Extreme lesbian BDSM electro-stimulation site ELECTRO SLUTS features award-winning performer Bobbi Starr as director

Electro Sluts is Kink’s hot new showcase for realistic and extreme Lesbian BDSM, and it features higher voltages, bigger dildos, harder whippings and hotter females that ever before. With famous pornstar Bobbi Starr at the helm, the lines of pleasure and pain are blurred. Her world of lesbian perversions awes and enraptures loyal fans and increasingly captures the lurid imaginations of new ones.

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Starr explains, “With Electro Sluts, I’m hoping to appeal to a clientele that’s interested in the experience of the submissive by using a documentary, realism-style pornography. Though it’ll continue to contain the traditional girl-on-girl lezdom role playing, the site will target the psychological tortures of domination. Electro Sluts makes electricity sexy. It takes wires and electro-domination away from fantasy and brings it into reality.”

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Role play scenes at Electro Sluts include a never-ending supply of beautiful and innocent amateur and heterosexual girls enticed into the lesbian underground of bondage, sexual dominance and forced orgasms, all designed to make hot sluts submit to their gorgeous dommes.

Bobbi has extreme, devious plans to make girls cum with hot squirting forced, painful and pleasurable orgasms. And her equally cruel and sexy domme friends will join in to punish hot willing women with sadistic electro-tortures to teach them to enjoy the pleasures and pain of total submission. No slave holes will be safe from domination and penetration here.

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If you’re wondering about Kink’s flagship lesbian electro site, Wired Pussy, it’s being retired and will now become an archive site. All current members will automatically receive a membership to Electro Sluts, in addition to keeping full access to all 11 years of content in the Wired Pussy archives. And all new members of Electro Sluts will also get access to all 535+ episodes in the Wired Pussy archives (425+ hours of video | 112,995+ photos).

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Bobbi Starr is taking a new and exciting artistic direction with Electro Sluts that’s sure to please Wired Pussy members as well as brand new audiences. Her ideas for Electro Sluts are not to just revamp Wired Pussy but to create a new genre of lezdom electro-play that’s going to be exciting to see unfold.

Link to: free previews of more Electro Sluts episodes
  (Weekly HD Updates and 11 years of Wired Pussy archives)

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Sister Dee knows Cherry Torn wants to feel pain, humiliation and shame, and needs to be used and discarded to be satisfied

Cherry Torn just wants to feel it. The beatings, the humiliation, the shame, the orgasms. All of it. She needs the pain. It makes her body feel like she’s floating through the world. She craves the kind of bondage that leaves her exposed and strips her of control.

Cherry Torn topped by Sister Dee

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Cherry wants to be used and discarded. The only way she can feel satisfied is by satisfying others. And when she has had it all, and it has stirred her lust, she waits and hopes for a release.

Sister Dee punishing Cherry Torn

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Link to this full episode: “Whore Bound” – Part Two
  (113 photos and 33 minutes of video with Cherry Torn and Sister Dee)

Top Grl is a website focused on the experiences and training of Sister Dee, also known as SD. InSex and bondage legend PD took on SD as his apprentice, and the site chronicles her journey to becoming a highly-skilled “technical top” under his guidance. Documenting over two years of her training, Top Grl has an excellent archive of hardcore bdsm, lesbian femdomme and dark lesbian fetish sex.

Click here to check out the Top Grl website.
Members get full access to over 90 episodes featuring hundreds hours of video and thousands of photos. (click to become a member of Top Grl now)

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Head Nurse Lorelei Lee dominates the interview of Tori Luxe into a scene of kinky lesbian BDSM and electro-bondage sex

When Tori Luxe applies for a job at the hospital she’d never have anticipated what she’d face in her first interview. Head Nurse Lorelei Lee runs a tight ship, and she has to make sure all new hires are up to her personal standards. Tori quickly learns that she’ll be required to perform more than the usual tasks, but she’s determined to get the job, and endures all the lesbian domination and electrical play that the Head Nurse throws at her.

Head Nurse dominates new hire into lesbian electro-bondage sex
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This is a nice long Wired Pussy episode, with sticky pads, fisting, flogging, anal play, speculum play, strap-on action, pussy licking, ass licking, slapping and more. You can see some larger photos in this Head Nurse gallery, and use the links below to get access to all of Lorelei and Tori in this hot roleplay scene.

