Sybian vibrating machine, brutal skull-fucking turns Kelly Divine into mindless, drooling, screaming, non-stop cumming zombie

Kelly Divine is one of porn’s most popular girls. With her big awesome phat booty, her huge tits, her tan, bodacious body and amazing sex drive, Kelly is the cream of the crop. Today, however, is not your normal porn shoot and Kelly discovers the true meaning of the word “helpless.”

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Kelly has a curse. After she cums once, her clit gets very sensitive and her body rejects the vibration. Once this happens her natural survival instincts kick in and her body jerks uncontrollably to get away from the sensitive feeling, it’s just too much for her mind to handle. But today she’ll find no escape from the vibration. Today she’s bound and stuck on the world’s most powerful vibrator and Kelly’s about to discover a whole new level of sexual hell. Torment and pleasure combine to completely wreck her brain and turn her into a mindless, drooling, screaming, cumming machine.

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Bound in a sexy doggy style position with the Sybian pressed and bound into place, Kelly dreads what’s about to happen to her. They oil up her ass, tits and body, and tie her head back so she can’t move in any direction. They ramp up the vibrator and within seconds Kelly’s moaning and cumming her brains out.

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This scene is about endurance, how many orgasms can they rip out of the helpless porn star before her brain can’t handle anymore and shuts down? They don’t make it easy for Kelly either. Hard cock attacks the back of her throat with reckless abandon. The cock is pushed all the way down her throat, farther then any cock has ever been down this throat. It’s a fact, verified by her own words. Deep throat spit drips from her mouth as she can’t even swallow anymore. She cums the hardest when the cock’s the deepest down her throat.

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Her pleas for mercy fall on deaf ears, and she cums. They skull fuck her deep and hard and she cums. They sit back and watch and she cums. She doesn’t want to cum, and she cums. They completely break the mind of this porn star with orgasms. Call it what you will, Cum Drunk, Sub-Space, whatever, Kelly’s a mindless, screaming, cock sucking, cumming zombie in survival mode.

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Kelly describes this scene as the most intense sexual experience of her life. She’s never cum that hard or often, and has never been so physically and mentally helpless, ever.

Link to the full episode: “Porn Star Turned Into Non-Stop Cumming Zombie”
  (154 photos and 17:38 minutes of video with Matt Williams and Kelly Divine)

On Sexually Broken the hottest pornstars in the business are pushed to their sexual limits with deepthroat blowjobs and hard fucking in creative rope bondage at the hands of bondage legend Matt Williams.

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Yasmine de Leon tightly bound over a back-breaker, restrained with metal, whipped, zippered and machine-fucked to orgasms

Ask to be put in your place at Device Bondage and this is what you get. Yasmine de Leon is gorgeous: tall, lean, great smile, nice legs. Yasmine is also a very bad girl. She says she talks a lot of shit and needs someone to put her in her place sexually. I think the DB crew can definitely help her with that little problem.

First they bend her backwards over their half-barrel back breaker, then build a metal bondage device to keep her locked in place. Positioned this way her pussy is thrust forward and out, her tits and nipples are exposed, and she’s rendered helpless to stop whatever they want to do to that tight little body of hers.

What they want first is to whip her sensitive pierced nipples and play a devilish game of “Hitachi or flogger” with her pussy. They also run long zipper strings of clothespins clamped from the tops of her breasts down to her hips. Then it’s time to bolt down the Alpha fucking machine and let it go to work forcing orgasms from her while they wait for the perfect moment to yank those zipppers.

The images above are linked to larger Extreme Bondage photos from this scene. And you can use the links below to get access to the full episode of Yasmine metal-bound over a back-breaker, whipped and machine-fucked.

Link to the full episode: “Bad Girl Rehab”
  (137 photos and 23 minutes of video with Yasmine de Leon)

This is just the latest high-definition episode to be added to the huge Device Bondage archive, which now has over 560 episodes with 330+ hours of video and more than 71,000 photos for members to enjoy between the two new episodes added each week and the live shows each month. If you don’t already have a membership to this site you’re missing out on some of the best high-quality content anywhere online, and considering the amount of content in the members area, this is one of the best values online too. (membership details)

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Dia Zerva jumped, bound, molested, beaten, fucked and made to suck cocks during her third day of professional slave training

Dia Zerva is one tough female, and she can easily dominate most people she meets. So Maestro makes sure to take a helper with him when he goes to snatch her up for the third day of intense professional slave training she signed up to receive at The Training of O.

