Dia Zerva jumped, bound, molested, beaten, fucked and made to suck cocks during her third day of professional slave training

Dia Zerva is one tough female, and she can easily dominate most people she meets. So Maestro makes sure to take a helper with him when he goes to snatch her up for the third day of intense professional slave training she signed up to receive at The Training of O.

And it does indeed take both of them to muscle her down as she comes through a doorway. They tie her up, hood and blindfold her, then grope and molest her, before dragging her down to the cold, wet basement meat room where animals were slaughtered for a hundred years.

Dia’s hung on a meat hook for awhile to let the fear marinate a bit, then they return to hose her down, finger and flog her, and shove dildos on sticks into her. Then it’s time for Dia to suffer the clamps of clothespin zippers on her breasts, inner thighs and pussy lips, accompanied by a painful caning, all while she’s made to fuck and suck cocks until the hungry little slave girl gets the warm rewards she wants on her latex hooded face.

There are larger Slave Training photos linked to the images above. And you can use the links below to see the other slave training posts on this blog, and to visit the full update page for this episode.

Link to the full episode: The Training of Dia Zerva, Day Three
  (220 photos and 53 minutes of video with Maestro and Dia Zerva)

Link to: free previews of 248+ episodes at ‘The Training of O’
  (280+ Hours of video | 62,000+ Photos | Weekly HD Updates)

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Tiny Gia DiMarco suffers a classic backbreaking crotch rope tie in this scene of Old School bondage and suffering at its best

If you’re old enough to remember the House of Milan (HOM) and its series of BDSM magazines and videos which predate the Internet, you’ll appreciate this homage to the Old School style of bondage. In this Hogtied episode, little Gia DiMarco is tied to a chair, her hands and legs are strictly bound and there’s no hope for escape.

A crotch rope is brutally pulled tight though her wet shaved pussy, and this brings Gia off the chair and arches her back as she’s brought to her very tippy toes. The rope is then tied off to her neck, creating an excellent predicament bondage, and one of the hardest to endure. Her back, her neck, her clit, everything is stressed. Tie a girl like this for about an hour and she’ll do anything you could ever want, just to never feel that tie again.

You can see more details of Gia’s predicament in the larger extreme bondage photos linked to the images above, and you can use the links below to get access to watch how she suffers through the pain in this session and to see all of the earlier episodes too.

Link to the full episode: Backbreaking Crotch Rope from HELL
  (128 photos and 24 minutes of video with Gia DiMarco)

Hogtied is updated 4x a week with new HD videos and hi-res photos, and there are now 475+ hours of video and 160,000+ photos already archived for your enjoyment.

Link to: free previews of 880+ Hogtied updates
  (162,084 Photos | 480+ Hours of video | HD Updates 4x Week | Live Shows)

On this blog: see more of our posts about Hogtied episodes

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Smoking hot latex-clad evil FemDomme nurses use a piece of man meat to painfully drain every ounce of man filth out of him

In this fantastic episode of Divine Bitches we get a look at some hot roleplay featuring an ‘End of the World’ environment. In this scenario, San Francisco is the last city left after the Apocalypse and since The Armory is the last building standing it’s been transformed into an infirmary. But of course it’s not a normal infirmary.

This one is staffed by Lorelei Lee and Felony as a pair of evil latex-clad nurses who have saved their most important male torture devices from destruction (check out the one in the coffin in the photo below). They’ve now found what may be the last piece of man-meat on earth, so draining him of every last bit of his man filth is now their mission. He may have survived the apocalypse but can be survive the use and abuse he’ll suffer today?

These two hot latex nurses play with the medical fetish plus bondage, cock and ball torture (CBT), breath play, flogging, anal sex, fucking machines, and multiple orgasms. You can see some of action in the video clip and there are larger FemDomme roleplay photos from this scene linked to these images. Use the links below to get access to this full episode and hundreds more.

Link to full episode: The apocalypse and the last piece of man meat on earth
  (278 photos and 49 minutes of video with Lorelei Lee, Felony and Zak Tyler)

Divine Bitches is an excellent FemDomme site with exclusive new episodes filmed in HD every Wednesday. There are occasional bonus updates and live shows, and members have access to the complete Men in Pain archives, over 385 episodes with more than 73,000 photos and over 230 hours of videos.