Link to this full episode: “Head Nurse”
  (232 photos and 62 minutes of video with Lorelei Lee and Tori Luxe)

Link to: free previews of 513+ Wired Pussy episodes
  (398+ hours of video | 104,669+ photos | Updated weekly in HD)

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Winter Sky is taught to be a filthy cock-sucking, pussy-licking, sexual-service slavegirl by sexy lezdomme January Seraph

In this episode from Whipped Ass, the Net’s oldest girl-on-girl bdsm hardcore site, we have the tale of two women who have names which really sound like they should be together.

Winter Sky desperately wants to be of more service for sex, and so she wants very much to be taught how to be a better slut. January Seraph is a tough and sexy Domme who knows exactly what to do in order to turn Winter into the perfect pussy licking, cock sucking, horny as hell, sexually servicing slut who everyone wants to punish and fuck.

Winter Sky is taught to be a filthy cock sucking, pussy licking slavegirl by a sexy lezdom

On Mistress January’s list for Winter in this episode are humiliation, an inflatable gag, flogging, caning, tit torture, pussy licking, a butt plug, strap-on fucking, rough lesbian sex and the complete domination of her pretty plaything.

You can see more details of what happens to Winter in the gallery of LezDomme BDSM Sex photos linked to the images above, and you can use the links below to get full access so you can see all of what January does to turn Winter in this nearly hour-long FemDomme/femsub session.

Link to this full episode: “Slutty Entertainment”
  (256 photos and 55 minutes of video with Winter Sky and January Seraph)

Link to: free previews of 583+ updates at Whipped Ass
  (424+ Hours of Video | 120,282+ Photos | Weekly HD Updates | Live Shows)

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Isis Love enjoys the amazing Kylie Ireland in a scene filled with lesbian ass stretching, big insertions and double anal fistings

In this Everything Butt adventure, Isis Love has the pleasure of playing with Kylie Ireland, a woman who Kink calls “a magical unicorn of anal play.” It’s amazing the things she can fit in her tiny ass. She actually showed up for this shoot with a huge black inflatable dildo that’s bigger than any of the monster toys that were already laid out for her.

But the very sexy Isis Love isn’t bothered one bit by that. Isis was always ready to abuse Kylie’s ass with everything she’s got…so now she has one more tool. Isis stretches Kylie out with a progression of increasingly bigger, thicker, deeper toys to warm up this awesome anal gymnast. Kylie is one of those rare, filthy birds who orgasms from anal stimulation alone, and she comes hard when her ass is full to the brim.

Isis puts her on the gyno table where Kylie’s hot slit is already dripping at the sight of Isis greasing up her latex fisting gloves. Isis opens Kylie’s pretty little asshole with a bovine speculum until her pink bud is in full bloom, fisting deep inside the spread speculum. With Kylie properly warmed up, Isis shoves both hands all the way into Kylie’s ass, fist-fucking her hard until Kylie cums, babbling about what an anal whore freak of nature she is.

Double Anal Fisting with Isis Love and Kylie Ireland

(you can click each of the images above to see the larger photos from this episode)

Isis instructs Kylie to worship her pretty toes and the obedient little slut licks and sucks Isis’s foot until she has it lubed with enough spit that Isis can slide in into Kylie’s ass. Isis foot-fucks Kylie’s greedy asshole and when even that isn’t enough, Isis trades her foot for the biggest toy on the table, a huge black double-dong. But Kylie’s ass needs something still bigger, so Isis grabs Kylie’s own inflatable dildo, shoves it up her ass and starts pumping. Finally, Kylie’s ass is full enough, and she cums, stretched out, satisfied and exhausted.

You can see more in the gallery of Lesbian Analplay photos linked to the images above, and you can use the link below to get access to all of the photos and video of Kylie getting her ass stretched.

Link to this full episode: Double Anal Fisting
  (247 photos and 84 minutes of video with Isis Love and Kylie Ireland)

There’s a new all-anal episode added every week at Everything Butt, each one shot in HD video so you can watch in full-screen format. There are also extra amateur audition episodes. Some of the hottest anal stars and anal amateurs are in the 150+ plus episodes already archived so far, so members have more than 30,000 photos and over 130 hours of video to check out between new episodes. (membership details)

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