherry Torn)

There are multiple live shows each week streamed from The Upper Floor to members, and highlights from each show are also posted 3x a week so members can watch and/or download them. This is real Lifestyle 24/7 BDSM, a world of pain and pleasure being created live from the realtime feedback of members during the interactive shows and events streamed to them. (membership details)

Link to: free previews of 315+ episodes at The Upper Floor
  (Multiple Live Shows Weekly and Downloadable Updates with HD videos and photos)

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Francesca Le dominates, humiliates, punishes, strap-on ass fucks Roxy Raye and Amy Brooke in extreme lesbian anal fetish sex

<img alt="Extreme lesbian anal fetishes, domination, humiliation, strap-on sex" src="">

The powerhouse team of Roxy Raye and Amy Brooke give us some of the most unbelievable and exciting ass play to date. Francesca Le stuffs their asses with some of the largest and strangest objects we’ve seen. In this Everything Butt episode, two sexy and curious house cleaners get caught on surveillance camera and are punished with spankings, humiliating object insertions and stretched to the max with anal fisting and giant toys.

Francesca Le dominates, humiliates, punishes, strap-on ass fucks Roxy Raye and Amy Brooke
(click the images above to see a gallery with 15 larger photos from this episode)

But is that all you say? No way. They’re also fucked with a monster strap-on while giving an enema. There is double anal fisting, gaping, rosebuds, prolapsing, ass licking, enemas, you name it, it’s all here!

Francesca Le dominates Roxy Raye and Amy Brooke in an extreme lesbian anal fetish scene
(you can click the images above to see this full episode at the Everything Butt site)

Link to the full episode: Amazing Anal: Extreme Ass Fetish
  (244 photos and 73 minutes of video with Amy Brooke, Roxy Raye and Francesca Le)

Link to: free previews of 214+ episodes at Everything Butt
  (184+ Hours of Video | 41,357+ Photos | Updated Weekly in HD)

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Realtime Bondage continues their live 24-hour training session with Hazel Hypnotic and things go from bad to worse for her

<img alt="Training of Hazel Hypnotic - Part 5" src="">

Everyone needs rest. It’s hard for Hazel Hypnotic to keep going when the Realtime Bondage crew is so persistent in wearing her out. They give her a bit of time to sleep while they plan their next tortures, then wake her up with a bucket full of water to the face. She’s barely conscious when they move on to the next set of torments. But the first few whip lashes bring her back to the real world. Once she’s all the way with them again there are a few needs she’ll need to meet.

Hazel Hypnotic trained for 24 hours - part 5

PD wants his cock sucked. The members want to see some more tears. The rest of the crew just wants to make her scream. The stocks they stick her feet in give them a good chance to work her over. It makes for a bit of a rude awakening, but if they were really all that concerned with how she felt they wouldn’t be doing their job.

<img alt="Training of Hazel Hypnotic - Part 6" src="">

When people see pain coming they always brace for it. It helps them absorb the blows a bit. But when they’re completely blind and so many parts of their body are exposed there’s no way to prepare. That’s the situation Hazel Hypnotic finds herself in when PD hooks electrodes to her pussy, ties her toes so that he can cane her feet, and sits her down so her tits are exposed.

The iron case surrounding her skull is like an echo chamber. To those on the outside it muffles her screams a bit, but for her each one rings back into her ears, louder than ever. The darkness, combined with the incredible sound, intensifies the terror of the unknown.

Hazel Hypnotic trained for 24 hours - part 6

It may seem counter-intuitive to deny the pleasure of seeing her reactions and the ability to fuck with her pretty little face. But there’s a method to their madness. When they let some light in she’ll be grateful. It’ll make her think things may get better. And then taking that hope from her will hurt more than any other toy they have handy.

<img alt="Training of Hazel Hypnotic - Part 7" src="">

Hazel Hypnotic isn’t done with her 24 hour live feed but now it’s time to go over some things with her. Her sins are numerous and she’s going to have to answer for them. They have a special guest on hand and he’s going to air his grievances all over her body.

Her cheeks are beet red after the barrage of slaps that he rains down on her. Her face is slick from his spit and her tears. She’s crying as she tries to choke out the words he’s telling her to say, both from the intensity of the humiliation and the pain of her situation. And so far she’s failed to fully satisfy the sadistic site members.

Hazel Hypnotic trained for 24 hours - part 7

Their next demand is probably the most taxing so far, so it’s a good thing they’ve mentally prepared her. She swears she’ll last for this one. When they apply the clamps to her tits she insists she can bear it. When they attach the electrodes to them she doesn’t even hesitate. And when she’s done screaming from the intense electrical shocks she tells them, without a doubt, that she can take even more. That’s when the current switches to her cunt and she regrets opening her mouth.

<img alt="Training of Hazel Hypnotic - Part 8" src="">

Two things about Hazel Hypnotic are wrong at this point. First off, she has a shit-eating grin on her face, like nothing could possibly phase her. Second, she thinks she’s ready for the punishment they’re about to dish out next. That means it’s time for some corrective measures.

Her ass is going to look like raw meat by the time MWB finishes working it over. He has more than enough familiarity with that cane to leave his mark.

Hazel Hypnotic trained for 24 hours - part 8

Outside Elise Graves has another way of leaving an impression. She has a couple of gallons of water that she wants Hazel to hold onto. Every drop she spills she’s going to regret, but it’s so difficult to keep it in when her ass is being reamed with such a vengeance.

Link to: our earlier post about the start of this Live 24-Hour Training Session

Link to: free previews of more episodes at Realtime Bondage

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