Lorelei Lee gives Serena Blair perverted sexual therapy with spanking, ass worship, strapon ass-fucking and forced orgasms

Serena Blair has serious fears, including being in confined spaces and loss of control. Fortunately, in this Whipped Ass episode, Lorelei Lee provides a service which helps people face their fears in a very unconventional way, using kinky lesbian sexual roleplay.

Serena takes a pill as ordered before going to sleep and she’s helpless when Lorelei abducts her in the middle of the night. She awakens right into her worst fear, suspension from the ceiling in a tight cage. Lorelei taunts and teases Serena by making her choose to stay in the cage and not get caned or decide to come out and take the brutal caning.

Lorelei Lee dominating and tormenting Serena Blair

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Lorelei’s on fire in this episode, ripping orgasms from her plaything’s cunt with fingers and dildos. Serena gets clamped, flogged, spit on, wrapped tightly in plastic wrap, made to lick ass, gagged, spanked and then pounded deep in her ass. Lorelei plays her with expertise and brings out real and true reactions from Serena in this scene.

Direct link to: “Eternal Sunshine of the Perverted Mind”
  (348 photos and 88 minutes of video with Lorelei Lee and Serena Blair)

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Annie Cruz put in strict bondage then skull-fucked, fingered, forced to squirting orgasms and left in puddle of her own cum

This Hogtied episode begins with Annie Cruz having her elbows tied together and her wrists bound to each other. Then she’s knocked to her knees and gets skull-fucked for a while as a welcome back. After she’s been flogged she has her hair tied to one of her ankles, exposing her pussy so she can be made to cum and squirt over and over again. She’s left moaning in a puddle of her own squirt, eyes unfocused and struggling to get free as she slowly realizes that’s not going to be possible.

Annie Cruz forced to squrting orgasms in strict bondages

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Direct link to this episode: Hot Asian bound tightly, skull fucked, fingered and vibrated to multiple squirting orgasms
  (119 photos and 19 minutes of video with Annie Cruz)

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LezDomme BDSM with harsh punishments, anal fisting, double penetration with large strapons and intense squirting orgasms

Lorelei has become extremely wealthy and successful supplying bored small town girls and housewives with lesbian sex slaves. When her friend Ashley comes to visit it’s time to abuse slave Amy for entertainment. This brutal lesbian bdsm episode has tough bondage, spanking, flogging, ass fisting, large strap-on sex, double-penetration, multiple intense squirting orgasms and Amy’s little rosebud makes a few appearances.

Lorelei Lee, Amy Brooke and Ashley Edmonds in hot lesbian bdsm scene

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Direct link to this episode: “Rosebud”   (295 photos and 63 minutes of video)
  with Lorelei Lee, Amy Brooke and Ashley Edmonds

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High-powered sex machines pound a sexy little brunette girl into non-stop squirting, cumming, screaming, crying orgasms

With roommates and neighbors close at hand, Vai usually has to hold herself back and rarely has a chance to really let go in sex. But today there are no roommates or neighbors anywhere around. Just high-speed custom-built Fucking Machines to pound one genuine orgasm after another out of this sexy girl as she screams, laughs, cries, squirts and shoots breast milk while having the time of her life.

Vai machine fucked to squirting, cumming, crying orgasms

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Direct link to this episode: Squirting, Cumming, Crying, Orgasms
  (271 photos and 58 minutes of video featuring Vai)

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Meet the Machines

Self-proclaimed foot freak Maîtresse Madeline brings us the sexiest fucking feet doing what hardcore foot fetishists crave

Maîtresse Madeline, self-proclaimed foot freak, has been hard at work over the last six months in anticipation of her newest site, Foot Worship, which focuses on all things feet-related. Madeline and her crew take inspiration from legendary foot fetish photographer, Elmer Batters, to really capture everything a foot fanatic might crave. From toes, heels, arches, legs, stockings, pantyhose, shoes and heels, foot jewelry, foot jobs, trampling and lots and lots of foot-related sex – this site has it all.

Foot Worship - Femmes Deliver Foot Fantasies

Foot Worship showcases sultry, exquisite dominant women who take foot obsession to new levels of mastery by using smooth and rigorous footjobs to create explosive orgasms. Using a little teasing, a little bossing, and a lot of drop dead hot feet, FemDommes wrench and grip balls using their adept toes, and they use their soles and arches to stroke shafts in cock-hardening foot jobs.

Foot Worship - Lesbian Foot Fetish

Of course it’s not always a man’s world. Girls have foot fetishes too. Watching women stroke each other’s clits with toes covered in nylons is a hot thing to watch. And many of them can suck their own feet and toes. With their tongues on their own feet and their eyes staring straight at you through the screen, they fondle themselves and suckle their toes dry while getting their pussies wet.

Foot Worship - Stilettos and Pantyhose

They know you can’t always live by feet alone either. So Foot Worship offers feet slicked by nylons, decorated with pantyhose, and donned with everything from shiny boots and stiletto heels to flip flops. You can watch the pedicured toes and the little painted nails stretch out see-through nylons, and you’ll see lots of sexy shoe play with dipping and dangling too.

Foot Worship - food, fruit and dirty feet

Clean feet are lovely, but there’s also foot play with food and dirt embedded in between toes, feet, ankles and soles. Fruit gets squished in between toes, feet, pantyhose and crunched over and over. Dirty feet get shoved up noses, into mouths and rubbed on cocks.

Foot Worship - Solo Foot Self-Sucking

Foot-obsessed men and women get down on their knees to experience foot domination and explosive footjobs. This erotic world of ped perfection is build on a foundation of flawless style, with killer soundtracks and stunning outfits that highlight all the intense toe-sucking action and full-on foot fucking.

Foot Worship - Foot Jobs and Cumshots

Tantalizing high arches enrapture senses in videos that entice using irresistible peds, soles, dirty toes, pantyhose and pure, unadulterated libidinous foot seduction. So if you like feet, tootsies, and little piggies, relax, kick off your shoes and get ready to worship some feet.

Foot Worship - FemDommes seduce with sexy feet

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Foot Worship is mouth-watering, sexy feet adored, revered and cherished by the devotees of foot fetish. Maitresse Madeline brings your fantasies to life in foot fetish photos and videos that have one thing in common: everyone will cum at the end, including you.

Link to: free previews of more episodes at Foot Worship
  (Weekly Updates with Hi-Def Photos and Videos)

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