Two strong blondes battle in unscripted sexual wrestling that ends with the winner strap-on fucking the loser into the mat

At this point Dia Zerva (The Iron Maiden 5’5″ 135 lbs) was the current bad ass Champion of Ultimate Surrender. She adapted her skills to this sport and she looks unbeatable. She destroyed The Dragon by 1600 points in the earlier year’s tournament and went on to win the title easily. This former Marine loves this sport and here she’s at the top of her game.

Hollie Stevens (The Amazon 5’7″ 145 lbs) was then a six-year veteran and one of the biggest, strongest girls on the the roster. She was ranked fifth and was undefeated for the season. Her legs are devastating, her determination to win unmatched, this girl hates to lose.

(you can click each of the images above to see the larger photos from this episode)

Before this match both of these girls had two wins and no losses for this season. But the Champion proved why she’s the number one ranked wrestler. With ten wins and only one loss overall, she over-powered the seven wins and seven losses Hollie in every way. She had fingers in Hollie almost the entire match. Hollie was helpless, beaten and humiliated on the mat. To Hollie’s credit she did score some points, but Dia was just too much for the Amazon to handle.

(you can click each of the images above to see the larger photos from this episode)

One thing Dia loves is brutally fucking girls who lose to her. And when we say brutally, we mean it. Hollie is fucked into the mat like a rag doll. Dia brings the humiliation, the pain and the dick down to Hollie. The loser is left moaning on the mat like a common slut after Dia uses her like a humping post.

(you can click each of the images above to see the larger photos from this episode)

If you’ve already watched the video clip and looked at the larger photos linked to the images above, you can use the links below for more unscripted girl-on-girl sexual wrestling.

Direct link to this match: “The Iron Maiden” vs “The Amazon”
  (400 photos and 45 minutes of video with Dia Zerva vs Hollie Stevens)

Click for previews of 647+ matches at Ultimate Surrender
  (145,231 Photos | 469+ Hours of Video | HD Updates 2x Week | Live Tag Teams)

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Krysta Kaos used and abused at a house party, entertaining the crowd with intense BDSM while sucking and fucking strange cocks

If you like seeing a shaved, tattooed and pierced fetish slut get gangbanged at a house party then you’re going to love this episide of Public Disgrace. In today’s adventure Krysta Kaos gets taken to a party in an abandoned building where the crowd gets to play beer pong with her face, and plenty of other games with the rest of her. Get ready for intense fisting, public groping, cock sucking, fucking, caning, floggers, zippers, and more.

(you can click each of the images above to see the larger photos from this episode)

This is another big update, with tons of great photos and a nice long video. Enjoy the preview video and photos linked to the images above, then you can use the links below to see a lot more.

Direct link to this episode: “House Party – Krysta Kaos disgraced”
  (449 photos and 80 minutes of video with Krysta Kaos)

Click for free previews of 244+ Public Disgrace episodes
  (265+ hours of video | 76,614+ photos | Updates every week in HD)

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Fanciers of big tits and fans of torturing slavegirls enjoy a party for all lovers of big breasts on The Upper Floor

There’s always something special about the events held on The Upper Floor. (If you don’t already know about this 24/7 Lifestyle household you can read our post about it here.) This is the tale of when the Master of the House decided he wanted to host a party for lovers of Big Breasts and ordered some sex slaves to be party favors. In service were Mellanie Monroe, Nerine Mechanique, Bella Rossi and Cherry Torn.

The party, like most Upper Floor events, was a non-stop mix of activities. The slavegirls are made to torment and pleasure each other, and Mellanie admits to having three orgasms at Cherry’s hands. The girls are fitted with several kinds of metal breast and nipple torture devices, including a nipple torture rack and some stiff metal bras with nipple cut-outs just big enough to be painful when an over-stimulated nipple pushes through them.

The Upper Floor hosts a Big Tit Torture Party
(click the images above to see the FIRST gallery of larger photos from this party)

There’s plenty of stimulation as the party guests join in for some breast slapping, groping, pinching, licking, biting, ice torture, flogging, clamping and smacking tight clamps off those sensitive beautiful tits.

This is still just the warm up for this bevy of busty beauties. Next the girls are left at the mercy of two couches full of girls who can’t wait to tease and torment them. Nerine has her big round breasts bound with ropes, hands tied behind, and carries a small metal bucket of clothespins in her mouth so the girls can clamp them onto her wherever they want. Cherry gets a zipper string of clamps attached to her breasts and ripped off.

