Amy Brooke and Alysa fist each other’s ass, gape, squirt, take a King Kong dick and FIVE machine-driven dicks in the ass at once

This episode of Fucking Machines features two incredibly anal girls, Amy Brooke and Alysa, in a scene that almost certainly exceeds any hot and horny fantasy your twisted mind has ever dreamed up about ass fucking or machine sex fetishes.

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These two girls don’t warm up to fisting each other’s asses, they fucking start with doing it. And things just escalate from there with Amy and Alysa taking what they call the King Kong dick in their asses. If you don’t know why they call it that just look at the photos and watch the video to see that huge mother fucker invade their buttholes.

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But that’s still just the warm up for the main event. For now it’s time to attach five, that’s right, FIVE big rubber dicks to the Fucksall machine. Why you might ask? Well it’s so each of these kinky young girls can take all five of those dicks in her ass at the same fucking time.

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We all know about double-penetration, and getting spit-roasted and about being made air-tight. And you’ve probably seen some porn with a girl taking two or maybe even three cocks in her ass at once. But this is so far past that. It’s not even just quad-anal. This is crazy fucking cinco-anal fucking from a powerful machine. Don’t miss it. This is one you can tell the grandkids about.

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Link to the full episode: Anal Super Powers: Demi Goddesses
  (112 photos and 28 minutes of video with Amy Brooke and Alysa)

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Roxy Raye and Amber Rayne show us amazing anal skills with giant ass toys, extreme anal fisting, huge strapon, enema play

<img alt="Giant ass toys, extreme anal fisting, enema play from true ass queens" src="">

Everything Butt welcomes the incredible Roxy Raye who shows off her amazing anal skills with Amber Rayne. They use only their biggest anal toys on her, including a giant butt plug that she pushes back out, and a massive, metal speculum that dilates her orifice for a grand view inside.

Roxy gets really turned on from aggressive ass fisting. Then both girls fist each other at the same time until they cum. Roxy also gets fucked hard in the butt with a gigantic strap-on cock. Finally, both girls do enemas with a pressured hose and expel water from their gaping butt holes.

(you can click each of the images above to see the larger photos from this episode)

Link to the full episode: Fist Punch: The Incredible Ass of Roxy Raye
  (210 photos and 62 minutes of video with Amber Rayne and Roxy Raye)

Link to: free previews of 177+ episodes at Everything Butt
  (152+ Hours of Video | 34,206+ Photos | Updated Weekly in HD)

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Amateur girl takes her first ass-fucking and is double-penetrated by machines, getting her ass stretched for the first time ever

<img alt="Amateur takes her first ass-fucking and double-penetrated by machines" src="">

Successfully fucking an amateur girl is a little like trying to find the bat cave. It can be tricky to know even if they’re having a good time. They have rookie fever and always want to please even if they’re not quite sure and nervous about what’s going to happen in a Fucking Machines episode. It takes time to get them to relax and really take off.

Hannah White is a mix of horny adventure and unsure virgin. She definitely is down to play and she really wants her ass fucked. But she’s still not sure how to really let go on camera. After a few good pussy pounds and a butt plug though, the little rookie opens up to The Twinserter and has the first ass-stretching of her lifetime.

This machine-virgin gets her first ass-fucking, her first double-penetration, and, of course, her first time being fucked by high-power machines. She has some great orgasms and lets the world see her taking it in the ass. The brave little amateur is a virgin no longer.

(you can click each of the images above to see the larger photos from this episode)

Link to the full episode: Fucking a Machine Virgin
  (190 photos and 29 minutes of video with Hannah White)

Link to: free previews of 845+ episodes at Fucking Machines
  (470+ Hours of Video | 131,760+ Photos | HD Updates 2x a Week | Live Interactive Shows)

Link to: Meet the Machines – opens a new window showing all of the different kinds of Fucking Machines now actively used plus some of the originals machines. You can see how each one works in video previews too.

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Alysa, Amy Brooke and Amber Rayne in extreme ass licking, anal fisting, spanking, squirting, foot fucking, gaping and prolapsing

<img alt="Alysa, Amy Brooke and Amber Rayne in extreme analsex scene" src="">

Everything Butt proudly presents three of their top anal models, Alysa, Amy Brooke and Amber Rayne in this amazing episode. Watch as these girls engage in some of the most extreme anal play you’ll find anywhere on the internet.

Get a front row seat to look inside Amy Brooke and Alysa’s stretched out assholes with a giant speculum. Enjoy a full-blown anal fisting party where all girls are stuffed wrist deep. Then see the extra-large toys come out for a three-way anal strap-on fuck fest.

Lastly, the three girls get fucked by James Deen in a very energetic orgy featuring double-anal penetration, more fisting, squirting, foot fucking, prolapsing, gaping, ass licking, spanking and much more in this nearly two-hour episode.

(you can click each of the images above to see the larger photos from this episode)

Link to the full episode: The A Team: WARNING – Extreme Anal Fetish
  with James Deen, Amber Rayne, Amy Brooke and Alysa
    (271 photos and 112 minutes of video)

Link to: free previews of 177+ updates at Everything Butt
  (152+ Hours of Video | 34,206+ Photos | Updated Weekly in HD)

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Young pretty Chastity Lynn in challenging predicament bondages, suspended and beaten while being made to cum over and over

<img alt="Chastity Lynn bound, beaten, forced to cum" src="">

This Hogtied episode starts with Chastity tied in a strict elbows-together strappado with her neck tied to her knees and her hair tied back and up to the point. Chastity gets exposed and violated with the cane. Her toes get bound, stretching her feet, and her tender soles are taken advantage of. She then gets hoisted into a standing predicament bondage and tested for her response to pleasure.

Chastity is bound with one knee up to the ceiling and arms again bound and pulled strictly behind her. They want to see her cum and we get to watch as orgasms are repeatedly coaxed out of her willing cunt hole. She’s hoisted into the air hanging only by one knee with her torso and ankles pulled in opposite directions, like being drawn and quartered. And the harder the bondage, the harder the orgasm.

Bound bent over a post with her knees spread, she gets tormented in the face with panty hose pulling her face back and a flip cat to her backside. We get to watch as her muscles flex and pull, straining to escape the discomfort. Finally, she’s pulled into an open-legged hogtie, left to suffer and cum in discomfort.

Perched on the post, we get to examine her bondage. Her knees are bound to her chest and her neck is bound to her hands. If she chooses to pull down on her neck, she can play with asphyxiating herself. The perch is removed and we get to see her fully suspended. Claire adds to the predicament by having her toes pulled wide-open by the pinkies and the big toe attached to nipple clamps. Claire does what she can to encourage Chastity to pull on those clamps and try and escape the pain that she never quite can.

(you can click each of the images above to see the larger photos from this episode)

Link to the full episode: Chastity Lynn Gets Run Through Her Paces
  (428 photos and 56 minutes of video with Claire Adams and Chastity Lynn)

Link to: free previews of 950+ Hogtied updates
  (175,500+ Photos | 515+ Hours of video | HD Updates 4x Week | Live Shows)

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