Sexy lesbian MILF therapist seduces young patient in machine sex scene with bondage, pussy licking, fisting and big orgasms

India Summer is the sexy MILF therapist who seduces her young client Aiden Aspen right on her office couch in this steamy girl/girl Fucking Machines roleplay episode.

Fisting a Milf in Bondage, Machine Fucking a Rookie in the Ass

India might be the one who leads the way down the rabbit hole but Aiden takes over once India is tied up. She fists her pussy, fucks her ass with The Shockspot and makes India cum over and over again. The Sybian makes them both drool with anticipation for the mega-vibe orgasms.

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Link to the full episode: “Guidance Counselor Confidential”
  (227 photos and 44 minutes of video with India Summer and Aiden Aspen)

Link to: free previews of 845+ episodes at Fucking Machines
  (470+ Hours of Video | 131,760+ Photos | HD Updates 2x a Week | Live Interactive Shows)

Link to: Meet the Machines – see 45 different kinds of Fucking Machines

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The Pope’s personal slave ‘ash’ (Skin Diamond), released from 3 months of chastity, becomes the party’s fuck doll and cum rag

Slavegirl ‘ash’ has spent months in relative chastity after a serious misstep. For three months she’s been denied any cock while in service to The Upper Floor, and must approve all her sexual ventures with her Master, The Pope.

After she takes her final punishment, brutal shock therapy and humiliation, she’s handed to Marco Banderas to be used as a fuck-doll and cum rag. Ash is simply delighted to remember the privilege of providing sexual service for the House.

Meanwhile, house slave ‘kaos’ is put through a test to see if she may become the next slave consort. While she may be exhibiting fine training, the self-control of house slave ‘tramp’ is in question after she squirts all over ash’s face because all the fucking has her so excited.

She’s placed on a fucking machine with Marco’s cock inches from her lips and slave ash’s mouth latched onto her pussy. Can she resist squirting again, or will the rug and her reputation lay in ruins?

All the debauchery has the guests in an excited state, and some of the house favorites take off their clothes and get dirty. It’s Pynkis 25th birthday and her Master places her on the Sybian for a brutal 25 orgasms. Many women are intrigued by the Sybian and allow the Steward to place them on the most powerful vibrator for their first ride.

Several beautiful slaves are bound in tight suspensions and detailed shibari, obediently take intense whippings, and have their throats and holes fucked for the camera. This party is the ultimate celebration of obedience, restraint, and sex.

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Link to the full episode: Released from Chastity, Fucked, Shocked and Bound
  with Dylan Ryan, Maestro Stefanos, Krysta Kaos, The Pope, Marco Banderas,
    and Skin Diamond   (234 large photos and 80 minutes of HD video)

Link to: free previews of 270+ episodes at The Upper Floor

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Sybian vibrating machine, brutal skull-fucking turns Kelly Divine into mindless, drooling, screaming, non-stop cumming zombie

Kelly Divine is one of porn’s most popular girls. With her big awesome phat booty, her huge tits, her tan, bodacious body and amazing sex drive, Kelly is the cream of the crop. Today, however, is not your normal porn shoot and Kelly discovers the true meaning of the word “helpless.”

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Kelly has a curse. After she cums once, her clit gets very sensitive and her body rejects the vibration. Once this happens her natural survival instincts kick in and her body jerks uncontrollably to get away from the sensitive feeling, it’s just too much for her mind to handle. But today she’ll find no escape from the vibration. Today she’s bound and stuck on the world’s most powerful vibrator and Kelly’s about to discover a whole new level of sexual hell. Torment and pleasure combine to completely wreck her brain and turn her into a mindless, drooling, screaming, cumming machine.

(click the image above to see the larger photo)

Bound in a sexy doggy style position with the Sybian pressed and bound into place, Kelly dreads what’s about to happen to her. They oil up her ass, tits and body, and tie her head back so she can’t move in any direction. They ramp up the vibrator and within seconds Kelly’s moaning and cumming her brains out.

(click the image above to see the larger photo)

This scene is about endurance, how many orgasms can they rip out of the helpless porn star before her brain can’t handle anymore and shuts down? They don’t make it easy for Kelly either. Hard cock attacks the back of her throat with reckless abandon. The cock is pushed all the way down her throat, farther then any cock has ever been down this throat. It’s a fact, verified by her own words. Deep throat spit drips from her mouth as she can’t even swallow anymore. She cums the hardest when the cock’s the deepest down her throat.

