Twinkly-eyed blonde hottie Tati Russo bound to a box with straps and chains then tormented to begging for orgasms

<img alt="Blonde nature girl chained to a box and tormented to orgasms" src="">

Tati Russo has a tight body, wavy blond hair and sparkly blue eyes. None of which helps her in the basement of The Armory chained on top of a box with her legs spread wide like a whore. It’s her first time at Device Bondage and in this episode her smooth pink pussy is flogged, her sensitive feet are rubber-banded, and her tender puffy nipples are clamped. She gets teased with a big vibrator and her nipples are clamped and tied to her toes, then she’s caned all over her little body just to make her squirm. She begs to be allowed to cum, and she gets an intense orgasm ripped from her shaved cunt. But after she cums, that big vibrator stays pushed onto Tati’s sensitive clit.

Blonde nature girl Tati Russo chained to a box and tormented to orgasms
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Tati probably learned a good lesson today about being more specific when you ask for something. And she probably wishes she’d said “no tickling my feet” in the pre-scene interview too. You may be able to only flinch a little when a cane whacks the sole of your foot, which is a good skill to have when your toe is tied to a clamp pulling on your nipple. But it’s usually a lot harder to keep still when your foot is being tickled. Check out the gallery of larger photos from her first session at DB and see this full episode and hundreds more using the links below.

Link to the full episode: “Curiosity Wrecked the Pretty Girl”
  (191 photos and 21 minutes of video with Orlando and Tati Russo)

Link to: free previews of 645+ episodes at Device Bondage
  (405+ Hours of Video | 88,900+ Photos | Updates 2x a week in HD | Live Shows)

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Sergeant Major dominates and tightly ties sexy DragonLily, gags, soaks and tortures her using water and a cruel crotchrope

These two make such a cute bdsm couple in this Water Bondage episode, don’t they? DragonLily is way too adorable and almost innocent looking in her summer dress and high heels. The Sarge isn’t the kind of guy who’s swayed by her cuteness however.

DragonLily gets tied, gagged, soaked and fucked
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The Sergeant Major takes her down and keeps her there. Trademark cruel crotchropes, tight bondage and thorough domming highlight this hot sexy shoot. Thanks Sarge for being such a good bad guy. And thanks DragonLily for suffering so beautifully for us.

Asain cutie is tied, gagged, fucked and soaked
(you can click the images above to see this full episode at the Water Bondage site)

Check out the gallery of high-resolution water bondage photos from this episode, and use this links below to get access to all 224 photos and 61 minutes of video footage of DragonLilly tightly tied and tortured with water

Link to the full episode: DragonLily & The Sarge
  (244 photos and 61 minutes of video with Sergeant Major and DragonLily)

Click to see the Water Bondage website
Members get full access to over 270 episodes featuring 12,100+ minutes of video and more than 55,400 photos, plus access to the member forums.
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Exotic asian beauty Dragonlily bound, spanked, whipped, dominated and tortured with electricity by Princess Donna

<img alt="Exotic asian beauty dominated and tortured with electricity" src="">

Sometimes it’s fun to fuck with people, tie them up, make them feel helpless, then toy with their emotions. That’s what Princess Donna does with DragonLily in this smoking hot Wired Pussy episode. She gets her all fired up with foot worship, foot fucking, and toe sucking, then knocks her down with strong jolts of electricity and psychological torment.

Exotic Asian beauty Dragonlily is made to worship Princess Donna's feet and suffer the sting of her electrical gadgets
(click the images above to see a gallery with larger photos from this episode)

This excellent update includes breath play, pussy and ass licking, anal play, spanking, whipping, flogging, electricity and more. There are some nice images in this gallery of girl-on-girl bdsm photos, and you can watch the Princess work more of her magic in the full episode linked below.

Link to the full episode: Dragonlily Exposed
  (285 photos and 59 minutes of video with Princess Donna and DragonLily)

Link to: free previews of 535+ Wired Pussy episodes
  (425+ hours of video | 112,995+ photos | Updated weekly in HD)

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Slave wannabe Holly Heart is humiliated and interrogated about her motivations for wanting to be trained as a real BDSM slave

<img alt="Interrogation and humiliation for petitioning BDSM slavegirl" src="">

Holly Heart is petitioning at ‘The Training of O’ to be accepted for their intensive, multi-day training program to become a highly-skilled sex slave.