Big tits and torturing slavegirls at a party for big breasts
(click the images above to see the SECOND gallery of larger photos from this party)

Then it’s time for the titjob segment of the party, and the four slavegirls have to use their breasts to stroke off a combination of strapon and real cocks, including a tit job to a tranny cock.

The full video shows that there were all manner of other activities during the party too, including foot worship, puppy play, machine sex, female masturbation, enforced chastity, and even a stripper pole demonstration at the end. There are two galleries of photos linked to the images above, and you can use the links below to see more.

Link to the full episode: “Big Tits Party on The Upper Floor”
  with Mellanie Monroe, Nerine Mechanique, Bella Rossi and Cherry Torn
    (88 photos and 33 minutes of video)

The Upper Floor is a 24/7 Lifestyle BDSM world being created live using the feedback of members during the interactive broadcasts of monthly special events and parties. There are multiple shows streamed live every week and downloadable highlight reels are posted three times a week. There’s also an interactive members forum and the director’s blog is open for commenting too.

Click for free previews of 331+ episodes at The Upper Floor
  (Multiple Live Shows Weekly and Downloadable Updates with HD videos and photos)

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Custom-made metal bondage devices lock Lorelei Lee onto a powerful Sybian vibrator until she reaches orgasm overload

Lorelei Lee has been playing with the Device Bondage crowd for some time, but they just realized they’d never gotten around to trapping the little blonde ‘girl next door’ on a Sybian vibrator and making her cum until she can’t cum anymore. Well yesterday they made up for that by building a custom metal bondage device tailored precisely to torment Lorelei while she cums.

Metal bondage plus powerful vibrator equals orgasm overload
(click the images above to see a gallery with 15 larger photos from this episode)

The design of the device is cruel, forcing her arms back and up into what’s called a strappado position. That’s uncomfortable enough with no distractions, but the design also forces her bare cunt down tightly onto the powerful Sybian vibrator so that she has no way to lift her pussy off long enough to escape the strong sensations forcing her from orgasm to orgasm.

Lorelei loves breathplay and the feel of something around her neck, so they add another degree of difficulty by binding her neck and attaching it to a rope that pulls upwards through a pulley and putting a bowling ball on the other end of that rope.

Orgasm overload for girl bound to Sybian vibrator
(you can click the images above to see this full episode at the Device Bondage site)

Already sentenced to have have one orgasm after another, Lorelei’s mind is now also fighting for breath and to stay conscious as her body gets lost in cumming over and over again. Click any of the images to see a gallery of larger Contortion Bondage Photos and you can use the links below to get access to all of Lorelei’s orgasmic ordeal.

Link to the full episode: “Lorelei Lee Doomed to Orgasm Overload”
  (100 photos and 21 minutes of video with Lorelei Lee)

Link to: free previews of 695+ episodes at Device Bondage
  (442+ Hours of Video | 96,919+ Photos | Updates 2x a week in HD | Live Shows)

On this blog: see more of our posts about Device Bondage

Tia Ling wants to stop smoking and John Henry is the kinky hypnotherapist who turns her into a submissive anal pain slut

Tia Ling is the unsuspecting patient who tries to kick her smoking habit by going to a hypnotist. What she doesn’t suspect is that this hypnotist is the kind of pervert who’d take advantage of her while she’s in a trance. John Henry is the perverted hypnotist who puts Tia into a trance in which she becomes a submissive anal pain slut. And once in hypnosis, the more John punishes her, the hornier she becomes.

Perverted hypnotist turns patient (Tia Ling) into submissive anal pain slut
(click the images above to see a gallery with 15 larger photos from this episode)

Tia Ling brings her enjoyment of BDSM and rough sex to this amazing episode in full measure. Tia gets groped, spanked, tightly tied-up, fucked in her pussy and throat, and whipped with a cane while in an excellent rope suspension that includes a steel hook in her ass. And in the final scene she’s completely immobilized and fucked in her ass with no way to escape. All of which this hypnotized little Asian anal whore loves of course.

The images above are linked to a gallery of larger Sexual Submission photos, and you can use the links below if you’d like to see more of what happens to hypnotized, helpless and horny Tia.

Direct link to this episode: “Perverted Hypnotic Submission”
  (251 photos and 56 minutes of video with Tia Ling and John Henry)

Link to: free previews of 434+ episodes at Sex & Submission
  (365+ Hours of Video | 98,931+ Photos | Updates Every Week in HD)

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