College admissions officer blackmails sexy young prospective student into letting him restrain her, punish her, make her cum

Ella Nova has a fantasy that she wants Infernal Restraints to fulfill. She wants to feel exploited. She wants to have an experience where someone controls her fate and makes her do something that she doesn’t want to do. Or rather, something that she knows she wants but knows she shouldn’t do. She showed up wearing a short schoolgirl skirt and knee-high stockings. They took it from there.

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Ella has a boyfriend, but she also has a secret. She’s been cheating on him for a while and it came up during a background check. She wants to attend the university, but since admissions officer OT has this sweet bit of leverage against her, it’s not going to be as simple as she’d hoped. With incriminating photographs and her academic future resting in his control, OT has everything he needs to get her to agree to his dirty deal.

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It’s a simple trade. In fact, it’s really in Ella’s favor. She offers up her body, a worthless piece of meat belonging to a useless slut, and OT gives her a future in his school and keeps her secret safe. He shackles her down and bends her over and discovers that she isn’t even wearing panties. If she didn’t have a ball gag in her mouth she might be able to explain. He doesn’t care. She’s going to get spanked until her ass cheeks are bright pink. Hot wax across her tits will make the front of her match the back.

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She won’t be able to sit for days so it’s a good thing Ella is used to spending a lot of time on her back and knees. It isn’t just his bare hand that leaves marks on her ass. He canes her and paddles her to tears, leaving huge bruises across her back side. But true to her word, Ella complies. She begs to go home but she never resists. And when a metal dildo is pushed inside of her, when the celebrator starts vibrating across her clit, suddenly it becomes clear why. Her pussy is dripping wet and she cums in a matter of seconds. Ella may be crying but she’s loving every second of the humiliation.

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Link to the full episode: “Application Denied”
  (140 photos and 54 minutes of video with OT and Ella Nova)

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Members get full access to over 354 past episodes featuring 221+ hours of video and more than 39,058 photos. New episodes are shot in HD and added to the members area each week. (click to become a member of Infernal Restraints now)

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Farewell scene for Parker London means Phoenix Marie destroys the hard-body slaveboy with her sadistic mind and perfect body

<img alt="FemDomme destroys slaveboy with her sadistic mind and her perfect body" src="">

It’s not often that a slave like Parker London walks through the door at Divine Bitches. There is no denying that he’s a beautiful piece of man meat that all the Bitches (even Madeline) had to take for a ride. They passed this hot piece of guy flesh around and used him only for their pleasure. But now Parker has decided to move on from his pornographic roots and retire from porn.

To commemorate his exit they welcome world-famous ass queen Phoenix Fucking Marie to do the honors. Phoenix is steamy sex on two legs and was just made for whipping men into shape then destroying them with her perfect ass. Parker and Phoenix steam up the screen making their connection undeniable.

She teases him with her sexy assets, OTK spanks his ass, smothers him, demands ass licking, pegs his ass like only Phoenix Marie can, then takes one final ride on his cock for her pleasure. Parker’s last day wouldn’t be whole unless they edged him to orgasm until his dick can’t help but explode under Phoenix’s skilled fingers and he has one final meal of filth served up by a Goddess.

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Link to the full episode: Goodbye Parker London: A Divine Farewell
  (175 photos and 80 minutes of video with Phoenix Marie and Parker London)

Link to: free previews of 518+ episodes at Divine Bitches | Men in Pain
  (336+ hours of video | 98,944+ photos | Weekly Updates in HD)

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Penny Pax is tightly bound and degraded in a public scene that features humiliation, fisting both holes, squirting and ass fucking

<img alt="Tightly bound, humiliated, fisted both holes, ass fucked and squirting" src="">

Penny Pax has long dreamed of being tied up and disgraced in public. Tonight is her big night. Public Disgrace binds her hands behind her back and attaches the rope to her tightly-bound breasts. Then they put a sign on her declaring that she’s a worthless cunt for the world to see.