(click the image above to see the larger photo)

Her pleas for mercy fall on deaf ears, and she cums. They skull fuck her deep and hard and she cums. They sit back and watch and she cums. She doesn’t want to cum, and she cums. They completely break the mind of this porn star with orgasms. Call it what you will, Cum Drunk, Sub-Space, whatever, Kelly’s a mindless, screaming, cock sucking, cumming zombie in survival mode.

(click the image above to see the larger photo)

Kelly describes this scene as the most intense sexual experience of her life. She’s never cum that hard or often, and has never been so physically and mentally helpless, ever.

Link to the full episode: “Porn Star Turned Into Non-Stop Cumming Zombie”
  (154 photos and 17:38 minutes of video with Matt Williams and Kelly Divine)

On Sexually Broken the hottest pornstars in the business are pushed to their sexual limits with deepthroat blowjobs and hard fucking in creative rope bondage at the hands of bondage legend Matt Williams.

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Sexy girl Vai robo-fisted and pounded in her ass and pussy by high-speed custom machines until her squirting soaks the floor

Vai really likes to let loose at Fucking Machines and do all the crazy shit she can’t do at home. Things like get pounded by machines, scream, cry, and squirt until every inch of the floor is wet. She just fucking goes for it with the Handy Man machine and the Robot Fist. Taking it wrist deep and pulling out to squirt buckets. It’s incredible.

Vai doesn’t do a lot of ass fucking, but she wants to try so they oblige and Vai doesn’t disappoint – her orgasm is so intense she releases in tears as well as cum. By the time they get to the Sybian, Vai is still going strong and cums with nipple clamps on and then lies down for one more climax before tapping out. Pure ecstasy and 110% of genuine fucking from this sexy girl.

Sexy girl Vai robo-fisted and pounded by machines until she squirts
    (click the images above to open a gallery with the larger photos from this episode)

Direct link to this episode: So Much Squirt from Machine Fisting
  (109 photos and 39 minutes of video with Vai)

Link to: free previews of 765+ episodes at Fucking Machines
  (430+ Hours of Video | 120,200+ Photos | HD Updates 2x a Week in Live Interactive Shows)

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Sexually Broken, a new BDSM site from Matt Williams, features inescapable bondage, brutal sex and devastating orgasms

<img alt="Sexually Broken, a new BDSM site from Matt Williams" src="">

We’re happy to tell you about a new BDSM site that takes rope bondage and sexual domination to the extreme. Sexually Broken is designed to be the most realistic, authentic, and true marriage of tough bondage and rough sex on the internet, according to rigger, handler and director Matt Williams.

Infamous director Matt Williams presents inescapable bondage, brutal sex and devastating orgasms
(click the images above to see Ariel X in Muscle Punishment at Sexually Broken)

Williams explains, “What separates Sexually Broken from other sites of it genre is its unique content. The girls are overloaded sexually, forced to orgasms over and over, without the brutal SM actives of other sites. No crying, no screaming in pain, but lots of forced deep-throating and brutal face-fuckings all while bound. The girls get fucked and fucked well. It’s a sexual overload for the girls, never the fake orgasms you see at other sites, but real brutal orgasms. The girls are sexually wrecked, and sexually broken with pleasure so intense it alters their minds.”

Sexually Broken is a new BDSM site from infamous director Matt Williams
(click the images above to see Leilani Leeane ass fucked at Sexually Broken)

Picture girls expertly bound and broken by throat fucking. Helpless girls overcome by pussy pounding. Assholes being spread wide by cock. Girls tied and driven mad by hitachis and sybians. Girl after girl pushed to their sexual limits. These are just some of the things you’ll see on the new Sexually Broken site.

Sexually Broken features inescapable bondage, brutal sex and devastating orgasms
(click the images above to see Tiffany Doll skull-fucked at Sexually Broken)

Their first updates have some very hot models for you. Ariel, Tiffany and Leilani are amazing. Each one of them thinks that they can handle the rough, deep fucking that’s in store for them. Each one of them may be right, at least at first. How they feel after a brutal face fucking or some painfully intense orgasms remains to be seen. You can click this link for a gallery with 16 larger photos featuring these three sexy girls.

Link to: free previews of more episodes at Sexually Broken
  (Updated 3x a Week with Hi-Def Photos and Videos)

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