Mei Mara is bound with leather and metal, gagged, slapped, tormented with zipper strings and savagely strapon fucked

In this Realtime Bondage episode the scene opens with Mei Mara inverted and covered in zipper strings of closely-spaced clothespins. The frame to which she’s bound keeps her legs spread and her back arched. And it rotates in a way the provides perfectly helpless positions for the members and crew to torment her.

Claire Adams comes in with a strap-on and begins to take Mei as savagely as possible. Even through the gag her screams are clearly audible. After a good pounding she’s ready to be used as a punching bag. Il Re and Damon Pierce stand her up to get a better shot at her. She’s going to be one bruised bitch when they’re through with her.

(you can click each of the images above to see the larger photos from this episode)

Link to the full episode: “Mei I Please You?” – Part Three
  with Mei Mara and the Intersec Crew

Link to: free previews of more updates at Realtime Bondage

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Hot MILF Gia DiMarco is bound to the floor, and pounded in the ass by a powerful machine until she cums in a brutal DP fucking

This episode of Device Bondage features the return of Gia DiMarco, a hot and tiny little MILF with a tight body and an amazing ass. And this time the DB crew intends to make sure that ass gets a good fucking too.

The metal bondage configuration pins Gia to the floor, face down and legs spread apart. Her pigtails are tied to the bondage posts holding her legs open, so she’s kept in an arched back position. Her warmup is a bit of ass flogging, having her legs struck with a cane and some bastinado on her little feet. Then it’s time to move the Omega fucking machine into place, so it can pummel her tight ass with its hard rubber cock.

But why stop at fucking just one hole? Gia’s sweet little shaved pussy is too pretty and too wet to ignore, so first they shove a big dildo up her cunt and put a strong vibrator on her swollen clit. Then the Omega begins to pound Gia’s ass while she’s forced to cum again and again.

Hot MILF Gia DiMarco is bound down to the floor, and fucked in the ass with a machine until she cums in a brutal DP
    (click the images above to open a gallery with the larger photos from this episode)

If you love it when girls are made to cum against their will while being ass fucked to death in a brutal double-penetration, this is an episode you’ll want to see. Watch the video clip for a preview of the torments Gia endures, and check out the larger Bondage Sex photos in the gallery linked to the images above.

Direct link to full episode: Machine Fucked and Double Penetrated to Multiple Brutal Orgasms (146 photos and 20 minutes of video with Gia DiMarco)

This is the latest high-definition episode to be added to the huge archive at Device Bondage, which now has over 535 episodes with 320+ hours of video and more than 67,000 photos for members to enjoy between the two new episodes added each week and the live shows each month. If you don’t already have a membership to this site you’re missing out on some of the best high-quality content anywhere online, and considering the amount of content in the members area, this is one of the best values online too. (membership details)

New window with: free previews of 535+ updates at Device Bondage
  (320+ Hours of Video | 67,940+ Photos | Updates 2x a week in HD | Live Shows)

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Busty Beverly Hills’ dark fantasy becomes reality as she’s held a helpless captive and experimented on by a mad scientist

Depending on how Beverly Hills looks at you she can be sweet and innocent, a damsel in distress, or a wanton harlot hungry for stiff cock. In this episode of Sex & Submission we get to see all of those.

Beverly is horny so she goes to a local bar, picks up an interesting guy, decides she wants to fuck him and goes with him back to his place. A night of good sex and some deep sleep was just what she needed, but the next morning she wakes up blindfolded, gagged, and her naked body fully restrained with leather straps spreading her legs open wide and exposing her large breasts. Beverly’s darkest fantasies are about to become reality as her dream man from last night becomes today’s mad scientist, holdering her captive in his underground laboratory.

Busty Beverly's dark fantasy with mad scientist and BDSM sex
    (click the images above to open a gallery with the larger photos from this episode)

His experiments in perversion include vise clamping her head to the exam chair, attaching weights to butterfly clamps on the nipples of her big tits, shocking her pussy with electric current and making her squirt from forced orgasms. He also locks her in wooden stocks and uses a cane and a paddle on her helpless body, taking breaks to fuck her in her mouth, pussy and ass.

You can get a little preview of Beverly’s hour of torment in the two-minute video clip and see some Sexual Submission photos from this episode in the gallery linked to the images above.

Direct link to this episode: “Mad Scientist”
  (192 large photos and 61 minutes of video with Beverly Hills and James Deen)

Sex & Submission has over 342 individual shoots already archived in its members area, with more than 288 hours (17,280 minutes) of video and 77,960+ photos. The site updates with Hi-Def content, adding another new episode each week.

New window with: free previews of 342+ updates at Sex & Submission
  (288+ Hours of Video | 77,960+ Photos | Updates Every Week in HD)

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Nyssa Nevers cruelly tormented in strict bondages with her legs spread wide and mouth held open with a dental gag

Nyssa Nevers is an excellent submissive. Sexy, obedient, trusting and willing to please, she’ll do whatever PD commands without question, no matter how much it hurts her. Which makes her the perfect Hard Tied slave for this cruel sadist.

PD uses rough ropes to lay out this perfectly groomed slut and keep her legs opened wide for torment. An old dental gag is perfect for doing the same to her mouth. Nyssa’s at her most vulnerable and there’s no way that PD won’t take advantage of her predicament. She can be an ashtray, a whipping post, or just a convenient place to shove one of his new toys.

Nyssa Nevers spread wide open, legs and mouth, and tormented cruelly

(click the images above to see a gallery with 16 larger photos from this episode)

Link to the full episode: Dragon – Nyssa Nevers Opens Wide
  (129 photos and 35 minutes of video with PD and Nyssa Nevers)

Link to: free previews of 236+ updates at Hard Tied
  (148+ Hours of Video | 24,734+ Photos | Weekly HD Updates)

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Katie Summers and Seda placed in metal restraints with their heads locked in boxes while Isis Love fists them to orgasms

These are scenes from a live show at Device Bondage, featuring Katie Summers, Seda, and co-top Isis Love. In this part of the show, the girls are bound to unyielding metal and wood restraints with their legs spread and their heads locked into wooden boxes so they can’t be sure what’s about to happen to them next.

And what happens next includes cane strikes to make them scream and get their attention focused, and flogging their shaved pussies to bring them to the edge where pain and pleasure meets. Strong orgasms and squirting are forced from both of them as Isis Love fists and ravages the helpless girls into a state of smiling exhaustion.

Device Bondage live show with Katie Summers, Seda, and Isis Love
    (click the images above to open a gallery with the larger photos from this episode)

Direct link to: Device Bondage Live Show – Part 4
  (104 photos and 50 video minutes with Katie Summers, Seda, and Isis Love)

On this blog: see more Device Bondage posts

There are over 535 Device Bondage episodes archived, with more than 67,000 photos and over 320 hours of video content for you to enjoy. Of course that’s just the archive of past shoots; there are also two complete new episodes produced in Hi-Def each week and there’s a 3-hour live show every month.

New window with: free previews of 535+ updates at Device Bondage
  (320+ Hours of Video | 67,940+ Photos | Updates 2x a week in HD | Live Shows)

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