Iona Grace suffers shocking electro-sex torments at the hands of Bobbi Starr and Lorelei Lee in her very first Electro Sluts scene

If there’s one thing that pisses Bobbi Starr off, it’s when mistakes are made. In this case, the talent department led Iona Grace to think she was just stopping by for a simple camera show, when in fact she was booked for an Electro Sluts scene.

Iona Grace suffers shocking electro-sex torments

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Iona, fresh from a vacation, wasn’t ready for the shit storm that rained down on her. Grabbing her from the webcam waiting room, Bobbi drags her down the hall to where she and Lorelei Lee had set up their shoot earlier. While Iona had performed for Wired Pussy before, she didn’t know about and hadn’t ever shot for Electro Sluts until today.

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With cattle prods, the violet wand, the zapper, sticky pads, an electric anal plug, the Hitachi Magic Wand and a fist, Lorelei and Bobbi introduce Iona to Electro Sluts, and show her that although they still play with electricity, this is a whole new show.

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Link to this full episode: “SHOCKED!!!!” – an Electro Sluts Reality Film
  (307 photos and 65 minutes of video with Bobbi Starr, Lorelei Lee and Iona Grace)

Click here to see the Electro Sluts website.
See amateur girls and stars bound and tormented in reality-based scenarios of extreme lesbian BDSM as Dominatrix Lorelei Lee and her gorgeous cohorts teach hot, willing women to enjoy the pleasures and pain of total submission. Members get weekly HD updates plus full access to 11 years of archived photos and videos from Wired Pussy episodes. (click to become a member of Electro Sluts now)

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Sexy Asian Madeleine Mei bound, suspended, punished and double fucked by wife trainers at the Spouse Training Institute

In this Sex & Submission episode, sexy Asian girl Madeleine Mei gets sent to the Spouse Training Institute by her husband to learn how to properly submit to his dark desires. The Trainers mold her into the kind of grateful wife he wants her to be, ready and willing to give up any part of her body for his pleasure. Madeleine gets suspended, caned and double penetrated by John Strong and Lorelei Lee in this hot roleplay scene.

Sexy Asian Madeleine Mei bound, suspended, punished and fucked by wife trainers

You can use this link to see some larger Wife Training photos, and you can preview the action in the video clip below. Watch over an hour of video and see all 200+ photos from this episode using the links under the video.

Direct link to: Spouse Training 3 (203 photos and 63 minutes of video)

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New bondage girl asks to be surprised so Sister Dee binds her with tight ropes and then torments, mistreats and humiliates her

Lady Kat tells Sister Dee that she wants to be surprised by her experience with her. Kat hasn’t been into bondage long so she just doesn’t know how dangerous it is to ask Sister Dee for something like that.

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Kat fully expects to be humiliated, mistreated and hurt. But it’s obvious she’s under the impression that it’ll all be worth it. She thinks that in the end there’ll be some big pay-off in the form of great orgasms.

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Poor little Kat. It’s going to take more work than she knows. Unfortunately for her, the only thing that technical top Sister Dee really wants is to see her cry. She’s not very interested in watching Kat cum.

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You can see some of what SD does to Kat in the video clip and larger photos linked to the images above, and you can use the links below to get access to this full scene plus lots more girl-on-girl domination and punishments.

Link to the full episode: “Kinky Kat”
  (89 photos and 30 minutes of video with Sister Dee and Lady Kat)

Top Grl is a website focused on the experiences and training of Sister Dee, also known as SD. InSex and bondage legend PD took on SD as his apprentice, and the site chronicles her journey to becoming a highly-skilled “technical top” under his guidance. Documenting over two years of her training, Top Grl has an excellent archive of hardcore bdsm, lesbian femdomme and dark lesbian fetish sex.

Click here to check out the Top Grl website.
Members of Top Grl get full access to the complete two-year archive containing over 90 episodes with hundreds of hours of video and thousands of photos featuring this Lesbian BDSM Top. (click to become a member of Top Grl now)

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Brunch party on The Upper Floor for the local bdsm community is a day of bondage, canes, blowjobs, flogging and orgasms

Once again the local BDSM community brings their sexual deviance and D/s play to The Upper Floor, where they’re treated to a lavish brunch and naked house slaves. This crowd wastes no time enjoying themselves with all that’s on offer.

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This party features Lux Fury having her pussy relentlessly beaten, pynki tortured with orgasm control and sybian by her dominant Josh. Mistress Winter unleashes a verbal torrent on her slut, UV is on the loose with a single tail, and Dan Von Hoyel roughs up and fucks his gorgeous play partner. All this, and many more blowjobs, cane sluts, flogging, and orgasms.

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Link to the full episode: “Stefanos’ Brunch”  (69 photos and 50 minutes of video)
  with Maestro Stefanos, Nerine Mechanique, Iona Grace and Krysta Kaos

Click here to visit The Upper Floor website.
Members get full-access to HD videos and photos from over 367 past episodes plus multiple shows every week that are streamed live. Photos and videos from the shows are posted three times a week for members to watch online or download. (click to become a member of The Upper Floor now)

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Local girl Dana Vixen is behind on her bills and gets sucked into a dirty world of lesbian smut, BDSM, fetish sex and erotic punishment

In this fantasy roleplay local cutie Dana Vixen plays a girl who is so behind on her bills she’s desperate to do anything to make some fast cash. When looking through the local paper she finds an ad for a product testing laboratory which is completely female owned and operated. Sounds easy right? Not!

Poor little Dana finds out it’s just a front for Ashley Fires and Felony, two dirty, lesbian smut peddlers. Dana is sucked into a world of lesbian smut, BDSM, fetish sex and punishment. She finds herself being filmed while fucked in bondage, licking ass, caned, tits tortured and made to worship feet while she’s strap-on fucked and ass-hooked.

Local girl sucked into dirty world of lesbian smut, BDSM, fetish sex

In the full hour-plus Whipped Ass session, Dana is made to cum over and over again for their dirty little porno and left completely dominated and fucked. You can watch the video clip below for a preview of what these two kinky Bitches do to Dana, and check out these larger Lesbian S&M Sex photos to see more details. Use the links under the video for access to the full episode and over 500 other complete episodes of Dominant Females dominating and fucking their submissive female captives.

Direct link to: Female Owned and Operated
(249 photos and 64 minutes of video)

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