As the night progresses she’s fingered by strangers, ass fucked, fisted in her pussy and her ass for the first time, made to squirt more times than she knew was possible, and used as a mop to clean the bar floor. Penny’s dreams finally come true and the reality is better than she ever dreamed.

(you can click each of the images above to see the larger photos from this episode)

Link to the full episode: Tiny Blonde Tied Up and Ass Fucked in Public
  (473 photos and 70 minutes of video with Ramon Nomar and Penny Pax)

Link to: free previews of 186+ Public Disgrace updates
  (202+ hours of video | 59,165+ photos | Updates every week in HD)

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Bobbi Starr cuckolds husband with ex-boyfriend and Lorelei Lee, making her husband clean her cum-covered feet with his mouth

<img alt="Bobbi Starr cuckolds her husband with her ex-boyfriend and Lorelei Lee" src="">

Bobbi Starr and Lorelei Lee have been reminiscing about the good old days in this Divine Bitches episode. Remembering the men they were with who were well-hung and great in bed. So when Lorelei unexpectedly runs into Bobbi’s old boyfriend, Rod, she cooks up a devious plan to keep Bobbi’s husband away while Bobbi takes a ride on Rod’s enormous cock.

Sebastian eventually comes home to find his wife in bed with another man. And he’s made to watch the entire filthy act. Sebastian loves his wife and Bobbi loves him. However, a woman needs to get off, even if that sometimes means by the cock of another man.

Lorelei joins in on the fun, handcuffing Sebastian to the bed, whipping and torturing his ass and balls while his wife is on the ride of her life. He’s bent over the bed and butt-fucked while Bobbi instructs him to prepare her stud with his mouth for her.

Bobbi takes her stallion for one last ride and makes her husband suck and clean her feet while she bounces up and down on Rod’s cock to multiple orgasms. He’s even made to lick her pussy while Rod is inside her. Finally, Lorelei jerks Rod off on to Bobbi’s feet and Sebastian is made into a sponge, cleaning up every drop of another man’s cum from his wife’s feet.

(you can click each of the images above to see the larger photos from this episode)

Link to the full episode: “Cuckold Surprise”  (148 photos and 46 minutes of video)
  with Bobbi Starr, Lorelei Lee, Rod Spunkel and Sebastian Keys

Link to: free previews of 518+ episodes at Divine Bitches | Men in Pain
  (336+ hours of video | 98,944+ photos | Weekly Updates in HD)

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Two rookies battle in the only non-scripted, lesbian wrestling league, ending with hard, fast fucking and dirty talk in round 4

<img alt="non-scripted lesbian wrestling match" src="">

The Lightning Bolt: Yasmine Loven, 5 feet 2 inches, 130 pounds
The Animal: Charisma Cappelli, 5 feet 5 inches, 120 pounds

Watch these two rookies get down and dirty on the mat. Yasmine’s already established herself as a scrappy little fighter in her first Ultimate Surrender match ever against veteran Darling who taught her a thing or two.

In today’s match Yasmine’s bolder, stronger and has developed an excellent smothering move. Her strategy is to stay on top and use her juicy tits and ass to overpower her opponent. Charisma doesn’t give it away easily though, this is her fourth match and she definitely has some moves of her own.

Yasmine is a bit of a bully and gets in a lot of finger fucking on the mat. In round four expect some hard, fast fucking with plenty of dirty talk. The winner shows no mercy in the only non-scripted, lesbian wrestling league on the net.

(you can click each of the images above to see the larger photos from this episode)

Link to the full match: Two Rookies Battle for a Win
  (235 photos / 50 minutes of video with Isis Love, Charisma Cappelli, Yasmine Loven)

Link to: free previews of 541+ matches at Ultimate Surrender
  (121,437 Photos | 392+ Hours of Video | HD Updates 2x Week | Live Tag Teams)

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