With over six years of archives included, this membership is an absolute bargain at thirty dollars for one month. There are also six-month memberships that bring the cost to just a little over sixteen dollars, and one-year members are paying about fourteen dollars. If longer memberships are in your porn budget, this is definitely one that’s worth every penny (and then some).

Link to: free previews of 500+ episodes at Divine Bitches | Men in Pain
  (330+ hours of video | 96,678+ photos | Weekly Updates in HD)

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Sexy wife Tara Lynn Fox is sent by unsatisfied husband James Deen to Spouse Training Institute run by Head Mistress Isis Love

In this hot roleplay episode from Sex & Submission, unsatisfied husband James Deen decides that what he needs to do is send his sexy blonde wife Tara Lynn Fox to the very specialized Spouse Training Institute run by Head Mistress Isis Love.

The devilish Isis assists with the abduction of Tara Lynn, who soon finds herself cuffed, ball-gagged and with a metal spreader bar holding her legs open. During her training session Isis uses intense erotic lessons to instruct Tara in ways to service her husband with both her body and mind.

There’s great chemistry, hot bondage sex, intense anal penetration and big orgasms in this episode. Watch a preview of the action in the trailer video clip and check out the details in the larger Slut Wife Training photos linked to these images.

Link to the full episode: “Spouse Training” – part 2
  (228 photos and 70 minutes of video with James Deen, Isis Love, Tara Lynn Foxx)

See this full episode and more than 350 others at Sex & Submission, where you’ll find a totally-exclusive new Hi-Def episode added each week. This is an excellent mix of top-quality BDSM and hardcore sex.(membership details)

Link to: free previews of 350+ episodes at Sex & Submission
  (300+ Hours of Video | 80,000+ Photos | Updates Every Week in HD)

On this blog: see more Sex & Submission posts | more Maledom/femsub posts

Extreme lesbian BDSM electro-stimulation site ELECTRO SLUTS features award-winning performer Bobbi Starr as director

Electro Sluts is Kink’s hot new showcase for realistic and extreme Lesbian BDSM, and it features higher voltages, bigger dildos, harder whippings and hotter females that ever before. With famous pornstar Bobbi Starr at the helm, the lines of pleasure and pain are blurred. Her world of lesbian perversions awes and enraptures loyal fans and increasingly captures the lurid imaginations of new ones.

(click the image above to see the larger photo)

Starr explains, “With Electro Sluts, I’m hoping to appeal to a clientele that’s interested in the experience of the submissive by using a documentary, realism-style pornography. Though it’ll continue to contain the traditional girl-on-girl lezdom role playing, the site will target the psychological tortures of domination. Electro Sluts makes electricity sexy. It takes wires and electro-domination away from fantasy and brings it into reality.”

(click the images above to see the larger photos)

Role play scenes at Electro Sluts include a never-ending supply of beautiful and innocent amateur and heterosexual girls enticed into the lesbian underground of bondage, sexual dominance and forced orgasms, all designed to make hot sluts submit to their gorgeous dommes.

Bobbi has extreme, devious plans to make girls cum with hot squirting forced, painful and pleasurable orgasms. And her equally cruel and sexy domme friends will join in to punish hot willing women with sadistic electro-tortures to teach them to enjoy the pleasures and pain of total submission. No slave holes will be safe from domination and penetration here.

(click the image above to see the larger photo)

If you’re wondering about Kink’s flagship lesbian electro site, Wired Pussy, it’s being retired and will now become an archive site. All current members will automatically receive a membership to Electro Sluts, in addition to keeping full access to all 11 years of content in the Wired Pussy archives. And all new members of Electro Sluts will also get access to all 535+ episodes in the Wired Pussy archives (425+ hours of video | 112,995+ photos).

(click the images above to see the larger photos)

Bobbi Starr is taking a new and exciting artistic direction with Electro Sluts that’s sure to please Wired Pussy members as well as brand new audiences. Her ideas for Electro Sluts are not to just revamp Wired Pussy but to create a new genre of lezdom electro-play that’s going to be exciting to see unfold.

Link to: free previews of more Electro Sluts episodes
  (Weekly HD Updates and 11 years of Wired Pussy archives)

On this blog: see more posts about Lesbian Electro-Sex

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