And it does indeed take both of them to muscle her down as she comes through a doorway. They tie her up, hood and blindfold her, then grope and molest her, before dragging her down to the cold, wet basement meat room where animals were slaughtered for a hundred years.

Dia’s hung on a meat hook for awhile to let the fear marinate a bit, then they return to hose her down, finger and flog her, and shove dildos on sticks into her. Then it’s time for Dia to suffer the clamps of clothespin zippers on her breasts, inner thighs and pussy lips, accompanied by a painful caning, all while she’s made to fuck and suck cocks until the hungry little slave girl gets the warm rewards she wants on her latex hooded face.

There are larger Slave Training photos linked to the images above. And you can use the links below to see the other slave training posts on this blog, and to visit the full update page for this episode.

Link to the full episode: The Training of Dia Zerva, Day Three
  (220 photos and 53 minutes of video with Maestro and Dia Zerva)

Link to: free previews of 248+ episodes at ‘The Training of O’
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Isis Love dominates, ties up, strapon fucks and fists cute blonde 19-year-old new girl Ally Ann to explore her boundaries

Ally Ann is a super cute 19-year-old girl who really impressed the people at Whipped Ass. She’s new to BDSM but she’s willing to explore her boundaries and push her limits with Isis Love. In this hot episode Ally gets her tits slapped, nipples bitten, pussy spanked, ass flogged, and her feet beaten with a crop.

She’s made to lick pussy and gets bound and hung upside down so Isis can easily fuck her with a big dildo and vibrating wand. Ally is tied to a bondage post in a bent over standing position and made to suck a big strapon cock before getting fucked with it.

Ally’s flogged and forced to beg for permission to cum from the powerful wand’s vibrations. Isis ties her to a bed with her legs in a full split and proceeds to fist her to the wrist, fuck her with a strapon and choke her. As a finale, Isis drips hot wax on Ally, vibes her clit and fists her hungry cunt to more orgasms.

Link to this full episode: Teen Dominated, Strapon Fucked and Fisted
  (385 photos and 66 minutes of video with Ally Ann and Isis Love)

Link to: free previews of 583+ updates at Whipped Ass
  (424+ Hours of Video | 120,282+ Photos | Weekly HD Updates | Live Shows)

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Blond MILF cop puts young violator in shackles, machine-fucks her in private office, denies orgasm then makes younger girl squirt

Jessi Palmer is caught giving a blow job in the food court bathroom of her local mall in this episode of Fucking Machines. If there’s one thing mall cops LOVE it’s bratty bitches breaking the law with their horniness because that means they will put out in order to not get in trouble.

Mellanie Monroe is the MILF cop who takes her little mall rat in shackles to her private office, strips her down, licks her pussy and fucks her with The Drillo. She gets Jessi right on the brink of cumming and stops, denying her right when it’s the most painfully frustrating time to stop.

Mellanie makes Jessi fuck her until she has the first orgasm. Mellanie rips her stockings and moans while she tenses with pleasure from the hand machine pumping her pussy.

Once Jessi has proven she’s willing to co-operate, they both straddle a new two-headed machine and cum from watching each other get fucked. Jessi even squirts as Mellanie turns up the dial. Click the images to see the larger Machine Sex photos for a preview of what Mellanie does to Jessi.

Link to full episode: Mall Cop Shackles and Machine Fucks Suspect
  (167 photos and 37 minutes of video with Mellanie Monroe and Jessi Palmer)

There are two new HD episodes posted each week at Fucking Machines, plus each month there are four live shows. Over 128,000 photos and 460+ hours of video from more than 825 earlier episodes are archived at this site.

Link to: free previews of 825+ episodes at Fucking Machines
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Link to: Meet the Machinesopens a new window showing all 45 of the different kinds of Fucking Machines now actively used plus some of the originals machines. You can see how each one works in video previews too.

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