She says she wants to live the life of a beautiful, elegant, graceful slavegirl, but Maestro knows that her submission must be brought out by making her submit to painful training that is the opposite of what she thinks she wants. It’s only in this way that Holly will be able to let go of her fantasy and discover what she really needs.

So today he treats her like wannabe slave meat while interrogating and humiliating her. Scrubbing the floor on her hands and knees, and in just a white shirt and high-heels, Holly has keep scrubbing while her ass and her legs are smacked with a long thin paddle. With her hands chained together, the muddy-faced girl is rewarded with a stiff cock shoved deep into her throat so she can demonstrate her excellent blowjob skills.

Maestro face-fucks her for awhile, sends her to the shower room to get the mud off of her, and hand-spanks her wet ass while she dries herself. After that it’s time for some standing bondage with her arms tied behind her and a spreader bar holding her legs wide open so he can easily flog her exposed cunt and breasts.

Not one to ignore other sensitive areas, he also puts a pair of linked butterfly clamps on her nipples. In the full video you can hear Holly trying to breathe her way through the pain of having them attached but finally having to cry out when he squeezes one of the clamps.

He spanks her pussy, smacks her face, and fingers her wet hole while tugging on her clamped nipples. Near to cumming time after time, Holly is denied orgasmic release over and over, until finally Maestro applies a vibrating wand to her sensitive cunt and allows her to cum twice.

But he’s not finished with her yet. Next she’s gagged and tied bent over a spanking bench for some ‘bare-hand on ass’ time followed by a session with Maestro’s single-tail whips. Holly begins to cry and scream as she approaches the edge of her pain tolerance, but Maestro spits in his hand rubs her pussy until it’s wet again, then uses the wetness from her swollen pussy lips to lubricate his hard cock so he can slide it into her tight ass.

Holly gets her ass reamed deep and hard, and Maestro wipes a handful of his cum on her ball-gag so she can taste it as she drools while answering his questions at the end of the session.

Enjoy the larger sex slave training photos linked to the thumbnail images in this post. The full video from Day One (available below) is almost an hour-and-a-half long and it’s hot as hell.

Link to the full episode: Holly Heart’s First Day of Training
  (269 photos and 87 minutes of video with Maestro and Holly Heart)

Link to: free previews of 301+ episodes at ‘The Training of O’
  (340+ Hours of video | 76,065+ Photos | Weekly HD Updates)

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Former gymnast Wenona is objectified and reduced to just her pussy, her ass, and her tits…because who needs more than that?

<img alt="Flexible Gymnast Gets Objectified, Double-Penetrated, and Made To Cum" src="">

Yes, that’s Wenona all wrapped up like a sex pretzel. Who can’t recognize her perfect ass, pussy and nipples? Now this is a girl who’s stuck in a predicament. She has no hope of getting free and she’s bound into a brutal flexible position that would bring most girls to tears. The best part is this provides easy access to two sexy holes to play with and two big nipples to abuse. Watch the video and check out the gallery of BDSM photos to see how Wenona’s made helpless and forced to scream and cum.

Former gymnast Wenona is objectified to just pussy, ass, and tits
(click the images above to see a gallery with larger photos from this episode)

In this Hogtied episode she gets her ass filled with a large plug and has heavy clothespins clamped onto her huge nipples. Next a big dildo is used to fuck her wet, helpless pussy while vibrating her to orgasm after orgasm. Each orgasm brings more discomfort as the challenge of the position starts to wear on this former collegiate gymnast and current nude wrestler. So it’s time to make her cum one more time while her ass and pussy are double-penetrated.

Former gymnast objectified and reduced to just her pussy, her ass, and her tits
(you can click the images above to see this full episode at the Hogtied site)

Link to this full episode: Flexible Gymnast Objectified
  (130 photos and 16 minutes of video with Wenona)

Link to: free previews of 1,020+ Hogtied episodes
  (179,010+ Photos | 525+ Hours of video | HD Updates 2x Week | Live Shows)

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